The Fourth Of What?

This country celebrated a holiday a few days ago. I say “this country” because Independence Day is a silly holiday and I don’t usually observe silly holidays. St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and MLK Day are all silly holidays. I’ve got nothing against you if those are some of your favorite days of the year.  It’s just that my values are a little…different.  Here’s one easy way to spot a silly holiday: the proper celebration of a silly holiday depends entirely on purchasing something; a tree, bags of candy, champagne, a turkey, a cake, etc.  When you are programmed to buy things for a certain day because it’s what you are supposed to do, it’s no longer a holiday, it’s an obligation.  It’s a Pavlovian response to where you are on the calendar.  Your silly holiday has become what we used to call in the military “mandatory fun”.  Holidays are all just thinly veiled orgies of consumerism anyways and celebrating them – in this consumerist way at least – can be self-defeating if you are prepping and looking forward to surviving the coming hard times.

“Gee. What happened to you to make you so bitter about your own country’s birthday, Kirk?”

Well, in a general sense, being retired means you stop looking at a calendar. Most days I simply don’t care what day of the week it is, what numbered day of the month it is, or how long it is until the next three-day weekend. You see, only slaves obsess about those things. Slaves to the clock that is. A wage slave. A prole. A mindless commuting & consuming drone. I was one for 30 years but I’m better now, thanks.

So that pretty much wipes out all significance of 99% of all “holidays” for me. Not that I ever cared much for them anyways. A sunny day, a clean pool, and a full cooler were always the most important things for me around this time of year.

This year – my first full summer on the mountain – the 4th came and went without any fuss. Out here in the mountains of Central Appalachia, you hear a few fireworks and (more than) a few gunshots. But there are are no big spender aerial spectacles like those that once surrounded me on the old farm back in the Mid Atlantic. Folks don’t have that kind of disposable income around here I’m guessing.

OK, so I celebrated in my own way by blasting a full magazine of tracer ammo at an old styrofoam cooler I had stuck upside down on a stump out in the woods. That was more satisfying than any fireworks I’ve ever lit. If you have ever shot tracer ammo out of an AR-15 at night, you know what I’m talking about.

Shooting a gun is the purest form of celebrating (alleged) national independence that I can think of.  Otherwise, it was really just another day.  I think I ate barbecued ribs, baked beans and potato salad too…

But when I sit here four days later and wonder “What the heck is that holiday all about?”  I can only shake my head. The always-reliable Z-man can speak for me. I think he nails it. He makes many quality observations the most salient of which is the simple fact that “USA” (and Old Glory) is merely a brand. And that brand is being crammed down our collective throats more and more by elites who don’t give two shits about this nation, its borders, or the culture of its original European colonist/settlers.  “Oleaginous grifters” indeed, Z-man.  Waving the flag is no different than wearing a Harley-Davidson trucker hat or putting one of those stickers of the little dude pissing on the Ford logo on the bumper of your (non-Ford) truck. It’s silly and rather pointless.

Another reason I shy away from outward displays of patriotism as our way of life fades away before our very lives here in FUSA is that almost none of us know our history as well as we should. Read this.

Now tell me how you feel about the 4th of July.

The time for “patriotism” is over folks.  I hope you’re ready for what comes next…


(More) Shooting Practice

Alright sports fans, I promised you another shooting session and here it is. A few weeks ago, I shot a bunch of guns from 15 yards and posted the results. Sharing the crappy results with you was supposed to motivate me to shoot more and improve my skills. Let’s see if that worked.

Today the weather at the range was almost identical to last time: 78 degrees, 47% humidity, and a 3 mph breeze on my back. I shot all the same guns, the same ammo, and at the same targets. The only variable I tweaked was the distance. This time, I shot – offhand – from 7 yards. I shot clean guns without any warm up or fouling shots. I gave myself ten rounds (of regular ball ammo) for each gun and tried to make them all count.

The most striking difference in halving your range to a target is how your groups tighten up. I’m still not a great pistol shooter but at 7 yards I kept all my groups to under 3 inches and got everything on paper (most shots were in the black). At a shorter range I was able to focus more on my grip, my trigger squeeze, and my breathing. The results speak for themselves…

My Browning Buckmark .22LR autoloader shot well but not like a laser. This is a sloppy three inch group for 7 yards but it was the first gun I touched today so I was fairly shaky. Still, I scored 90 points (an all-time) high for me on these targets.  I “double-holed” two of the shots in case you were wondering where all ten went…

I was calmed down and a bit steadier by the time I picked up my Taurus Model 85 .38SPL snubbie. This gun should excel at ~20 feet. And today it did. I scored 83 points in this decent 3″ group (a major improvement over how this gun shot at 15 yards).

I was getting in the groove by the time I picked up my Taurus PT111 9mm. Last time I shot this pistol, I was all over the place. Did cutting the range in half help my grouping? Without a doubt it did. If you count that shot at 6 o’clock as a “flyer” (I don’t), this was my tightest pistol group of the day at 2.75″. If you don’t call it a flyer, my group stretches to an abysmal 4″. Still, I scored 86 points and felt very confident shooting my newest handgun.

My Glock 21 is always a smooth shooter and it shot like a dream at 7 yards. 88 points and a 3.5″ group. I know I can do better but keep in mind this was shooting offhand from a sort-of-Weaver stance at under one round a second. I don’t see any point in leisurely pistol shooting. When that day comes that you need to draw and fire your pistol, you won’t get more than a second or two to do the most damage you possibly can. Therefore, the best way to practice pistol shooting is quickly – singles, doubles, triples, it doesn’t matter – just dump your mag as quickly as possible while keeping a good sight picture and avoiding flinch and trigger slap. .45ACP is a large enough caliber that a group like this on center mass will put anything down…for good.

Done with the pistols, I loaded ten rounds in a 30 round mag, slapped it in my DPMS AR, and proceeded to rapid-fire the whole shebang…from 7 yards. A true pro would’ve only made one small hole. I’m no pro, so I’ll have to settle for this 2″ group. It’s interesting how an AR zeroed at 50 yards shoots this low at 7.  In fact, at this range, you can almost measure the offset of the optic used above the barrel axis.  In my AR’s case, the center of the optic is about 2″ above the the barrel.  The good news is that my group is almost perfectly centered, at 50 yards this group would blow the red right out of this target.

Also interesting is how the shot cups in 12 gauge 00 buck shells make bigger holes in a target at 7 yards than the pellets do. I’ve noticed this effect before and always marvel at how much damage a plastic “flower” can make at short ranges. Compare/contrast this pattern with the pattern I shot at 15 yards. It still looks like a pistol shot this but I only had to pull the trigger twice instead of ten times.

Any questions, potshots, or snarky jokes? Please leave a comment. Until then, happy shooting!

The Art of Doing Nothing

The most common question I was asked last year when people heard about my plans to quit work, drop out of society, and live on a mountain, was “But what will you do?

My answer was either a) “Whatever I want!”; or b) “Absolutely nothing!

After being 100% retired for nearly four months, I can honestly say that those two answers are the same exact thing. Allow me to explain…

I learned a new word the other day and I’d like to share it with you. It’s Latin and I’m not sure how to pronounce it (is it “Ah-shyum” or “Oh-tee-um”?) but it’s “Otium“. Click on the word and take a minute to read about it.

It’s a much better word than “retirement” isn’t it? “Retirement” always gave me images of a broke down horse that was too old to run being carted off to the glue factory. Any time I “retire” something, it goes in the back of a drawer or gets hauled off to the dump (depending on how big it is and if I have room for it).

Take a look at this tree. What do you notice? It is a young, slightly crooked, tree but it isn’t growing in a forest. There are mountains beyond and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. The wildflowers are blooming and it’s a nice day. Focus on the tree for one solid minute and notice what happens inside your head. If you were in this picture, what would be your overwhelming urge? The answer you give could be a clue as to whether you can handle doing nothing.

Me? I can’t think of a better way to spend time than doing nothing. There are plenty of things that keep you from doing nothing but lately I’ve been whittling away at them until there aren’t any left.

If I were to list the top three things that keep us from doing nothing it would be something like this:

1) Job/career (I think 30 years of doing anything is plenty, but keeping at it to the grave is one of the saddest ways to waste a life that I can think of.  Do you work to live or live to work?)

2) Family/kids (Marry someone with their own hobbies, interests and “inner life” – share everything you have with them but don’t completely “mind meld” into a single being. Have your kids as early in life as possible. When they leave home, do everything in your power to keep them from moving back in with you. When mismanaged, our kids’ lives become our lives, and who wants to live somebody else’s life?)

3) Technology (Here I’m talking about that phone in your pocket, your game console, your laptop/pad/tablet/PC, etc. – basically, if it needs to be plugged into the wall every so often, it’s almost certainly a tiny vampire sucking your life away especially if it has a screen.  Science has proven that being connected makes us miserable and the more we are connected the more miserable we get.)

I’ve met quite a few folks that are physically incapable of being still. They tend to lack the ability to self-reflect, have lower self-awareness, and can’t grasp the concept of mindfulness. They are literally hyperactive children trapped in grown bodies. And they are becoming more common. Why is that?
Here’s one very well-thought-out theory. I think it’s spot-on. External forces, over the past two (three at the most) generations, while in the process of transforming ours into a Consumption-based Society, have “accelerated” our lives to the point that we’ve lost the ability to slow anything down. Admit it: going fast is fun. But if you can’t slow down (or stop entirely) you never notice any fine detail, you never let anything “soak in”, you never get a chance to process your own thoughts and experiences. Screw that. You can have your “acceleration”, I’ll just sit here on my mountain doing nothing!

Here’s another tree for you to meditate on. This one’s a little closer to my mountain. That horizon of stacked ridges is classic Appalachia for you and has its own calming effect on people. It is said that “People who live where they can see mountains are happier”. I have found that to be true.

Let me end this post by sharing the words of a wise man with you. This is a mantra of sorts to me. May it help you find what is important in your life.

“Tomorrow, makin’ a list of things to do
And when I wake up
I’m gonna cross off a few

There must be millions of reasons
To try and explain, you’re never through
When they give you twenty-four hours
Only so much a man can do

Tomorrow, made up my mind
Gonna get busy, come from behind
Today I’m staying right where I am
Break a few rules, make a few plans

There’s thousand of things
To keep you from doing what you wanna do
And if it isn’t this then it’s that
Back where it’s at, and you’re never through

There must be millions of reasons
Thousands of things, just to name a few
I’m gonna spend the rest of today
Makin’ a list of things to do

But I’ll do ’em all tomorrow
It can wait until tomorrow.”

– Joe Walsh, from the album “But Seriously Folks” 1978

Shooting Practice


Proficiency with firearms isn’t just a necessary life skill but it’s also a fun hobby. Some play golf or go bowling. Me? I like to blast at stuff in my backyard.

One of the perks of my new location here on the mountain is an infinite back stop. Basically, I can shoot in any direction in any caliber at any time and not risk hitting things I don’t mean to shoot (like people, cars, houses, etc).

I finished my chores and projects early today and rewarded my self with a little bit of shooting. Usually when I shoot, I pick one gun or caliber and hone my skills in a focused manner because it’s easier to get better when you work at it one tool at a time. Today I switched it up and fired 10 shots each out of six different guns at six identical targets over the span of about a half hour. I wanted to see which I was best at right now.

It’s been many months since I’ve shot a gun seriously (at a fixed distance and using a standard target). Most of my recreational shooting is just casual plinking at cans.  But since today was my first attempt at serious “range time” in a long time, I bravely decided to document the results for all to see, mock, and laugh at.  Enjoy!

It was 77 degrees this afternoon with 46% humidity and a 3mph light breeze from “downhill” (almost ideal shooting weather).  I was standing shooting off-hand at 15 yards (unless otherwise specified) on the level (neither uphill nor downhill) at Birchwood-Casey “Eze-Scorer” targets (8″ x 8″) stapled to a sheet of plywood on a 4 foot tall post.

First up was my Browning Buckmark semi-auto pistol in .22LR (“Camper URX” model in stainless finish with the 5.5″ bull barrel).  I’ve owned this gun for almost a decade and have put many rounds through it.  It is accurate and I feel I can shoot it well.


I had one flyer (lower right) but I’m going to blame that on the fact that the gun was clean (all of my guns were today) plus I was shooting no-name bulk lead round-nose ammo (not known for its accuracy).  With 10 shots out of 10 on the paper and 9 scoring a total of 74 pts, this is about as good of shooting as I could’ve hoped for as rusty (and shaky) as I was today.  Not counting the lone flyer, my group measured 3.75″ and this gun shot the day’s best three bulleyes.


Next up was my Taurus model 85 revolver chambered in .38 Special.  I’ve owned this gun for less than one year and it is my first wheel gun.  It also has the shortest barrel of any gun I own (I call it my “snubbie”).  To offset these handicaps and to maximize my accuracy with this notoriously inaccurate gun, I fired all ten shots single-action (with the hammer cocked).  Ammo was PMC Bronze FMJ “ball” training ammo (regular load,  non-“+P”). Not surprisingly, I had three flyers.  But the 7 shots I did get on paper scored 51 pts.  This group measured 4.25″.  3 flyers out of 10 shots (30%) is a bit disturbing (this is a 5-shot pistol) so the tight group (for me) was reassuring.


I was slowly warming up as I moved up from smaller calibers to larger.  Time for everyone’s favorite: 9mm!  My Taurus PT-111 “Millennium” Generation 2 is my newest gun.  I’ve owned it for only a month or two and I’m still getting used to it.  I love its size, magazine capacity, and light weight so much that it has become my everyday carry gun.  I guess I better get good with it then huh?  Shooting American Eagle FMJ training ammo, I only had one flyer out of 10 shots and it’s literally touching the paper there at 4 o’clock so I hesitate to even call it a “flyer”.  A recently cleaned gun will do this until you’ve fired enough “fouling” rounds through it.  The trigger on this gun has a ridiculously long pull.  I’m positive that’s why I’m all over the place here.  But look at those two bullseyes!  I scored 51 pts with this rather large 7.25″ group.  More practice is definitely needed with this pistol.


We all have that one gun that we feel most comfortable with.  Usually it’s the one you’ve owned the longest and/or shot the most.  For me, it’s my Gen 3 Glock 21.  This pistol was a gift from my Dad and is the first “real” pistol I’ve ever owned (not counting that cheesy little Beretta Bobcat in .22Short I had when I was a kid).  I love everything about this Glock: the balance, the fit in my hand, the crisp trigger, and the way it “points” without even being consciously aimed.  It’s no surprise then that I shot my favorite pistol the best.  I shot 10 rounds of Federal FMJ “ball” training ammo and everything landed on the paper.  68 pts and a 5.5″ group out of a .45ACP duty pistol at 45 feet!  I’ll take it.  Love, love, love my Glock.


OK, that was enough pistol shooting for one day.  I wouldn’t say I “hate” shooting handguns but it’s a very difficult skill to master and maintain.  The older I get the harder it gets to hold a pistol steady, get a good sight picture, and squeeze off a good shot.  Give me a rifle any day.  Rifle shooting is a breeze by comparison, and few rifles are as fun or as accurate as the AR-15.  Mine is a lightly modified cheapy DPMS Panther Oracle.  It was my first AR and I’ve put thousands of rounds through it over the past decade so shooting it feels as comfortable as putting on an old pair of jeans.  This comfort shows up in the fact that, like the Glock 21, my AR shot no flyers today.  Pretty impressive for recently cleaned guns shooting mediocre bulk ammo.  For the AR, I moved back to 50 yards and shot from a rest (not a bag, just the railing on my deck).  Optic was a non-magnifying red-dot (which might need some re-zeroing).  Ammo was low-budget American Eagle 45-grain FMJ training stuff.  I got all 10 rounds on the paper and in a very nice 3.5″ group.  If you call that shot at 11 o’clock a flyer, my group tightens up to less than 3″.  Points scored totaled 74 (tying the Buckmark 22 for first place).  50 yards is pretty close for rifle shooting.  Maybe next time I’ll double that distance and see if I can maintain a 3″ group…


For giggles, I loaded up my Mossberg 500 12ga. shotgun.  Shotguns, while punishing to shoot often and train with, are perhaps the guns we should all strive to get the best with.  Here’s why: a shotgun is the gun you are mostly likely to use to put down a rabid dog, kill a varmint that’s been eating your chickens out behind the barn, or blast home invaders in the middle of the night.  If you are scared of shotguns, just shoot them more often!  If 12 gauge is too much kick, move down to a 20 gauge or even a .410.  Or just do what I do and use lighter/shorter 12 gauge loads.  As a prepper, homesteader, or self-defense enthusiast, the shotgun is your friend.  There is a huge variety of different size shells and load types from slugs to birdshot.  No other gun changes its character and usefulness so much just by using different ammo.  If I was forced to only own one gun it would be a shotgun.

That said, I’m not that great with my Mossberg.  Today I loaded two Herter’s 2.25″ “Mini-buck” shotshells.  Each one carries six double-aught pellets which roughly equals the firepower in a 12-round magazine of .380 or 9mm but unleashed in two shots versus a dozen.  In the photo above you can see what an open-choke shotgun does at 15 yards.  Only 8 of the 12 pellets landed on paper (four “flyers”).  If I was scoring this like a pistol, I’d give it 45 pts.  The grouping of the pellets that hit paper was a lousy 7.5″.  But if I hadn’t labelled the target, you’d have difficulty telling it apart from the 9mm or .45 targets.

So, how is your shooting?  Are you practicing as often as you should?  Can you beat this old man’s shooting?

Late Edit: turns out I’m shooting pistols from twice as far away as necessary.  Certified Gun Master Massad Ayoob says 7 yards (21 ft) is the optimum distance to practice self-defense pistol shooting.  This makes me feel even better about my four and five inch groups at over twice that range.  Maybe I’ll do all this over again tomorrow…at 7 yards.  Stay tuned.




Stronger. Smarter. Better.

I’m back!

It’s been 15 months since I last posted here. What happened to me? No, I didn’t come down with a horrible disease, get hospitalized, or go through a terrible divorce (ensuing suicide attempt optional).

I did, however, go through some major life changes – all of which I have discussed/meditated on/telegraphed right here in the pages of this blog.

After five and a half years on the farm, I finally decided to get serious – really serious – about the sustainability of my situation.  I took control of my life and dropped out of the rat race.  That’s right: I quit my job.  In fact, I quit everything that resembles a “modern” life.  I kissed a very lucrative career goodbye, sold the farm, sold the sports car, buried two dogs, and relocated to a mountainous “flyover” state where the people are good, life is simple, and each day is accepted as a gift.  Today, I am not just singing about “getting down on the mountain”, I am actually getting down on an actual by-God mountain.  And it feels good.

I’m not entirely off the grid but I’m close enough to it that, compared to everyone I know, I am practically a hillbilly hermit.  Location is everything, and I’m now content with mine.  I can’t see my neighbors (mainly because I have none).  In fact I can’t see much of anything except God’s own hills and woods in all directions.  At night, when you look up, you can see the Milky Way without even really having to try that hard.  If you wanted to visit me, you’d need detailed driving directions (and 4WD) because my address will not show up on your fancy GPS navigation gadget.  Yes, I have indoor plumbing and regular mail delivery but I don’t have cable tv, high-speed internet, or reliable utility power.  I have multiple flowing springs and thousands of trees to do with what I please but I no longer need to worry about Facebook, the NFL, or a 9-5 job.  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?


So where am I?  Here are a few more hints:

  • My new home state has less diversity (i.e. it’s “whiter”) than any place in North America has been since the late 1600’s.  A white boy can feel right at home.
  • My taxes are lower across the board than almost anywhere else I’ve ever lived.  After ditching my six-figure income, I am looking forward to paying zero taxes (other than property and sales tax of course) next year.
  • The locals are dying off and/or leaving this state faster than they can be replaced, leading to a minor population “crisis” that could, if unchecked, result in loss of Congressional representation.  Translation: the already-low population density hereabouts is steadily getting lower.
  • I can arm myself however I choose whenever I choose and step off my own property thus armed.  I can even get in my vehicle and drive around so armed without having to secure prior permission from a judge, sheriff, or other authority figure.  This is kind of a big thing, especially if you have never enjoyed the full exercise of your natural rights.
  • Crime is so rare here as to be practically non-existent.  If it weren’t for the (largely unseen) scourge of opioid addiction, this place would be perfect.

So what does all this have to do with the original intent of this blog?

Well, my life is rhyming with my family history.  I am still over a decade away from “retirement age”*, yet I have managed to leave it all behind to live simply – and frugally – immersed in nature.  My father did it and so did his father before him – and both did it at roughly the same age I am today.  I am a third generation “escape artist”.  I only use that phrase because I don’t know what else to call it when you quit a good paying job, sell everything, and run for the boonies as if your life depended on it.  What would you call it?

All I know is that I am stronger, smarter, and yes, better, than I was before I took the plunge, er…pulled the plug, um…ran for the hills…whatever you call it.





* I worked “in the industry” full-time for a total of 30 years so I consider my “early” retirement neither early nor unearned.  If you find it difficult or even impossible to quit working – even if you can afford to – I might suggest some serious self-reflection on your life’s priorities.  Working is massively overrated.  Life is short.  Make yours count for something more than a paycheck and a desk in cubicle land.


Civil War 2.0 – An Order Of Battle


Today marks the end of the first month of our new President’s first term of office.  Much has been accomplished but much remains to be done.  The defining characteristic of this first month of making America great again is how incredibly violent the push-back has been from the left.  So many different special interest factions, terrorist groups, and political parties are rioting, protesting, and just basically being un-American obstructionist jackasses that I thought a little situational awareness briefing was in order.  To that end, I hereby provide my loyal readers with an “Order of Battle” that includes most* of the forces currently engaged in Civil War 2.0 against the new administration and in open rebellion against its America-first agenda.  Read, study, and learn.  There will be a test on this later!


Antifa (Anti-Fascist) Movement – first active: 1920s Weimar Germany.  Key terms: “Nazi!“, “The next Hitler”, “No Fascist USA”.  Why they are dangerous: Everything and everyone they oppose is “Nazi” and “Fascist” without exception.  This makes any attempt to deal with them rationally nearly impossible because come on!  Who doesn’t hate Nazis and Fascism?  Also, the Antifa movement is rife with Communist/Marxist agitators and lunatics who wish to destroy our way of life.  It’s enough to make you wish there were actual “right wing death squads” around (or at least Freikorps) to put these monsters down in the street like dogs.


“Black Bloc” Anarchists – first active: 1980s.  Key terms: “Occupy ____”, “1%”.  Why they are dangerous: They are young, violent, committed, and very well organized anti-Capitalists.  Also, they are a global movement that threatens every industrialized nation on the planet.  Avoid crowds of people dressed in black.


Black Lives Matter – first active: 2010s Obama-era US.  Key terms: “Dindu Nuffin”, “Remember Ferguson”, “Do It 4 Trayvon”, “Killer Cop”, “Cop Killer”.  Why they are dangerous: BLM is the modern face of the Black Power movement and is closely aligned with the New Black Panther Party as well as the American Communist Party.  Also, they have a proven ability to mobilize large numbers and create mass chaos and mayhem (Baltimore, Charlotte, Ferguson, Dallas, et. al.).  They draw targets on everything White, no matter how insignificantAvoid at all costs.


Gay Power Movement – first active: 1960s.  Key terms: “LGBTQ+”, “Cis-Hetero, “Gender Fluid”, “Non-Binary”.  Why they are dangerous: Gay Power treats all “non-allies” as enemies – that means you, me, and virtually every other straight person on the planet.  They seek to radically change society’s traditional perception of sexual degeneracy through insistence on a non-biological emotion-based form of gender identification.  They will do this by getting to your children first, your wallet second, and your government third.  Not known to be particularly violent, Gay Power activists prefer public shaming and use of the courts to smash traditional values that our society and all of Western Civilization is based upon.


The Mexican Insurgency – first active: 1846.  Key terms: “Aztlan”, “La Raza”, “Reconquista”, “Day Laborer”, “Remittance”.  Why they are dangerous: they want to break off the southwestern third of this nation and restore it to some form of Latino autonomy.  Short of that, they will continue infesting the length and breadth of this country while working for peanuts, refusing to assimilate, out-breeding the locals, and then sending most of their earnings back to Mexico.  Also, Mexico is not our friend.  Never has been, never will be.  The President knows this.  But, for some bizarre reason, most Americans think 36 million Mexican criminal invaders walking our streets, sucking up our social benefits, and illegally voting in our elections is a good thing.  Most Americans are batshit loco.


Pro-Immigration activists – first active: mid-1960s.  Key terms: “We’re ALL Immigrants”, “Open Borders, Open Society”, “Sanctuary City”.  Why they are dangerous: you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.  It’s simply not sustainable.  Also, when our “guests” have more privileges and “rights” than the native-born taxpayers, veterans, and entrepreneurs they are mooching from, it’s time to shut the door on immigration.  That’s right, shut it down.  And that would be 100% American.  For long stretches of most of this country’s history, immigrants were not allowed in unless they were among that tiny fraction that met extremely stringent criteria.  Newsflash: this country was not built by immigrants.  It was built by colonists (with the help of a few slaves).  Big, big difference.  The immigrants didn’t show up until almost a century later and were only “needed” because the Industrial Revolution demanded more human capital than native-born Americans could provide.  Guess what people?  That Industrial Revolution ended a long time ago.  Now (non-European) immigrants have only one purpose: to shuffle the demographics of this country until Whites are just another minority.


Pro-Refugee activists – first active: mid-2010s.  Key terms: “Welcome Refugees”, “We Love Refugees”.  Why they are dangerous: 1) We don’t need refugees; 2) We don’t want refugees; 3) They add zero value to the communities into which they are dropped.  “Refugee” is just a bleeding heart’s way of saying “immigrant”.  We have enough people in this country (and plenty of the people that are already here are dangerously violent).  We don’t need any more.


Pro-Abortion Movement – first active: 1970s.  Key terms: “Get Out Of My Uterus”, “My Body, My Choice”.  Why they are dangerous: Militant feminism and pro-abortion activism go hand-in-hand.  When women started demanding “equality”, they also demanded full reproductive autonomy.  This had one goal: removing men from their traditional leadership roles in society.  When Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s dream is fully implemented, men will be reduced to irrelevance whenever any reproductive decisions are made.  Simultaneously, science will render their traditional biological roles in reproduction moot and unnecessary, this will be quickly followed by relieving men of their traditional responsibilities as fathers, child-raisers, and role-models.  When men are no longer in control of these most fundamental aspects of reproduction and family-making, our society will slip off its foundation and will spin out of control.  Boys will be willingly feminized as girls are simultaneously masculinized.  After a few generations, the human race will become an unappealing blandly androgynous dystopia like in “THX1138” where all pairings (if allowed at all) will be at the whim of the State – or worse, some grim non-human artificial intelligence.  Is that what you really want ladies?  Think about it.  Also, when certain forms of human life lose their value, the entire species is cheapened and general life-taking becomes casual and non-punishable.


The Muslim Brotherhood – first active: 1928.  Key terms: “Allahu Akhbar”, “Religion of Peace“, “We are the Moderate Muslims”.  Why they are dangerous: The Muslim Brotherhood arose approximately around the same time as International Zionism rose to prominence and with analogous goals: to create an Islamic state, under Sharia Law, for all Muslims.  Islamism is the political objective of the Muslim religion and is this group’s mandate.  Are they “terrorists“?  That depends.  But they are actively working in this country – to make life easier for Muslims, more compliant with the Koran and Sharia Law, and make the American public more “tolerant” of the special needs of a people who are commanded by their faith to wage jihad against the infidel.  How does all that sound to you?


(just kidding, here’s the “real“Feminist flag:)


Militant Feminism – first active: 1970s; key terms: “Smash Patriarchy”, “Womyn”, “Like A Girl”.  Why they are dangerous: Believing and repeating the mantra “Man bad, Woman good” is no way to go through life.  Women were sold a bill of goods when feminism became a dominant theme in 1960s America thanks to Jewish Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School.  What?  You haven’t read your Kevin MacDonald yet?  Now might be a good time to start!  Bottom line: women have been programmed to play the victim so that powerful forces can come to their aid and boost their status way out of proportion to their importance and actual role in a traditionally patriarchal Western Civilization.  Hint: it’s all about delegitimizing and disempowering men for fun and profit (like the flag above hints).


Democratic Party “Denialists” – first active: 2016; key terms: “It’s OUR Turn”, “Feel The Bern”, “Stronger Together”.  Why they are dangerous: the Federal Government workforce contains thousands of Obama-administration “holdovers” – political appointees who are still in charge of the “Deep State“.  These holdovers are waging an actual insurrection against the President.  It’s happening in the EPAIt’s happening in the Judicial BranchIt’s happening in the Intelligence Community.  And it must stop.  You lost.  Get over it.  And then get on board with the winning team and get back to work.  This is partly what Trump was talking about – I think – when he said he’d “drain the swamp“.  Also, after any conquering army moves in to occupy newly liberated territory there is a constant threat from partisans and left-behind combatants.  They will carry out sabotage, sniper attacks, and various other forms of resistance.  They are misguided and must be found and disposed of.  What is happening in DC is no different.


Republican Never Trumpers – first active: 2016.  Key terms: “Not My President”, “Anybody But Trump”.  Why they are dangerous: they are a pack of anti-American cuckservatives, hypocrites,and saboteurs who are just as likely to encourage and/or carry out a straight-up assassination/coup as that grief-stricken mass of Hillary supporters lurking in the halls of power.  The President has his work cut out for him in dealing with this gang.  Worst part?  There are just enough Never Trumpers around to foul up any sure-thing vote along party lines in either the GOP-controlled House or Senate.


George (“Schwartz”) Soros, Globalist Puppet Master and Social Engineer Extraordinaire – first active: 1970s. Key terms: “Billionaire Social Justice Warrior”, “Tikkun Olam”, “Purple Revolution”.  Why he is dangerous: I’m throwing Schwartz-Soros on this list because he represents the true power behind most, if not all, of the radical groups on this list through his funding of various leftist/Globalist political causes.  Organizing a revolution is expensive.  It’s no coincidence that Schwartz-Soros  is a Jew.  Read the link above.  If you can’t follow the thread, stop and read Kevin MacDonald (please!).  And when you’re done, go back and try again.  Knowing your enemy is the first step in defeating him.

*Enemies not mentioned in today’s Order of Battle: The “Fake News” Media Establishment, The Climate Change Cult, The Entertainment Industry, The Diversity Industry, Academia, Multiculturalism Inc, and many, many more.

Dear Netflix…

Fuck you.

I’ve never really wanted, needed, or liked your service.  Years ago, when I still had cable tv, I saw you as some exclusive hipster enclave that used arcane protocols (enigmatic red envelopes and spooky wi-fi, which were virtually black magic to me at the time) to deliver crappy movies and shows to millennials with zero taste.  I would find myself raving to an under-35 person about some recent film that I had enjoyed (on DVD of course) and the response I would invariably get was “I wonder if Netflix has it.”

Gee, I have no idea snowflake – I get all my movies for free from the library!


And then, about 13 months ago, I took a chance and cut the cord.  I cancelled my cable service and began using a Roku to “stream” content to my (proudly) non-smart television.  The very first thing I watched on this new service was Netflix’s “Making A Murderer“.  Right off the bat, I could see why Netflix was so popular: you could binge watch almost anything…well, anything that Netflix wanted you to watch.  Their offering of movies and shows felt weirder and less mainstream than what I was used to with, say, HBO or AMC.  Sure there was a lot to watch, but I had difficulty finding something I wanted to watch.  What felt like freedom turned out to be just another kind of prison.  “Making A Murder” disturbed me deeply.  I couldn’t tell if it was just another craven attempt to make rural Whites look as idiotic (and bloodthirsty) as possible or if it was all just some colossal joke that I wasn’t in on.  I don’t remember watching anything else on the service.  When my free trial was over, I gladly bailed on Netflix.


This past summer, I tried Netflix again.  I watched the first season of “House Of Cards“, most of the first season of “Narcos“, and all of “Stranger Things“.  I had found what I thought was quality programming and my attitude towards Netflix began to thaw a bit.  Then I watched “The Get Down” and caught myself genuinely enjoying a show that joyously celebrated Black Culture.  Wow.  You know that little boost you get when you forget you’re a racist just long enough to see the good in non-White peoples and cultures?  Yeah.  I felt that.  And the music was especially enjoyable for this former DJ.

I am such a sucker.

Here’s what Netflix does to Whites like me who they have lured in with all their vibrant diversity: they turn around and kick us in the nuts.


In case you haven’t heard, Netflix has a new show called “Dear White People“.  It appears to be about the concerns of a group of light-colored blacks on a college campus (it’s not clear if they’re students or not) who rampage violently against Whites who have somehow disrespected them.

No thanks Reed Hastings.

Oh wait.  You don’t know who Reed Hastings is do you? 

Allow me to introduce the man behind the Netflix empire:


That’s what the guy looks like.  Let me give you a sample of the man’s devotion to The Cause:


Hastings is a cucked, self-hating, guilty white Cultural Marxist/Social Justice Warrior.  He’s such a disgrace to my race that I won’t even capitalize the “w” in the previous sentence.  He doesn’t deserve it.  Of course he hates our new President.  Of course Mark Zuckerberg liked his tweet.  Of course he is fearful for the future of 600,000 “dreamers“.  Of course he is race-baiting his White audience with offensive agit-prop like “Dear White People“.


Memo to Reed Hastings: MTV already tried this you ignorant toolAnd they failed.  White people are too smart to sit and be lectured by a minority that is instinctively violent, willfully ignorant, dependent on hand-outs, overwhelmingly homophobic, and neglectful of personal health.  Blacks have earned only two choices in modern American society: 1) work harder at self-improvement and productivity until they have something they can add to make our country better; or 2) slide back into old habits of lazy victimhood and nagging complaint.  It’s painfully clear which choice Reed Hastings’ Netflix wants them to make.


No more Netflix.  My time is too valuable to waste on hateful filth.  I cancelled it for good and so should you.



The Climate Change Cult Takes One On The Chin

Today’s big news story isn’t a stupid football game.  In case you missed it, here’s a link.


Turns out NOAA – the US government’s primary atmospheric and climate research agency – has been “cooking the books” (pun intended) on climate change.  In short, they’ve been reporting temperatures that were either inflated for greater impact or were not measured scientifically at all.

Let’s stop and think about that for a moment.

If the theory – the widely accepted theory – that man-made warming is heating up the planet is built on faulty data, can we trust anything anyone tells us about Anthropogenic Global Warming?  I seriously and deeply doubt it.


I have long suspected that this Climate Change Cult (the “CCC”) that meets regularly in places like Rio, Kyoto, and Paris to produce “agreements” that punish industrialized countries was operating under secret orders.


Well, not-so-secret if you know where to look.  The “First Commandment” on the Georgia Guidestones orders humanity to maintain a population below 500 million.  The final commandment orders us to not be a “cancer” on the Earth.  Fits in pretty well with what the CCC is dishing out doesn’t it?  They’ve been telling us that we are ruining the planet for so long now that even reasonable people are starting to believe them.  If humans are evil then we must get rid of (most of) them; it’s the only way to save the planet.

So what makes today’s rather massive revelation post-worthy here on RWH?

This blog is all about rhymes within history.  Today is another such rhyme.  In 2009, the CCC was shown to be full of liars and manipulators.  Now, eight years later, it’s happening again.  Sadly, it won’t make any difference.  Climate change is a religion and you simply cannot expect the true believers to abandon it and leave the temple, no matter how much proof you have that their god is a false idol.


Bottom line: the CCC isn’t just a religion, it’s an anti-human movement that carries out the agenda of globalist elites.  By creating a hysteria over human-caused damage to the climate, they’ve created a convenient boogie man to wave around whenever sovereign nations step out of line and decide to choose economic outcomes that are in their own best interests.  “Stop burning coal, you’re killing the polar bears!” is typically how this boogie man is waved around by globalist-aligned do-gooder Progressives.  They sincerely think they are saving polar bears by shutting down the coal industry.  But what they’ve actually done is increase unemployment, poverty, and human suffering in parts of the country that have been oppressed for generations.  Keep them miserable long enough and those pesky hillbillies will just disappear.  Problem solved!


Be on guard and question anyone who waves climate change in your face.  They are a) playing the guilt card; b) forcing you to lower your standard of living; and c) using fear to manipulate you.  They have no choice.  They’ve already decided that living like a “normal” American is destroying the planet which makes you – the normal American – their enemy.

Won’t somebody think of the polar bears?

The Most Important 20 Minutes Of Your Day

This short documentary is about 20 minutes long.  Watch it and you will understand everything: why Europe is being invaded, what the invaders want, what European elites are doing about it, and who is behind it all.

Please watch it.

Migrants continue journey through Hungary

Know that there are two enemies in this scenario: 1) the Muslims who will stop at nothing to impose Sharia Law on the people whose lands they are invading (this is Islam’s “master plan”); and 2) European elites who are so deluded by Progressivism, so committed to “social justice”, so dazzled by dreams of multicultural diversity, and so burdened with guilt, that they willingly sacrifice the sovereignty and cultural identity of their own people.

I will post more about both of these enemies in the future.


For Your Situational Awareness

“FYSA” was our shorthand in the military for anything noteworthy.  We’d mark intel reports, weather reports, open-source press, and even certain forms of gossip (“RUMINT” or “rumor intel”) with that four-letter acronym.  Situational Awareness is very important.  It’s even a tag here on Rhyming With History!

For today’s post I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to skip the cute memes and pictures, offer up no commentary on current events, and make no judgements on what your DEFCON should be based on my read of the situation.

Instead, I’d like to throw out a couple of links to some very thought-provoking things that I have found in the past day or two.  But not things I’ve read in the papers, a magazine, or saw on TV.  You see, I start my day by sitting down at a desktop PC and getting on the Internet*.  I have a minimum requirement for my own situational awareness before I even step foot out the door which I will share with you in a moment.  If you are doing something similar but instead are doing it on your phone as you commute to work – or worse, after you’ve already arrived at work, you’re doing it wrong.  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it sinks it: relying on a personal communication device for your situational awareness is a mistake.  One day it will not be there for you and you’ll be lost without it.  And everything you do on that device is betraying your location, mood, and intent.  In short, using a mobile phone for anything other very brief calls and/or texts is bad OPSEC…and you know it.  And if you can’t remove the battery from your device, you should assume it is always on…listening to you, watching you, and tracking you.

On to my morning routine…

The first thing I do is the same thing any farmer does: I check the weather.

And then I check the space weather.  Don’t know what “space weather” is?  That’s my fault.  I started this blog by talking about space weather and how it could be the “black swan” that ends our way of life on this planet.  Maybe I need to mention it more often…

Next, I check the geological situation in my AO (Area of Operations) as well as in the entire North American continent.  Earthquakes – contrary to common belief – are not always unexpected.  If you live, like me, in an area of the country where seismic activity is rare, then it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for any activity.  A “3” today near you could be a foreshock of a larger seismic event coming in the next day or two.  This kind of a heads up will not only save your life, it can motivate you to take prudent action that will make the days and weeks following an earthquake much more survivable for you and your family.  If you see a cluster of small quakes near you and you live on the West Coast or near the New Madrid fault line, it wouldn’t be the least bit crazy for you to take the day off, fill up your bathtubs, warn loved ones, and spend a few hours checking your preps.

Those are my Big Three and I check them every morning whether I’m leaving the house or not.  Everything else I read in the morning is more for education or entertainment purposes.  Here are a few examples of the things I’ve been reading lately:

A very astute observation of how recent events and pressure from the Left has pushed otherwise “normal” White, Christian, males into the unthinkable: identifying as White Nationalists.

How the Alt-Right typically reacts when they are (inaccurately) called “Nazi”.

The left laughs about White genocide because they think it’s hilarious…and a really good idea.  (Yes, I love Jim Goad.  Don’t you?)

Occasionally, I trip over articles that look exactly like something I might have written.  If I had more time to write.  And if I was a better writer.  I feel a tiny bit jealous.  And then I put on my big boy pants and go to my super-cool six-figure salary job defending America from invading hordes of sub-human filth and bloodthirsty barbarians.  Hey!  Somebody’s got to do it!

The great thing about my morning reads (which I usually repeat again in the evening just for fun), is that I find bloggers who think and write just like me.  This happens daily and it cheers me up immensely.  Here’s an example.  I would love to have a beer with this guy.

And when I’m not getting my situational awareness squared away, man-crushing on Jim Goad, or suffering from blog-envy, I am probably making myself smarter on things that matter.  Like firearmsNuclear weaponsConspiracy theories (and Ron Paul, this one’s a two-fer)PreppingMore preppingAnd still more preppingHumor/cranky old guy rantsNon-politically correct social criticismLeftist strategy guides (there’s a lot of good intel in places you normally would avoid, so don’t be so picky!).  And dessert is always two scoops of cultural commentary from either of my two favorite news aggregators (these two are near the very top of my list of sites I regularly visit just for the sheer enjoyment of it.)

The point here isn’t to spend all day on the Internet.  Life’s too short for that.  But if it’s raining out and you’ve already split and stacked all your firewood, sorted and inventoried your ammo, and zeroed all your rifles, you might as well reward yourself with a bit of web surfing.  Just avoid the porn, the eBay, and the Facebook.  Down those paths lie self-destruction, misery, and despair.

And if you ever need a recommendation for something to read that isn’t on a screen, there’s always my reading list Enjoy!





* For the record, I use anonymizing browsers whenever possible.  I only use private, non-logging search engines like Start Page or DuckDuckGo.  I clear my cache and cookies after every session.  I use browser security add-ons like “HTTPS everywhere” and “No Script”.  I never leave my PC on when I’m not using it.  And I never, ever use a phone to get on the Internet.  OPSEC is no joke.  Your “smart” phone is not smart at all.  One day it might get you killed.