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Behold: Our Future


The coming collapse will make a rather large percentage of us homeless. This is the dirty secret of prepping. After all, what is “bugging in” after the bank has repossessed your house, your car, and every other thing of value you bought on credit? What will you do after your employer “downsizes” or “outsources” your job? How will you pay bills after a massive devaluation of both the stock market and the dollar wipes out your savings? This is the best reason for making the bulk of your preps camping gear. If you have a good tent, a few good sleeping bags, and a reliable cook stove, the rest of your gear is gravy. The best advice I can give you is to practice using it – starting now – and get comfortable with living outdoors.


Those currently homeless will hardly notice the collapse. I envy them that.


My Pal Droney

My Pal Droney

I just went out and checked. Yep, it’s still Winter. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for all this snow to skedaddle so I can get started on my Victory garden.

Cabin fever can be a real bitch. So let’s lighten things up with Droney The Friendly Surveillance Drone! Droney was so popular over in places most Murkans can’t even find on a map that Dear Leader has decided to bring Droney over here. That’s right! Droney is Dear Leader’s pal too!

Droney has lots of friends besides Dear Leader. Some are bigger, some are smaller. They all have the same job: to watch over us and keep us safe.

So remember kids: Droney doesn’t like it when you hide.


And whatever you do, make sure your cell phone – that you must carry everywhere with you – is fully charged and turned on at all times. Otherwise, how else is your pal Droney ever going to know how to find you?

Carl Likes Pudding


I reckon all my usual readers have gone into “lurk mode” lately. Once upon a time, I would get three or four good comments for every post I put up. Those days are gone. Since it’s just me and my thoughts, I think I’ll sit down and have me some pudding.

Sorry, I’ve only got one spoon.

Happy Tyrants Day

Think twice before you give in to the temptation to worship dead Presidents this weekend. They were all, to a man, flawed human beings. Some more flawed than others.

Ol’ Abe, in particular, was full of flaws, not least of which was his tendency towards Statism and heavy-handed absolutist solutions to relatively easy problems. Let me say this as clearly as I can: Lincoln destroyed the Republic. He went to his (deservedly early but not nearly early enough) grave with the blood of nearly a million of his countrymen on his hands.

Of course, Murkans today celebrate him as our (second) Greatest President.


Happy Presidents Day

It’s Conspiracies All The Way Down


I’ve blogged about conspiracies here before and some would say conspiracies are all I have left to talk about. That’s bullshit of course, I have tons more tips on organic gardening. But, while we sit here waiting for Spring, let’s return to the “problem” of conspiracy theories for a moment…


I believe we live in a Post-Conspiracy world. The belief in “alternate theories” is now so pervasive that it has become the mainstream. Either we’re all slowly going insane (possible) or the gatekeepers of the truth are suffering from massive management fatigue. A good example is Pearl Harbor. If you still think it was a Japanese “surprise attack”, you are in the minority and you probably have fallen victim to other lies – I mean – truths.


In fact, not believing in conspiracy theories is now a more irrational act than believing in them. It takes far more faith too. 9/11 is the classic meme that “they” trot out to shut a questioner down anytime the questions get uncomfortably close to revealing some hidden agenda. I’m tired of both the “Truthers” and the regime apologists so I’ll just leave you with Building 7.


Do all the research you want. Dive in and splash around in the “facts” and the speculation. See what you come up with and then share it with somebody. Chances are you won’t get laughed at like you might’ve 10 or 20 years ago.

Just like Dorothy, we’ve all caught a glimpse of the little man behind the curtain who is pulling furiously at all the levers in an attempt to keep us frightened and inactive. We are waking from one hundred years of slumber.


And we are not powerless. Yes, our own leaders will call out the troops and gun us down in the streets when finally we rise up to resist and dismantle their program of oppression. If you die, do so with a smile on your lips knowing that there is no more noble cause for which to sacrifice yourself.