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It was 50 years ago today that “they” killed Kennedy. Who “they” are we will never know. Suffice it to say that “they” made out like bandits: Israel got her nukes, Castro stayed in power, the Mob benefited (briefly) from the message sent to RFK, the Fed kept sole control of US currency (Kennedy’s debt-free “United States Notes” died with him), and LBJ got Viet Nam (the war “they” so badly wanted) along with a whole lot of other progressive agenda items that Kennedy may, or may not have, signed off on.

If you only watch one thing about the JFK assassination today, make it this amazing reconstruction of the Zapruder film (hidden until 1975 remember) that somebody converted to the frame rate of modern cinema. The screen format was converted too. What you now see is the Zapruder film as shot by a modern hi-def hand-held camera (sort of). I’m not sure what that square on the left side is, maybe an artifact of the conversion process or perhaps the remainder of some distortion inherent in Zapruder’s camera.

What I want you to focus on is the way the President’s limousine slows ever so slightly right before the head shot at about 17 seconds into the video. I’ve never noticed this before and it fits well with theories that the Secret Service detail were not just grossly negligent that day in Dallas – they were in on the plot!

OK, I lied. There is one more thing I want you to watch. It’s this brilliant commentary by the late great Bill Hicks. Perhaps the smartest “comedian” this country has ever produced, Bill got a lot of material out of the Kennedy assassination and all of it is (still) uncomfortable to watch. No one really likes facing the fact that our government was overthrown in what amounted to a coup on November 22nd, 1963.

That’s right, we’ve been living under an illegitimate authority for 50 years. So, from one slave to another: Happy Anniversary!


I can read about police abuses of power. I can tolerate hearing about people who are illegally harassed, bullied, injured, and even killed by poorly trained and poorly disciplined cops. I can handle it…until they start shooting the dogs.


Some brave filmmakers are making a documentary about the epidemic of pet shootings by cops. I urge you to watch the trailer and consider making a donation. This is an important cause and one that needs our full support.


Law enforcement in this country is out of control. They are finally more heavily armed than any likely perp they will encounter on our streets. Unfortunately, cops are far more likely to use that overwhelming force without thinking. The instinct is to shoot first. When dogs are present, they are going to die. And this happens every 98 minutes. A beloved pet, a family member, a best friend, a loyal companion; gunned down by a scared, poorly trained cop. A cop who we pay with our tax dollars to “protect” our families. Kind of ironic, huh?


What are you going to do about it?

Sic Semper Tyrannis


I’m reading Mark Levin and it occurred to me that we are now under a system best described as “soft tyranny“.

Yeah, I am now ready for almost anything but this: a smiling govt face that offers benefits proffered in a velvet glove as it stuffs a boot in my face.

Phase one is martial law. Follow the link and read the evidence for yourself, some say it’s already here.

Some are even suggesting that a second Civil War is imminent. Again, take the time to follow the link, read it, and make up your own mind. The fact that so many “heavy” options are being kicked around has to count for something for any prepper who is monitoring their “trip wires”.

Are you ready?

GMOs Blasted In The Mainstream Media!


This story is a really big deal and it’s no surprise which network decided to swim against the current and attempt to wake the flock up.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep hammering it home until my fingers fall off: if you’re not eating organic food, you are killing yourself. Feeding GMO-containing food to your family, friends, and pets is unconscionable. If you are guilty, just stop. If you can’t find the GMO-containing food – which is understandable considering the govt has been paid to NOT support labeling – here’s a list. Don’t eat anything on that list unless you are ready to accept the consequences.


Between the GMOs, the vaccines, the fluoride, the mercury, the chlorine, the smart meters, and the cell phones, it’s no small wonder that any of us are still alive.

The program? Depopulation on a scale never before seen.

The target? You and me.

Dragon Day

If you’re old enough to remember “Red Dawn” (no, not the lame remake – the 1984 original), then you’ll quickly recognize the story told here.


Don’t know if you saw this in the WaTimes, but the PRC (“China”) just tipped their nuclear hand. The Chinese do nothing without a very good reason. I consider this fair warning. “Do not default on the debt!” “Stop printing dollars!” Or maybe just “Behave!” Who knows? Or are they really just saying “Time to move over and make room for a new superpower”?

red day

I think now would be a good time to stop worrying about impotent “terrorists”, booga-booga “jihadists”, cartoonish “islamofascists”, imaginary “Iranian nukes”, and all other fairy tales that have been concocted to make us send our children to die in somebody else’s wars. The real threat is right in front of our faces.


But the saddest part is that few in the military trust the National Command Authority to have the backbone to fight the right enemy. I mean, why start now? They’d much rather waste valuable time and energy forcing SEALs to remove Navy Jack patches from their uniforms…in between purging the the top ranks of those with “questionable loyalties”.


And don’t get me started on the colossally wasteful misuse of surveillance that is turned inwards on innocent civilians and outwards on our allies and obvious non-threats. It’s a shameful misuse of a very valuable tool and will come back to bite us in the ass before too long. If I was in charge of the NSA, I’d shift 80% of the agency’s resources to monitoring China tomorrow, RIF the other 20%, and make it OFFICIAL POLICY to stop dicking around with Angela Merkel’s cell phone, the Vatican’s email, and Brazil’s whatever – waitaminnit…BRAZIL??!! REALLY??!!

Yes, this is all a massive rhyme (comment below if you know the answer!)

And, just like the last nation that dithered and ignored its real enemy while focusing on self-destructive socialist programs and military purges, we’re doomed.

Are you ready?