The best news-aggregator/situational awareness site out there.

Ol’ Remus accomplishes the truly miraculous over at his Woodpile by combining history with a form of predictive sociology.  And he does it every single week like clockwork!  Amazing.

Few things can make one happy or sad like a photo. How these photos will make you feel can go a long way to revealing which side you are on.

The name says it all; a well-staffed and brilliantly presented vault of knowledge, situational awareness, and valued opinion.

Stilton is a kind of cheese, right?

I’m always tripping over blogs like this one. There must be 1000 of them out there. Finding them is always special. Sharing them even more so.

Don’t let the name scare you, this is one of the best pro-Nationalist, anti-invader sites out there.

This is one of my new favorites. The writing always stings as it hits its mark. If you are fed up with the status quo, you should take a break and have a banana.

I have nothing but the highest respect for Ron Unz. He runs one of the best sites of its kind on the internet (even better than Taki’s and that’s saying something!) Be sure to peruse the library of free books here.

Not sure what an “epigone” is actually, but this one’s fairly audacious.

No one fights the good fight like Peter Brimelow and crew at VDARE. This is where John Derbyshire went after he left Taki’s Mag. That should be all you need to know!



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