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The Climate Change Cult Takes One On The Chin

Today’s big news story isn’t a stupid football game.  In case you missed it, here’s a link.


Turns out NOAA – the US government’s primary atmospheric and climate research agency – has been “cooking the books” (pun intended) on climate change.  In short, they’ve been reporting temperatures that were either inflated for greater impact or were not measured scientifically at all.

Let’s stop and think about that for a moment.

If the theory – the widely accepted theory – that man-made warming is heating up the planet is built on faulty data, can we trust anything anyone tells us about Anthropogenic Global Warming?  I seriously and deeply doubt it.


I have long suspected that this Climate Change Cult (the “CCC”) that meets regularly in places like Rio, Kyoto, and Paris to produce “agreements” that punish industrialized countries was operating under secret orders.


Well, not-so-secret if you know where to look.  The “First Commandment” on the Georgia Guidestones orders humanity to maintain a population below 500 million.  The final commandment orders us to not be a “cancer” on the Earth.  Fits in pretty well with what the CCC is dishing out doesn’t it?  They’ve been telling us that we are ruining the planet for so long now that even reasonable people are starting to believe them.  If humans are evil then we must get rid of (most of) them; it’s the only way to save the planet.

So what makes today’s rather massive revelation post-worthy here on RWH?

This blog is all about rhymes within history.  Today is another such rhyme.  In 2009, the CCC was shown to be full of liars and manipulators.  Now, eight years later, it’s happening again.  Sadly, it won’t make any difference.  Climate change is a religion and you simply cannot expect the true believers to abandon it and leave the temple, no matter how much proof you have that their god is a false idol.


Bottom line: the CCC isn’t just a religion, it’s an anti-human movement that carries out the agenda of globalist elites.  By creating a hysteria over human-caused damage to the climate, they’ve created a convenient boogie man to wave around whenever sovereign nations step out of line and decide to choose economic outcomes that are in their own best interests.  “Stop burning coal, you’re killing the polar bears!” is typically how this boogie man is waved around by globalist-aligned do-gooder Progressives.  They sincerely think they are saving polar bears by shutting down the coal industry.  But what they’ve actually done is increase unemployment, poverty, and human suffering in parts of the country that have been oppressed for generations.  Keep them miserable long enough and those pesky hillbillies will just disappear.  Problem solved!


Be on guard and question anyone who waves climate change in your face.  They are a) playing the guilt card; b) forcing you to lower your standard of living; and c) using fear to manipulate you.  They have no choice.  They’ve already decided that living like a “normal” American is destroying the planet which makes you – the normal American – their enemy.

Won’t somebody think of the polar bears?


What? Me Panic?


So it’s officially Ebola season. Hurray! You know the Chosen Ones are serious when they appoint a “Czar” to (mis)manage the response to a crisis. And it’s always worked so well before…


What do we know about this virus? Well, we know that we can’t trust anybody in charge to make correct decisions. But don’t panic – if you’ve been prepping properly, you will survive this just fine.

First step: get educated. I highly recommend Richard Preston’s 1994 book “The Hot Zone”. I read it when it came out and it scared the crap out of me. It also made me instantly the smartest person in the room whenever the topic of Ebola came up in casual conversation (and doesn’t it always come up eventually?) Twenty years later, I made myself read it again and then passed my copy around to everybody I know who gives a damn. Be smart and get your own copy (used paperbacks are only a buck or two on amazon) and start reading it pronto.

Next step: keep an eye on current events. Notice I didn’t say “Watch/read the news”? That’s because it’s almost all lies and disinformation. There is quite obviously an agenda behind our government’s response to this disaster and I’m not convinced it’s totally righteous.

Right now “panicking” would be a much more prudent course of action than relaxing. If you “panic” you will be skeptical of the public health system’s “plan”; you will resist (violently if necessary) resettlement in quarantine camps; you will stay more than ten feet away from strangers, especially West Africans; you will abandon silly social customs like handshaking, kissing and hugging; you will know when to stay home from work and when to keep the kids out of school; you will buy a few extra masks, some bleach, plastic sheeting; you will think twice before getting on a crowded airliner to go see Grandma at Thanksgiving/Christmas; etc. I know you’re smarter than that. You know where to look this stuff up.

If you “panic” you might still be alive when the virus finally dies out a few years from now. Stop for a second a go to the link in the previous sentence. Read it all. That’s what we are in for. Advances in science and medicine are totally cancelled out by the speed and distances of jet travel combined with a human species that is more heavily urbanized and densely packed than ever before in history. Will Ebola kill 3-5% of the world’s population just like the Spanish Flu did in 1918? That seems totally plausible to me.


In the meantime, watch as the system strains to stay two steps behind good old Mother Nature. Stay well, stay smart, and stay alive!

The Quiet Sun


I’m embarrassed. Two years ago I hyped a coronal mass ejection as a major threat to civilization. Here we are at the peak of an 11-year solar activity cycle and nothing…is…happening.

So which is worse? Getting blasted by streams of charged plasma burping out from an angry sun? Or living on a planet that is slipping slowly into a new mini ice age?

This BBC news video explains it well. Worst case scenario is some unholy mash-up of Global Warming wreaking havoc on the climate and a new Maunder Minimum. Somehow, I doubt these phenomena will cancel each other out. So dress warm and take an umbrella. It’s going to get weird out there!

Collapsitarian Gear Geek Pt III

It’s been over a year since I’ve blogged about gear. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped collecting gear, but I have slowed down considerably. My new goal is to master the gear I already own rather than continue piling up all kinds of neat toys that I may or may not ever need.

Summer is winding down and the conscientious collapsitarian’s awareness is shifting from growing and storing food to hunkering down and surviving the coming winter. I’ll be the first to admit I was dead wrong with my prediction about last winter. It ended up being rather mild and what snow we got fell in small amounts and tended to melt quickly. Does my gut think we’re in for another winter like that? I don’t know, my gut hasn’t decided yet. In the meantime, it’s hurricane season. If you live within a few hundred miles of the ocean and still don’t have a generator, you’re taking a big risk. “Superstorm” Sandy was the biggest storm on the East Coast last year and it wasn’t even a proper hurricane. New Jersey is still cleaning up from the mess. Of course, the North American Derecho of 2012 caused me the most inconvenience (our power was out for a week) and I swore I’d never be without a generator again.

Here’s what I got: a Generac 5500 portable propane generator. It runs off of 20 or 30 pound cylinders like you’d use on a gas grill. It is portable so I can keep it inside when it’s not in use, and it produces 5500 watts – or about the bare minimum you’d need to power most major household appliances (one or two at a time).

Being one of those guys who can’t leave something bone-stock, I immediately customized my Generac with a 12 foot low pressure hose with a built-in regulator. This allows me to skip those small bottles and run directly off my 250 gallon above ground propane tank. For about $30, I just took my generator from a multi-hour power source to a multi-day power source. Considering the tank is never more than 70% full and I also run my pool heater and a fireplace insert off it, I figure I might be able to run my generator for nearly a week if I’m careful. When the tank runs dry, I’ll switch back to my stash of 20 gallon bottles.

You’re probably wondering how the power is distributed.

I was fortunate enough to buy a house last fall that was already wired for a generator. This not only saved me a ton of money on hiring an electrician but also makes using a generator much safer.

outside hookups
The former owner was kind enough to run a 30 amp circuit from the dedicated generator sub-panel in the basement to the outside of the house. The gas line from the tank is visible to the left of the connection box.

generator cable
All I needed to run my generator was a quality power cable.

If I had to pay to have all the infrastructure installed to support my generator, I would’ve paid two to three times more than I did. As it was, I spent nearly a grand. Which isn’t bad when you consider I was fully prepared last year to drop $10k on a permanently installed natural gas standby generator. But as I’m sure you’ll agree; spending that kind of money is silly when you’re a farmer who still doesn’t own a truck!

Relax. Your Uncle Sam Loves You!

Well, where were we? November’s here, the country’s in a shambles, and lots of folks on the East Coast are wondering what FEMA really does. On Tuesday, we get to pretend to exercise our freedom to choose a new head of the Executive Branch. Oh joy.

By the way I’m fine, thanks for asking. Sandy barely registered on my prep-o-meter. The power was out for 12 hours but we had zero damage. Compared to the Derecho back in June, Sandy was a pussycat. Of course, winter’s almost here and they say it’s gonna be a humdinger. So I’ve been busy stacking firewood, shopping for a stand-by generator, and doing all the other routine things that you should be doing at this time of year (like cleaning gutters, trimming trees, storing outdoor stuff indoors, etc.) I fully expect two or three “Snowmageddons” this winter. The thought of everything shutting down for a week at a time thrills me and I can hardly wait. But, as with with every disaster, there are busy-bodies standing by with nothing better to do than deprive you of your natural rights and Constitutionally guaranteed liberties. Anybody who’s been through a severe storm or earthquake knows what I’m talking about: forced evacuations, gun confiscations, curfews, martial law – the full meal deal of government “assistance”.

Let’s stop for a minute and examine how our beloved Federal overlords really feel about us.

Here’s a short list of the people those do-gooder busy-bodies can’t stand. First up: preppers. Yep, not only does prepping label you a “weirdo” (thanks NatGeo!) but now it’ll get you put on a domestic terrorism watch list as well. So prep at your own risk.

Any veterans in the house? Uncle Sam doesn’t just suspect you of harboring terrorist intent, he has come right out and painted a big fat bullseye on your back! Thanks for your service…you filthy terrorists.

The third group in this trifecta of “domestic terrorism” is probably the largest. Do you love, believe in, swear to defend, or otherwise treat as if it were THE handbook on how government should operate, the Constitution of the United States? Congratulations! You’re a terrorist too.

None of us can remember the last time the Federal Government went to war against its own people. It happened over 150 years ago. And it didn’t end well. Rights were trampled, both individual’s and states’. About a million Americans were killed. I can’t help thinking that, given all the recent federal purchases of massive amounts of ammunition for normally “peaceful” agencies like the Social Security Administration, the Park Service, and The National Weather Service, somebody high up in the halls of power is planning for something like another civil war. No, history will not repeat, but it will rhyme!

So, from one “terrorist” to another, be safe as the wind starts whipping and the lights go out. And watch out because somebody out there – somebody in a dark blue windbreaker with an acronym printed across the back – will probably show up and want to “help” you!

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Whenever I’m asked which event I dread most, I invariably say “Earthquake.” Setting aside the inevitable economic collapse for a moment, let’s take a look at how we can prepare for this most disruptive sort of natural disaster.

I lived in California for a few years and in Hawaii for nearly a decade. I have been all around the Pacific “Ring Of Fire”. But I had never experienced a major earthquake until August 23, 2011. It wasn’t particularly destructive and didn’t take any lives but it certainly changed how I think about earthquakes.

Two things have stuck with me from that sunny Tuesday afternoon in August: cell phones are totally worthless in a widespread disaster; and nobody on the East Coast is prepared for an earthquake. The 5.8 magnitude “2011 Virginia Earthquake” didn’t knock out the power or water but it did completely shut down cell service. My 5-mile drive home from work that afternoon took over an hour, which gave me plenty of time to reflect on the disaster and my own preparedness. As soon as I got home, I filled both bathtubs in case the quake was just a fore-shock of a bigger one. I also examined the pantry and everything fragile that was stored on shelves. If the quake had been just a tad bigger, I might’ve had some clean up to do. I moved all the glass containers back to the rear of the shelves and large glass storage jars went back into the cardboard boxes they came in.

The important thing to know about earthquakes is that they are happening continually around the planet and that no place is immune.

If you watched “Doomsday Preppers” on NatGeo last week, you know that some preppers are concerned about quakes but not all. I find that misguided in the extreme. Quakes are what we should all be prepared for.

Awareness is key. Since earthquakes tend to occur in clusters, knowing where the earth is currently active is half the battle. The US Geological Survey has a great website that can keep you up to date on recent quakes. I check it (and NOAA’s awesome “Space Weather” site) every morning before I head out the door.

So other than keeping your head up, rearranging your pantry, and filling your bathtub, what else can be done? Well, if you’re a prepper you’ve probably got the rest covered: alternate sources of cooking fuel and heat, hand-cranked flashlights and radios, a week or two of non-perishable food, lots of water, and temporary home repair items like plywood sheeting and the ubiquitous blue tarp. Let me add one you might not have thought of: a set of FRS/GMRS radios.

Most folks simply couldn’t function without their mobile phone. Rather than mock them, I shall offer a cheap and cheerful prepper’s alternative. For less than $40, you can yack it up with anybody in a 22-mile radius on a “Family Radio Service” (FRS) radio. Sure, you’ll need a case of batteries if there’s a blabbermouth in your family. But, if you set up a small portable solar panel and a spare car battery, you can keep your radios charged even in a grid-down scenario.

The only downside? There’s no texting capability. Oh, and no “Angry Birds” either.

Black Swan Theory

This post was going to be an explanation of collapse and a brief rundown of all the likely scenarios. But something happened this morning that changed my mind. Our Sun experienced a Class M9 solar event which released a rather large, fast-moving Coronal Mass Ejection. This CME is predicted to arrive at 0900 EST tomorrow morning. This is precisely the scenario I was going to describe; not in terms of what causes it, or how it effects the Earth, but in the implications for us as survivors.

If you’ve read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “The Black Swan”, you already know that the impact of an event is directly proportional to its rareness or unpredictability. Sure, we can “predict” solar activity to a certain extent but never with any useful precision. The best we can hope for is a vague warning that “something” might happen.

In 1859, the “Carrington Event” occurred. It was the most powerful Solar storm ever measured. It didn’t cause widespread damage or loss of life because there was no worldwide electrical grid, communication satellite network, or Internet. Not to jump ahead of myself, but life in 1859 was very similar to what life will be like in a post-collapse society. Folks in 1859 didn’t worry too much about the Sun as long as it kept rising every morning and setting every night. They communicated face-to-face or via telegraph (the “Twitter” of the 19th Century). They were resilient.

So, what would another Carrington Event mean for you and me in 2012? Nothing less than the end of every modern convenience. Living without electricity is doable for a day or two. You might even be able to last a week if you get really lucky and have all the right skills and lots of the right supplies. But what about after your morale is sapped and your supplies are gone and the power is still not back on? Preparing for such an event is prepper talk and I promised I would keep that to a minimum. Let me say this: living in a grid-down scenario for a month, or six months, or a year is entirely possible. But you have to want to do it.

The first step to having the right attitude is being aware. If you know something is coming, you are less likely to be surprised by it. If you are not surprised, you will not be in shock. If you are not in shock, you will be able to react quickly and appropriately. You won’t get the jump on the Black Swan, but you will be one step ahead of the situation and in a better position to take care of yourself and your loved ones. In a future post I will discuss the Black Swan that I fear the most.

Until then, here’s my preferred site for monitoring solar activity. Check it regularly to maintain good situational awareness on trends and forecasts as we ramp up to the next “Solar Maximum” in early 2013.