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The Smart Grid for Dummies

Unless you live way out in the sticks you’ve probably heard about the “Smart Grid”. I’m betting there’s a good chance that your utility company has either installed or is planning to install “smart meters” in your neighborhood. What are you going to do about it?


I dodged the “smart meter” bullet for many years at my previous suburban tract home. But, of course, the bastards caught up with me when I moved to my little farmhouse in the country last fall. They actually let themselves through the gate in the fence and into my backyard to slap one of their infernal meters onto the side of my house – all without my permission. Fortunately, my utility company has a state-mandated opt-out policy so it took little more than a phone call to make an appointment for its removal.


You’ll have to take my word for it that for the two months that that “smart” meter was on my house, I didn’t much enjoy it. I’ve studied the symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome and, while I’m fairly sure I don’t have it, I swear I could hear the meter humming as it busily sent all my usage data wirelessly back to the collective hive-brain in the wee hours of the morning.*

I’ve since met a few other folks who also hear the hum; either from their own “smart” meter, their neighbors’, or from some other source. Laugh all you want at us crazy nutcases but I’m here to tell you, you’re taking big chances with one of those things on your house.

“How do I know what type of meter I have?”

Good question! Compare yours to one of the two pictures below:


Here we see an “AMI” or “smart” meter. It has a built-in wireless transmitter that beams a powerful 900MHz signal in the horizontal plane to the nearest utility pole-mounted receiver. From there, the signal is sent back to your utility company’s headquarters for “analysis”, “data archiving”, etc. Just so you know, it works both ways: the company can also use this AMI meter to adjust how much electricity you have access to, to control the operation of various appliances in your home, all the way up to disconnecting your house from the grid entirely…you know, for the greater good.


And here we see the non-transmitting “AMR” type meter. I was half-hoping to get my old “spinning wheel” analog meter reinstalled but this is what they gave me instead. I am currently unaware of health risks or other weirdness associated with AMR meters so I’ll just watch and wait. If it turns out these kind are dangerous too, I’ll explore more options.


So what does any of this have to do with collapse? Well, the more complex and more reliant on technology our power infrastructure becomes, the more likely it is that it will be brought down by a hacker, a solar event, a full-blown cyber attack by foreign state or non-state actors, or a simple failure of a piece of hardware or software. Therefore, I categorize the advent of the “Smart Grid” as a “Collapse Accelerant”. Like all things with “smart” in their name, smart grids are all kinds of dumb (not to mention unhealthy). Being on a smart grid may seem convenient and it sure makes life easier for the folks down at the utility company. But it’s a really bad idea for us common folk who just want to be left alone.

*The hum? Almost totally gone. I still hear it on rare occasions at a much reduced intensity, probably originating from a neighbor’s AMI meter. But since there’s over 100 feet separating the houses in my neighborhood, I’m less worried about their meters than the one I once had to live with 10 feet away from the head of my bed.


Garden Porn

One day haul

Never fear – I’m working on a couple of nice fat, juicy posts that are full of more of that paranoid ranting you all love so much. In the meantime enjoy this beautiful photo of the bounty from my garden. Our vicious mid-July heatwave finally broke yesterday and I was able to go down and check the garden (first time in three days!). What you see here is what I brought back after just a half hour of picking. It was almost too much to carry in one trip: several pounds of tomatoes and cucumbers, about a gallon of green beans, and a nice sheaf of kale and chard. I could (and probably should) go down and pick this much again today.

Conspiracy Facts and Your Average Sheep


People don’t like uncomfortable questions. I know this from personal experience. I ask “Why?” and invariably my natural inquisitiveness is met with laughter, scorn, or, worse, derision. People just don’t like when the inevitable conversation about the way things are turns to the “tough questions”. And the only thing harder to swallow than a tough question is a tough answer.


Most of you know exactly what I’m talking about: conspiracy theories. So why am I wasting a perfectly good blog post (my second todayyou’re welcome!) on something as ridiculous as crackpot paranoid rantings about Nazi bases on the Moon and reptilians in the Royal Family*? Well, why not? It’s hot and muggy outside and I’m tired of picking green beans!

Most of what I believe to be fact is labelled by others as “conspiracy theory”. This is understandable. The truth is often too painful and must be compartmentalized so that we can continue to function as drones in a consumer-based, debt-based economy that depends 100% on our continued compliance and passivity.


In John Carpenter’s masterpiece “They Live”, the hero’s main objective for a big chunk of the film was getting people to put on the sunglasses that allowed humans to see things as they really are: a world full of orders to “sleep”, “obey”, “consume”, and “reproduce” handed down from disguised monsters that walk among us as equals but actually run everything via a mind-control signal beamed out of their secret underground base. Silly? Yeah. It’s a clunky allegory that presents a valuable lesson wrapped in thick layers of sci-fi cheese. And I love everything about it. Watch it again if it’s been a while. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well…you are the target audience of this blog post!

So why talk conspiracy theories and why now? Last month, a story broke that took my breath away. Sadly, most of you were distracted by the Zimmerman show trial. TWA 800 went down 17 years ago under very suspicious circumstances and I’ve suspected a cover-up ever since. Turns out I was right. New evidence has surfaced (thanks to some more of those ballsy whistle-blowers, yay!) that points to not just a cover up but a total FBI takeover of the crash investigation to the point of suppressing evidence and silencing witnesses. I don’t have any good idea why the government needed to control the investigation and ensure that it produced a verdict of “accident”. Perhaps the “crash” was a military accident – a shootdown akin to the Vincennes incident – that would have been too embarrassing to admit. Or maybe a(nother) enemy of the Clintons was on that flight that needed to be eliminated. We’ll never know. But we do now have one more proven conspiracy to add to the list.

One of my personal heroes is former Minnesota Governor, SEAL, and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura. He’s written some mind-blowing books and recently had a stunning TV show (that is now defunct). Have you ever watched the episode that was banned and never re-aired? Check it out here. Now tell me why “They” would not want Murkans to see it. I always thought Jesse’s show was a telejournalist documentary because it always went far beyond simple infotainment and genuinely attempted to wake viewers out of their slumber week after week. So it, of course, had to go…

And that’s where we are at here in 2013 Murka: we are surrounded by sleepwalkers (dare I call them zombies?) I do my best to wake up as many as I can with the little time I have left. I fully appreciate that I will never be able to wake everybody up. And that’s fine. Some folks should remain asleep. I have better things to do with my time anyways.

*Relax! I don’t even remotely believe in either Nazi Moon bases or lizards wearing crowns in Buckingham Palace. But I do believe that cell phones cause brain cancer, that fluoride makes you a pliant dumb serf with a lousy sense of direction, that public education is designed to produce docile human “resources”, that 9/11 was probably planned and carried out by a secret Zionist-Neocon cabal of Israeli security firms, embezzling Pentagon accountants, fascist-imperialist politicians, high-fiving Mossad agents posing as furniture movers, and filthy rich businessmen, that Oswald was a patsy and the real shooter(s) escaped Dallas, that FDR knew Pearl Harbor was a target and let it be attacked to get the country into WWII, that GMOs and vaccines are the key tools in a massive global depopulation program run by elites, and that we are all part of a social engineering mind control experiment.

The Walking Dead Season Four Trailer

The best show on television looks like it will be getting even better – grittier, bloodier, grimmer – this fall when it returns for its fourth season. Check out the preview here.

My takeaways:

1) The prison remains the base of operations for Rick’s group. This is both reassuring (its a perfect place to survive a zombie apocalypse) and disappointing (the show is at its best when the survivors hit the road). There are ample clues in the trailer that would suggest that either part or all of the group does, in fact, attempt to leave the prison at some point.

2) Chandler Riggs (Carl) is getting big. He’s 14 in real life and appears to be playing a character at least that old. I wonder if he’ll step up and replace Rick as the moral compass and true leader of the group this season?

3) The song that plays over the second half of the trailer is really good and reminds me a bit of Wye Oak (the artist showcased to good effect in Season One). This should be a big boost to Sharon Van Etten’s rising fame.

4) The group of survivors continues to strive for a very fashionable and P.C. diversity and appears to being nearing a 50-50 balance of chocolate and vanilla. Glenn, however, remains the sole Asian and is easily my favorite character (after uber-redneck Daryl of course!)

5) I don’t detect any major shifts in plot for the new season. Looks to me like the survivors, having defeated the evil one-eyed Governor of Woodbury are now content to shore up their defenses at the prison and make supply runs into the neighboring countryside. Of course, this being The Walking Dead, lots more main characters will get killed off this season. But I doubt this will be the final season of the show. What do you think?

Here We Go Again Pt II

Allow me to rhyme with myself for a minute. I already told you what I think about the Zimmerman case. The jury is deliberating as I type this.
George Zimmerman Trial Continues In Florida
Did you watch the trial at all? Are you outraged at the unprofessional behavior of the judge? Do you agree that having Zimmerman take the stand would have been a dumb move for the defense?

Most of all, are you ready for the blowback?

I wholeheartedly believe in Zimmerman’s innocence. I also believe that this was nothing but a Stalinist show trial that was conducted with one purpose only: to warn whites that there is nothing they can do about the tsunami of black-on-white crime that has been terrorizing this nation for generations.
1967 Detroit Riot
If you live in a city or a majority African-American community, you might want to seriously consider taking a vacation. I don’t think it would be excessively paranoid for you to pack up and leave town today and stay gone until all this blows over.
Detroit in 1967 was a long time ago and most of us don’t remember it. Watch this short video instead of LA in 1992 and refresh your memory of what it looks like when all hell lets loose on our streets after a controversial trial ends with the “wrong verdict”.

Stay safe people.

Ain’t That A Pickle

I got up early this morning and picked about a half bushel of snap beans and about eight nice pickling cucumbers. More on the beans later…

Sure, you can make pickles the old fashioned way but I don’t have that kind of patience. Here’s my recipe for “refrigerator pickles” that are ready to eat in 3-4 days:

Step 1: Start a garden and grow cucumbers.

Step 2: Heat three cups of vinegar in a pan with about an eighth of a cup of salt in it. I like either white or cider vinegar. When the salt has dissolved, remove vinegar from heat and set aside.

Step 3: Lightly rinse off* your cukes and slice them (halves or “spears”, your choice). Place them vertically in a large canning jar and add a half-dozen cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of black peppercorns, a few stalks of fresh dill, and a dash of red pepper flakes.

Step 4: Pour vinegar brine over cukes. Place lid on jar tightly and set on counter. After an hour or so, the jar should be cool enough to refrigerate. Stick the jar in the back of the fridge and forget about it. In four days, crack that sucker open and feast on the crispest tastiest pickles you’ve ever eaten!

*Don’t scrub your cucumbers if you intend to pickle them! Just brush off the larger chunks of dirt and debris. The lactic acid that forms on the skin of a straight-from-the garden cucumber accelerates the pickling process. Wash too much of it off and you end up with something that really isn’t pickled enough to earn the name.

Back To The Garden

“We got to get ourselves back to the garden.” – Joni Mitchell

Whenever things get too heavy around here (and you’d surely agree with me that they have), I like to get back to my garden. You see it’s not just a place to pick food. It’s not just a hobby. It’s not just the true “prepper’s pantry”. It’s all of those things of course, but it’s primarily a place to meditate on life and feel in tune with nature. The hippies had Woodstock, I have this garden. My Garden of Eatin’!

As you can see, life is fairly jumping up out of the ground here in early July. What a difference from just a month ago! It’s almost a full-time job keeping up with the weeding and the harvesting.

green beans
Green beans are one of the easiest things to grow. We’ve already started eating and preserving them. The faster you pick them, the faster they seem to grow.

Kale is a “superfood” for sure. I try (and mostly succeed) in eating a serving of kale every day. Usually I just throw it in the Vitamix every morning with the bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apples, yogurt, and cherry juice. If you wash and freeze your kale first, it will blend into fine particles that you can barely see and not even taste at all. A stealthy and stupidly easy way to get your daily greens! Growing kale is no different than growing grass. Well, except that you never have to mow it!

Onions are another superfood that is ridiculously easy to grow. I’ve heard it said that the man who eats an onion a day will never get cancer. We’ll see about that. I’ve been eating onions my entire adult life and have been cancer-free so far.

OK, so that’s a quick peek at the garden in July. We’ll check back in a month to see what is in season. I don’t mean to brag but I must point out that everything in the garden is grown organically (chemical- and GMO-free) from heirloom seeds. There simply is no other safe or sustainable way to do it.

“But Kirk, where’s the rhyme?”

Ah, that’s just it: the seasons are the rhyme this time. Every year, certain things have to be done at certain times for all this to be a success. After you’ve had a garden for a decade or so like I have, you are bombarded with rhymes: “These tomatoes were soooo good last year, let’s grow them again!” “I forgot how easy kale is to grow.” “July is Tomato month!” “Where did I put that Three Bean salad recipe that we liked?” And so on. Gardening is like playing music, timing is everything. Literally everything you do with seeds and soil will rhyme once you get into the flow.

If that wasn’t enough uplift for you dear readers after a series of depressing posts, then watch this clip of the ever-profound and always inspirational Gerald Celente. It will fire you up with the spirit of rebirth, revolution, and rebuilding!

You Call This “Independence”?

Hello and happy 4th of July! I trust you are having more fun today than the poor folks in this park.

Notice how we call this most national of holidays “The Fourth”? When was the last time you heard someone call it “Independence Day”? Why is that? Did Will Smith ruin the name with that cheesy movie he made where he and Jeff Goldblum thwarted the alien invasion?

I wonder sometimes – ok, I wonder constantly – how “independent” we really are here in God-blessed Murka. Now, I’ll be the first to admit: I’m as big a slave as anyone here. Trust me, I’m working on that and until I am 100% debt-free and 100% off-grid, I’ll refrain from tooting my own horn. But there are plenty of small ways you can declare your independence. You can turn off that TV, put down that damned “smart” phone (clue for you: they’re not making anybody any smarter!), and you can make a few lifestyle changes.

“Like what?” you say.

For starters, you can boycott all vaccinations for yourself, your family, and your pets. I’ve done my research and have come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of vaccinations are unnecessary and unhealthy. In fact, you’re more likely to get sick from them than you are if you remain shot-free. Vaccinations are a form of population control and direct evidence of your willing slavery to unseen persons who know what’s good for you better than you do. It’s no coincidence the vaccine industry uses words like “herd” when they assess vaccine efficacy on populations. Look it up.

Another great way to get free is to stop using Google and Facebook. The German government is telling its citizens to do exactly this to avoid the ever-widening NSA dragnet of pre-crime data slavery. Google is entirely avoidable. Here’s your best replacement. Might as well ditch that gmail account too since it’s all being read by the Feds. And don’t even get me started on Facebook. You are either seriously naive or just plain crazy (or both) if you still post your personal details on Zuckerberg’s brilliantly evil pre-crime data vacuum. There are plenty of “social media” alternatives that don’t involve surrendering privacy if you’d just take the time to look. If you’re too lazy to find one, try the local bar.

While we’re on the subject of population control and social engineering, let’s get free of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. In just the past few months, we’ve learned that not only is the wheat supply contaminated with GMO strains that were never approved for human consumption but now the rice supply is too. Corn, canola, soybeans, and even cotton are so completely infested with GMO strains that you are playing Russian roulette if you stray from strictly organic sources for these plants. If you don’t believe me, would you believe a Monsanto whistle-blower?
Finally, we must pressure our elected and unelected overlords to free us from the chains of foreign power. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch this. And then read this. When a not-so-secret cult of ethno-religious fascists and racial supremacists dominates – with our permissionour financial system, our media, our entertainment industry, and our government, we cannot with any seriousness claim that we are “independent”. To them, we are “cattle” to be exploited. We fight their wars, pay their usury, defend their crimes, and eagerly lap up the raw sewage they pump into our screens, pages, and headphones. It’s time to wake up and stop being their slaves. Start today.

Finally, let me leave you with this inspiring image. This is a (US-provided) Egyptian AH-64 Apache attack helicopter flying over the crowds during Egypt’s Independence-From-Islamists Day earlier this week. “So what, those are just laser pointers!” you say. Yes, but there are thousands of them “painting” this regime helicopter as if to say “We know you are there and we are watching you.” What some may see as a silly prank, I see as an act of free people. I congratulate Egypt on its new freedom and sincerely wish my fellow Murkans would hurry up and make a similar regime change here in this country before it’s too late.