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Stop Watching Us

Here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet. The (in)famous viral video* featuring a lot of pissed off journalists, movie stars, and brave whistleblowers. And, yes, they do speak for me.

I honestly don’t care how “legal” you think the surveillance state is. One thing it isn’t is Constitutional. When everybody is a suspect, nobody is free.

If this shit doesn’t stop, I’m leaving.

*The rhyme is at 1:04.

I’m A Chicken Farmer!


Today is the one week anniversary of my first attempt at raising actual livestock. In this case, chickens. Laying hens (aka “yardbirds”) are the most numerous domesticated animals on the planet. I love eggs. Getting them for free every day from your own back yard is one of the truly sublime satisfactions in life.


Once upon a time, keeping chickens was considered a civic duty. Times have changed and now we go to a store to buy the things we eat. The sad part is that we have no idea where those things come from or what’s in them. Me? I’d prefer to see what my chickens are eating and it had better be 100% organic.


In fact, I’m so picky about my eggs that I refuse to eat store-bought eggs. They are less fresh, less healthy, and more expensive. They don’t taste nearly as good either!

three birds

So, if it’s legal where you live, and you have a quarter acre yard (or bigger); seriously consider getting a few chickens. And don’t be fool and think you can eat them! Each of my hens will lay upwards of 320 eggs per year. Compare that to one meager chicken dinner and you’ll quickly understand that keeping chickens alive is the smart move. Even if you can’t eat them all, your eggs will make great food for your dogs and cats and have a surprisingly high barter value.

American Blackout

This has the potential to be the most educational thing ever shown on NatGeo. Please take two hours out of your busy schedules to watch it Sunday, October 27th at 9pm ET. Thank you.

Please Don’t Make Me Say “I Told You So!”

Is extermination by our own government the ultimate rhyme?

Not if we’re ready.


Here’s the loyalty oath if you feel like practicing. Good luck with that!

A Massive Rhyme Is Coming

Please take a few minutes and watch this mini-documentary.

Here’s what’s coming: another wave of class-action lawsuits against cell phone manufacturers for failure to warn of hazards culminating in a multi-billion dollar settlement just like we saw with Big Tobacco 15 years ago.


I will never own a “smart” phone but I realize many (if not all of you) do own one. In fact, most of you can’t live your multitasked, internet-connected, overstimulated 21st Century schizoid lives without that gadget in your pocket. Just don’t expect me to join the herd on this. My eyes are open. I know what a sub-cranial glioma is and I’ve known people who’ve suffered and died from them. No thanks!


Next step: line up the CEOs of Motorola, Nokia, Apple, and Samsung and make them swear before a Congressional committee that their products are safe. Then sue the crap out of them for perjury.

What Collapse Looks Like

In case you missed it, the EBT system that provides welfare for about 15% of the American population went down on Saturday. Mass chaos ensued.


You should consider this a warning and an opportunity to learn and reflect. I know I do.

In a real crisis that affects ALL of us (martial law, curfews, flu pandemic, failure of the power grid, or a shutdown of the banks), you would realistically only have a few hours – not days – to collect the supplies you needed.

Of course, my first question to you is: “Why are you collecting supplies after the shit has hit the fan?”

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Not prepping is dumb and so predictably helpless and Murkan that I can only compare you to an EBT card holder mindlessly cleaning out a Wal-Mart.

Guess what? These kinds of little “warm ups” for the Big Collapse are happening with such frequency now that we can all take advantage of them to get our game up to snuff.


If you’re not raiding a Wal-Mart, you’ll likely be comfortably at home (like me) watching it all play out. The news reports of “shots fired at grocery stores” will not shock us but it might send us to our pantries to count cans.

After Day Three has come and gone and the “shots fired” are now in our neighborhoods, what will we do?

If you “bug out”, please remember that your neighbors who “bug in” might consider the “mi casa, su casa” rule to be in effect.

So that was Saturday with its little taste of the gloomy-doomy future.

On Sunday, DC’s finest riot police were called in to quell a minor disturbance by some crusty old codgers who expect us to respect them for some “sacrifices” they made two generations ago. Yeah, right. Good luck with that men. Just don’t forget that they gunned down an innocent woman last week in front of her child just for making a wrong turn in front of the Spite House.

Why all this collective spazzing out and why now? Well, why not? I’ve always advocated for an accelerated collapse rather than a delayed one. Hurry it up and get it over with so we can get on with the rebuilding of society.

Oh, and there’s a coronal mass ejection due to arrive in the next couple of days too. Just thought you’d like to know!

In closing, I’d like to offer this superlative quote I found in Mark Steyn’s hilarious book “After America“:

“Nothing is more senseless than to base so many expectations on the state, that is, to assume the existence of collective wisdom and foresight after taking for granted the existence of individual imbecility and improvidence.”
– Frederic Bastiat 1845

Nice Place To Work, Too Bad About The Shut Down!

Nice Place To Work, Too Bad About The Shut Down!

The all-seeing eye of Sauron misses nothing.

He might want to watch his construction orcs a little better though…just sayin’!

Don’t You See What’s Happening?

And are you mad yet?

The Real Enemy

The Real Enemy

Damn filthy gun nuts.

Won’t somebody think of the children?

The Regime Agenda Part III


One more post about last Thursday’s “Capitol Shooting” and then I’m done (promise!) Take a look at the smashed police cruiser. They want us to think that Miriam Carey did that with her Infiniti sports coupe.


Here’s a shot of the back end of Ms. Carey’s Infiniti after she was dragged out of it and shot multiple times. I see some damage to the right rear corner but it hardly looks like she rammed a much-sturdier police cruiser with it at all, huh?


So she must’ve used the front of her car to ram all that stuff – stanchions, officers on foot, barricades, cruisers, etc – right? Gee, from this angle the front of late Ms. Carey’s car looks practically the same as it did the day she brought it home from the dealership.

So what’s going on?

This is all a big set up. A spectacle. A Psy-Op (just like everything else that happens in DC). A hoax. All conveniently arranged by our benevolent masters to send us an unambiguous message of their dominance.

And they know we know it too.


Peel back the curtain, however, and it’s all stupidity, mayhem, and incompetence. Like this guy who clearly rear-ended a fellow officer. He must’ve been really excited about getting to the scene before all the shooting was over. Either that, or he was finishing his chili dog and lost track of where he was…

Bottom line: The cops and federal troops responding the the scene of the “crazy woman driver” totally screwed the pooch. They were the ones ramming the barriers and ramming each other. There was a lot of self-inflicted damage during the response to this “crisis”. Is anybody surprised? Damage is par for the course. Dead innocent civilians too.

“Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Now I don’t know what to be more scared of: jack-booted federal thugs (aka “Tactical Timmys“) funnin’ and gunnin’ with all their new toys in the streets of the nation’s capital. Or clueless Roscos and Cletuses swerving and screeching around in their big white patrol cars like they’re chasing Daisy Duke on Boss Hogg’s orders.

Truth is, these guys are a bit of both.