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Carl Jung & The Gray Race Pt. 1

A friend asked me the other day why NPCs are gray.

I don’t really know buddy” I replied “Maybe it’s some form of camouflage.” Later I realized that sometimes a spur-of-the-moment guess like that can be the most accurate form of analysis.

The Gray Race” is a 1996 album by American punk group Bad Religion. The music inside isn’t nearly as insightful as the montage of gray faces on the cover. The takeaway: no matter what our skin might look like, we are all gray.

Take a gallon bucket of white paint. Mix in about 16 ounces (the size of a typical water bottle) of black paint. Stir well. What do you get? You get the most perfect shade of gray you’ve ever seen.  Not “battleship gray”, “Haze Gray”, or “gray sky gray” but NPC gray.

That same 1:8 ratio just happens to mirror the “blackness” of America’s demographic. Americans are indeed the “gray race”. Now whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I will leave for you to decide. But it is instructive to pause and reflect on the wider cultural implications of our grayness.

Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung wrote “Another thing that struck me [in the American] was the great influence of the Negro, a psychological influence naturally, not due to the mixing of blood. The emotional way an American expresses himself, especially the way he laughs, can best be studied in the illustrated supplements of the American papers; the inimitable Teddy Roosevelt laugh is found in its primordial form in the American Negro. The peculiar walk with loose joints, or the swinging of the hips so frequently observed in Americans, also comes from the Negro. American music draws its main inspiration from the Negro, and so does the dance. The expression of religious feeling, the revival meetings, the Holy Rollers and other abnormalities are strongly influenced by the Negro. The vivacity of the average American, which shows itself not only at baseball games but quite particularly in his extraordinary love of talking—the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this—is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village. The almost total lack of privacy and the all-devouring mass sociability remind one of primitive life in open huts, where there is complete identity with all members of the tribe.

Deep Carl, real deep. So does this mean that White folks like you and me are some kind of wiggers because we live in a thoroughly Negrified culture? Not hardly. But perhaps it’s high time we own up to the grayness that surrounds us and flows barely noticed through our lives.

There are certain activities that signal one’s “blackness”: driving a Cadillac, drinking Heineken out of the bottle, elaborately choreographed handshakes, liberal applications of cocoa butter or coconut-scented body lotions, calling peers/colleagues “brotha”, caring excessively about your hair, talking to the screen while the movie is playing, etc. But I can also name for you a white person who checks each one of those boxes. Much more hilarious (to the general masses at least) are those signifiers of whiteness – things we call “SWPL” (for “Stuff White People Like“). Does this mean that Whites are funnier? No way. Most Whites aren’t that funny at all. But we are allowed to mock them. Big difference.

Just for fun, let’s go through your personal possessions and leisure activities and see how gray you really are.

Are you into sports? By “sports” I mean “sportsball” or the act of passively watching highly paid persons-of-color chase each other around with a ball.

The NBA is almost completely black, the NFL is mostly black, and baseball is pretty much a brown sport. If you watch any of these, give yourself a point for your grayness (bonus points if your sportsteam jersey that you wear on game day carries a black man’s name and number). Oh and don’t think that watching tennis, golf, or Olympic gymnastics doesn’t count. These traditionally White sports are blacker than ever.

Me? I swore off all non-participatory sports activities a few years ago. Not because I’m a proud White man either. No sir. I did it because watching sports is a massive waste of time. Read a book, take a nap, go for a walk, almost anything a man does is more beneficial for that man than sitting on his couch yelling at other men playing children’s games on TV.

Next let’s go through your record collection, or your CDs or your iTunes or wherever it is that you keep your favorite music. I fully expect the average White person to own at least some Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, or “Urban” music. Why? Is it because those jungle beats seem to tickle our European DNA the most? Or is it because we are deeply afraid of being viewed as “too White” by our hipster friends? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. Take Bob Marley, the alleged “King of Reggae” for example. Most folks (white or black) don’t know dick about Reggae as a musical genre (sorry bud, UB40 does not count), but every whiteboy I know sure as hell knows Bob!  In fact, Marley’s 1984 greatest hits compilation “Legend” is the biggest selling Reggae recording in history.  I’d venture a guess that 90% of those copies are owned by White folks like you and me.

Me? I deeply love Reggae. It’s my favorite “Black Music” by far. And there’s far more to it than dear ol’ Bob. Check out Burning Spear, Toots & The Maytals, Israel Vibration, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Linton Kwesi Johnson, The Wailing Souls, Pablo Moses, Culture, or Gregory Isaacs for some genuine Reggae. I also love those two purely American musical genres Jazz and the Blues – two genres that were created by blacks a century ago but have been SWPL’d into ridiculous caricatures of themselves in recent decades. Yeah, my record collection is pretty black (even without the Rap and Hip Hop). So what? There’s also some of the whitest music ever made in there: The Carpenters, Kraftwerk, Waylon Jennings, Devo, Slayer, Neil Diamond, Flatt & Scruggs, and Nick Drake (just to name a few).

We’re gonna head to your kitchen soon (oh boy!), but let’s take a swing through your DVD collection on the way, shall we?

What have we here? “The Sound Of Music“?  Nice. “The Wizard Of Oz“?  Very nice.  “Gone With The Wind“?  You are a whiteboy, aren’t you?  Go back 50 years or more, and almost everything Hollywood put out would be considered “White” today. Times have changed, and I’d guess that most of us collect more contemporary movies than dusty old classics.  I’m not sure if there are any such things as “White Movies” or “Black Movies” in today’s gray culture.  Do this: pull a dozen randomly selected movies off your shelf. Take every one that features a) a black leading character; b) a black social cause; or c) the ubiquitous “Magical Negro” (Morgan Freeman also counts) and set them in a pile. The ones that don’t, put over in another pile. Now which pile is bigger? Face it, you have a pretty gray movie collection there pal. So stop being a graycist and deal with it.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

Weird Scenes From Inside The Bunker

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted on this blog and you must certainly be curious about how I’m getting along here at my mountaintop bug-out location.

I’m fine, thanks. Just feeling like being quiet lately. There’s so much to take in as we careen towards Civil War II that, when I get a chance to “put something out”, I generally just grab a gun (or my new crossbow) and shoot at something. I’m sure you know the feeling…

When I ask myself why I blog so rarely these days two things stand out: 1) I lack anything to say that hasn’t already been said better elsewhere. Go to my blogroll and click around on the many excellent links. I refuse to be one of those blogs that “aggregates” other bloggers’ superior work (I call that cheating). And 2) you – my three dear readers – have stopped commenting. No feedback for me = no motivation to write for you. I know you’re all “busy” and I know you’re all trying to read this on a shitty little phone but would it kill you guys to give me an “Amen!” (or a “STFU”) once in a while?  It would mean a lot to me…

In the meantime, allow me to drop off some NPC memes and offer a bit of commentary.

It’s October, so enjoy this NPC-o’-lantern:

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, then maybe you should get out more. The NPC meme is the hot new thing and the most brilliant way to skewer SJWs I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. I’ve been a fan of shitlord memery and SJW-baiting since I was redpilled a few years ago. And this new meme is top shelf Kek-magick indeed. When the (((New York Times))) complains that the NPC meme is “dehumanizing”, you know a crucial go-ahead goal has been scored for our team.

Bottom line: the New Left (aka “Cultural Marxism” aka “Progessivism” aka “libtards”) has nothing original to say.  When they open their yaps (which is constantly), all we hear are parroted lines of programming (often chanted in unison).  It’s as if they are soulless automatons carrying out commands embedded in code.  In fact, I can find no evidence to the contrary.

Another salient characteristic of the Non-Player Character is an utter lack of an “inner monologue“.  I prefer “Cartesian Theater”  – aka the little man (“humunculus”) living in my head.  I know he’s up there because I met him once back when I was in college performing chemistry experiments on my own nervous system.

Lights on, nobody home.  That’s your NPC.  Not having that little man upstairs is like a jumbo jet flying around on autopilot with an empty cockpit…

Here’s a savagely delivered batch of actual NPC code someone posted on Reddit.  Read this and try not to be triggered:

And you can bet that “getting extreme” is how this will all end for Team Whitey.  The enemy has been dehumanized (step one per Grossman) and the next step is putting all those mad video game skillz to work wiping out the NPC hordes on a massive scale…using something other than memes.

Me?  I’ll be obeying Derb’s Law and avoiding crowds as I continue cultivating my personal sense of hygge here in my 100% NPC-free mountain bunker.

It’s Time For The Alt-White

Ever heard of Abdul El-Sayed? He’s the swarthy looking chap on the right (full name: “Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed”). Inshallah he will be the next Governor of Michigan.

How about this big-boned Georgia sista Stacey Abrams? Hint: she did not do math problems at NASA to help put a (White) man in space. Stacey (or as I call her “Stay To The C”) has a better than even shot at becoming the first black female Governor in U.S. history. You go girl.

Surely you know who wide-eyed upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, yes? The pride and joy of the Democratic Socialists of America, young and totally inexperienced Alexandria recently trounced an old White guy in the primary for New York’s 14th Congressional District. We’re gonna keep her on our radar going forward…

If these three names don’t ring any bells I can hardly blame you. Socialist-Progressive political candidates are hardly my forte either. But the times they are a’changin’ and nonwhites are taking over slowly, surely, and totally within the framework of democratic society. And aren’t you just prouder’n’shit for them?

All kidding aside, this might be the most important post I’ve written in years. Maybe even right up there with my masterful Civil War 2.0 OOB post.

But since this is the place where history rhymes, let’s rhyme a little history…

I believe we are on the cusp of a third wave of 21st Century reactionary populism in this country.  And it might even surpass the first two in size and impact…


The first wave was the Tea Party Movement – a conventional conservative reaction against an unlikely (but well-deserved) black socialist President. Alas, that nominally tax-revolting movement sputtered out as it was slowly absorbed by the status-quo-accepting cuckservative GOP.  A decade later “Tea Party” is just another way of saying “Republican.”

The second, even bigger, wave was actually a synchronization of two waves: the nativist, pro-Wall, America-first Trump campaign; and the red-pilled identitarian Alt-Right.

Sadly, the Alt-Right was smothered in its crib at a staged event in Charlottesville, Virginia almost exactly one year ago today. Who does that leave to defend our White and Western European civilization and values against the invading hordes?


My prediction: the next wave will be the Alt-White Movement. Like the Alt-Right from whose ashes it rises, the Alt-White is a reactionary movement against Progressivism, Egalitarianism, “Social Justice”, feminism, cultural Marxism, Meetooism, open borders, but – most of all – White Genocide. Put another way, if the Alt-Right was a tendency to fight against every degenerate post-modern cosmopolitan trend in society, the Alt-White is the same basic dissident tendency but is informed first and foremost by an awareness of White Identity.

The three nonwhite political candidates at the top of this post weren’t supposed to scare you. They were supposed to make you feel irrelevant.

America’s newspaper of record (((The New York Times))) just hired a diversity pick to join their editorial staff. Sarah Jeong is virulently anti-White and seems perfect for the job of continuing the crusade to beat down, disenfranchise, and replace the very Whites who descend from this continent’s original founders, settlers and colonists.


What is the average Chad Normie supposed to do about this ongoing “brown wave”?  Throw in his lot with the Alt-White of course.  There is no other choice.  It doesn’t matter if Chad is a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or an apolitical slacker.  If he’s White, he needs to join with his tribe in order to survive.


You see, simple little luxuries like politics don’t really matter when you and everyone who looks like you is dead.

So, until those well-dressed missionaries from the Alt-White knock on your door and offer you the plan of White salvation, I encourage you to continue to exercise all of your rights – especially the ones protected by the 1st Amendment.  I’m talking about your Freedom of Association here.  Live where you want, work where you want, shop and recreate where you want.  If you’re White then you already know where that place is…and what it looks like.


Oh, and don’t neglect your right to self defense (as enumerated in the 2nd Amendment).  The purest White communities, White lives, or White values are worth little if they are not adequately defended.

Diversity + Proximity = War.  Be ready.  Be on the winning side.


Civil War 2.0 – An Order Of Battle


Today marks the end of the first month of our new President’s first term of office.  Much has been accomplished but much remains to be done.  The defining characteristic of this first month of making America great again is how incredibly violent the push-back has been from the left.  So many different special interest factions, terrorist groups, and political parties are rioting, protesting, and just basically being un-American obstructionist jackasses that I thought a little situational awareness briefing was in order.  To that end, I hereby provide my loyal readers with an “Order of Battle” that includes most* of the forces currently engaged in Civil War 2.0 against the new administration and in open rebellion against its America-first agenda.  Read, study, and learn.  There will be a test on this later!


Antifa (Anti-Fascist) Movement – first active: 1920s Weimar Germany.  Key terms: “Nazi!“, “The next Hitler”, “No Fascist USA”.  Why they are dangerous: Everything and everyone they oppose is “Nazi” and “Fascist” without exception.  This makes any attempt to deal with them rationally nearly impossible because come on!  Who doesn’t hate Nazis and Fascism?  Also, the Antifa movement is rife with Communist/Marxist agitators and lunatics who wish to destroy our way of life.  It’s enough to make you wish there were actual “right wing death squads” around (or at least Freikorps) to put these monsters down in the street like dogs.


“Black Bloc” Anarchists – first active: 1980s.  Key terms: “Occupy ____”, “1%”.  Why they are dangerous: They are young, violent, committed, and very well organized anti-Capitalists.  Also, they are a global movement that threatens every industrialized nation on the planet.  Avoid crowds of people dressed in black.


Black Lives Matter – first active: 2010s Obama-era US.  Key terms: “Dindu Nuffin”, “Remember Ferguson”, “Do It 4 Trayvon”, “Killer Cop”, “Cop Killer”.  Why they are dangerous: BLM is the modern face of the Black Power movement and is closely aligned with the New Black Panther Party as well as the American Communist Party.  Also, they have a proven ability to mobilize large numbers and create mass chaos and mayhem (Baltimore, Charlotte, Ferguson, Dallas, et. al.).  They draw targets on everything White, no matter how insignificantAvoid at all costs.


Gay Power Movement – first active: 1960s.  Key terms: “LGBTQ+”, “Cis-Hetero, “Gender Fluid”, “Non-Binary”.  Why they are dangerous: Gay Power treats all “non-allies” as enemies – that means you, me, and virtually every other straight person on the planet.  They seek to radically change society’s traditional perception of sexual degeneracy through insistence on a non-biological emotion-based form of gender identification.  They will do this by getting to your children first, your wallet second, and your government third.  Not known to be particularly violent, Gay Power activists prefer public shaming and use of the courts to smash traditional values that our society and all of Western Civilization is based upon.


The Mexican Insurgency – first active: 1846.  Key terms: “Aztlan”, “La Raza”, “Reconquista”, “Day Laborer”, “Remittance”.  Why they are dangerous: they want to break off the southwestern third of this nation and restore it to some form of Latino autonomy.  Short of that, they will continue infesting the length and breadth of this country while working for peanuts, refusing to assimilate, out-breeding the locals, and then sending most of their earnings back to Mexico.  Also, Mexico is not our friend.  Never has been, never will be.  The President knows this.  But, for some bizarre reason, most Americans think 36 million Mexican criminal invaders walking our streets, sucking up our social benefits, and illegally voting in our elections is a good thing.  Most Americans are batshit loco.


Pro-Immigration activists – first active: mid-1960s.  Key terms: “We’re ALL Immigrants”, “Open Borders, Open Society”, “Sanctuary City”.  Why they are dangerous: you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.  It’s simply not sustainable.  Also, when our “guests” have more privileges and “rights” than the native-born taxpayers, veterans, and entrepreneurs they are mooching from, it’s time to shut the door on immigration.  That’s right, shut it down.  And that would be 100% American.  For long stretches of most of this country’s history, immigrants were not allowed in unless they were among that tiny fraction that met extremely stringent criteria.  Newsflash: this country was not built by immigrants.  It was built by colonists (with the help of a few slaves).  Big, big difference.  The immigrants didn’t show up until almost a century later and were only “needed” because the Industrial Revolution demanded more human capital than native-born Americans could provide.  Guess what people?  That Industrial Revolution ended a long time ago.  Now (non-European) immigrants have only one purpose: to shuffle the demographics of this country until Whites are just another minority.


Pro-Refugee activists – first active: mid-2010s.  Key terms: “Welcome Refugees”, “We Love Refugees”.  Why they are dangerous: 1) We don’t need refugees; 2) We don’t want refugees; 3) They add zero value to the communities into which they are dropped.  “Refugee” is just a bleeding heart’s way of saying “immigrant”.  We have enough people in this country (and plenty of the people that are already here are dangerously violent).  We don’t need any more.


Pro-Abortion Movement – first active: 1970s.  Key terms: “Get Out Of My Uterus”, “My Body, My Choice”.  Why they are dangerous: Militant feminism and pro-abortion activism go hand-in-hand.  When women started demanding “equality”, they also demanded full reproductive autonomy.  This had one goal: removing men from their traditional leadership roles in society.  When Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s dream is fully implemented, men will be reduced to irrelevance whenever any reproductive decisions are made.  Simultaneously, science will render their traditional biological roles in reproduction moot and unnecessary, this will be quickly followed by relieving men of their traditional responsibilities as fathers, child-raisers, and role-models.  When men are no longer in control of these most fundamental aspects of reproduction and family-making, our society will slip off its foundation and will spin out of control.  Boys will be willingly feminized as girls are simultaneously masculinized.  After a few generations, the human race will become an unappealing blandly androgynous dystopia like in “THX1138” where all pairings (if allowed at all) will be at the whim of the State – or worse, some grim non-human artificial intelligence.  Is that what you really want ladies?  Think about it.  Also, when certain forms of human life lose their value, the entire species is cheapened and general life-taking becomes casual and non-punishable.


The Muslim Brotherhood – first active: 1928.  Key terms: “Allahu Akhbar”, “Religion of Peace“, “We are the Moderate Muslims”.  Why they are dangerous: The Muslim Brotherhood arose approximately around the same time as International Zionism rose to prominence and with analogous goals: to create an Islamic state, under Sharia Law, for all Muslims.  Islamism is the political objective of the Muslim religion and is this group’s mandate.  Are they “terrorists“?  That depends.  But they are actively working in this country – to make life easier for Muslims, more compliant with the Koran and Sharia Law, and make the American public more “tolerant” of the special needs of a people who are commanded by their faith to wage jihad against the infidel.  How does all that sound to you?


(just kidding, here’s the “real“Feminist flag:)


Militant Feminism – first active: 1970s; key terms: “Smash Patriarchy”, “Womyn”, “Like A Girl”.  Why they are dangerous: Believing and repeating the mantra “Man bad, Woman good” is no way to go through life.  Women were sold a bill of goods when feminism became a dominant theme in 1960s America thanks to Jewish Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School.  What?  You haven’t read your Kevin MacDonald yet?  Now might be a good time to start!  Bottom line: women have been programmed to play the victim so that powerful forces can come to their aid and boost their status way out of proportion to their importance and actual role in a traditionally patriarchal Western Civilization.  Hint: it’s all about delegitimizing and disempowering men for fun and profit (like the flag above hints).


Democratic Party “Denialists” – first active: 2016; key terms: “It’s OUR Turn”, “Feel The Bern”, “Stronger Together”.  Why they are dangerous: the Federal Government workforce contains thousands of Obama-administration “holdovers” – political appointees who are still in charge of the “Deep State“.  These holdovers are waging an actual insurrection against the President.  It’s happening in the EPAIt’s happening in the Judicial BranchIt’s happening in the Intelligence Community.  And it must stop.  You lost.  Get over it.  And then get on board with the winning team and get back to work.  This is partly what Trump was talking about – I think – when he said he’d “drain the swamp“.  Also, after any conquering army moves in to occupy newly liberated territory there is a constant threat from partisans and left-behind combatants.  They will carry out sabotage, sniper attacks, and various other forms of resistance.  They are misguided and must be found and disposed of.  What is happening in DC is no different.


Republican Never Trumpers – first active: 2016.  Key terms: “Not My President”, “Anybody But Trump”.  Why they are dangerous: they are a pack of anti-American cuckservatives, hypocrites,and saboteurs who are just as likely to encourage and/or carry out a straight-up assassination/coup as that grief-stricken mass of Hillary supporters lurking in the halls of power.  The President has his work cut out for him in dealing with this gang.  Worst part?  There are just enough Never Trumpers around to foul up any sure-thing vote along party lines in either the GOP-controlled House or Senate.


George (“Schwartz”) Soros, Globalist Puppet Master and Social Engineer Extraordinaire – first active: 1970s. Key terms: “Billionaire Social Justice Warrior”, “Tikkun Olam”, “Purple Revolution”.  Why he is dangerous: I’m throwing Schwartz-Soros on this list because he represents the true power behind most, if not all, of the radical groups on this list through his funding of various leftist/Globalist political causes.  Organizing a revolution is expensive.  It’s no coincidence that Schwartz-Soros  is a Jew.  Read the link above.  If you can’t follow the thread, stop and read Kevin MacDonald (please!).  And when you’re done, go back and try again.  Knowing your enemy is the first step in defeating him.

*Enemies not mentioned in today’s Order of Battle: The “Fake News” Media Establishment, The Climate Change Cult, The Entertainment Industry, The Diversity Industry, Academia, Multiculturalism Inc, and many, many more.

The Climate Change Cult Takes One On The Chin

Today’s big news story isn’t a stupid football game.  In case you missed it, here’s a link.


Turns out NOAA – the US government’s primary atmospheric and climate research agency – has been “cooking the books” (pun intended) on climate change.  In short, they’ve been reporting temperatures that were either inflated for greater impact or were not measured scientifically at all.

Let’s stop and think about that for a moment.

If the theory – the widely accepted theory – that man-made warming is heating up the planet is built on faulty data, can we trust anything anyone tells us about Anthropogenic Global Warming?  I seriously and deeply doubt it.


I have long suspected that this Climate Change Cult (the “CCC”) that meets regularly in places like Rio, Kyoto, and Paris to produce “agreements” that punish industrialized countries was operating under secret orders.


Well, not-so-secret if you know where to look.  The “First Commandment” on the Georgia Guidestones orders humanity to maintain a population below 500 million.  The final commandment orders us to not be a “cancer” on the Earth.  Fits in pretty well with what the CCC is dishing out doesn’t it?  They’ve been telling us that we are ruining the planet for so long now that even reasonable people are starting to believe them.  If humans are evil then we must get rid of (most of) them; it’s the only way to save the planet.

So what makes today’s rather massive revelation post-worthy here on RWH?

This blog is all about rhymes within history.  Today is another such rhyme.  In 2009, the CCC was shown to be full of liars and manipulators.  Now, eight years later, it’s happening again.  Sadly, it won’t make any difference.  Climate change is a religion and you simply cannot expect the true believers to abandon it and leave the temple, no matter how much proof you have that their god is a false idol.


Bottom line: the CCC isn’t just a religion, it’s an anti-human movement that carries out the agenda of globalist elites.  By creating a hysteria over human-caused damage to the climate, they’ve created a convenient boogie man to wave around whenever sovereign nations step out of line and decide to choose economic outcomes that are in their own best interests.  “Stop burning coal, you’re killing the polar bears!” is typically how this boogie man is waved around by globalist-aligned do-gooder Progressives.  They sincerely think they are saving polar bears by shutting down the coal industry.  But what they’ve actually done is increase unemployment, poverty, and human suffering in parts of the country that have been oppressed for generations.  Keep them miserable long enough and those pesky hillbillies will just disappear.  Problem solved!


Be on guard and question anyone who waves climate change in your face.  They are a) playing the guilt card; b) forcing you to lower your standard of living; and c) using fear to manipulate you.  They have no choice.  They’ve already decided that living like a “normal” American is destroying the planet which makes you – the normal American – their enemy.

Won’t somebody think of the polar bears?

The Most Important 20 Minutes Of Your Day

This short documentary is about 20 minutes long.  Watch it and you will understand everything: why Europe is being invaded, what the invaders want, what European elites are doing about it, and who is behind it all.

Please watch it.

Migrants continue journey through Hungary

Know that there are two enemies in this scenario: 1) the Muslims who will stop at nothing to impose Sharia Law on the people whose lands they are invading (this is Islam’s “master plan”); and 2) European elites who are so deluded by Progressivism, so committed to “social justice”, so dazzled by dreams of multicultural diversity, and so burdened with guilt, that they willingly sacrifice the sovereignty and cultural identity of their own people.

I will post more about both of these enemies in the future.


The Last Eight Years In 23 Images

For today’s post, I want to try something different.  I’m going to not add analysis, opinion, or angst about this week’s (hopefully peaceful) change of power.  We’ve just survived what might be the craziest eight years of our lives.  I have chosen the following images to represent their legacy – any student of situational awareness should have no difficulty identifying the content and context of each one.  Please comment if anything in particular resonates with you.  Thanks for reading and may you have an awesome 2017!










Fighting Fake News & Purple People Eaters


It seems that the corporate media elite powers-that-be have their panties in a wad over “fake news“.  This is richly ironic and deserves a pause for further consideration.

By this point in America’s history, we are all certainly aware that our “mainstream media” – a term used to signify those media mouthpieces which have earned the approval, acceptance, and even cooperation of the government, the business sector, and various Progressive social movements – is not working for We The People.  In fact, our own government has been caught time and again using the media to achieve its own policy objectives.  And now they are doing it again by labeling literally everything that comes from a source other than the approved (controlled) media “fake news”.

Why is this important and why am I blogging about it?


Hillary Clinton lost in an upset that nobody in the mainstream media saw coming.  You could call 11/8/16 the decisive day in the “Trump Revolution” (a revolution that will change everything and one in which I am proud to say I had a part).


Hillary has only appeared in public twice since November 8th.  Both times she was dressed in purple.


Purple is the chosen color of this counter-revolution.  The mastermind of this counter-revolution, George Soros, is a notorious anti-Russian.  To him, Russia is the source of all evil in the world.  Obama just ordered the CIA to investigate and report on Russian meddling in the election.  And he wants this report on his desk by January 19th.

Admittedly, that is a lot to digest so take a moment to let it sink in.

Am I saying that the results of the election will be invalidated and overturned by the current administration?  Perhaps, although I doubt this could be accomplished without the assistance of the Supreme Court (good thing that creep Scalia ain’t around any more, huh?)  A slightly greater panic overcomes me when I ponder next week’s Electoral College vote.  I wouldn’t put anything past these Purple People Eaters.


Let’s not lose sight of why “fake news” is even a thing: “Pizzagate“.  If you’ve been living under a rock for the last three months, here’s a primer:

The gmail account of Hillary’s Chief of Staff John Podesta was hacked and posted on wikileaks (don’t worry about who hacked it or why, that is not as important as what was in the emails).  The emails reveal numerous references to “pizza” including this particularly cryptic reference to a map on a handkerchief.  Some enterprising person dug a little deeper into the inner circle of Clinton-Podesta DC social life and hit on a guy who owns a pizza restaurant.  There is plenty of weird art by sex-crime victims on the walls and an unexplained room in the back where cell phone usage isn’t allowed.


One Podesta led to another and finally to a Yugoslavian “artist” whose performances include Crowleyesque magick rituals called “spirit cooking” (yes, that is Lady Gaga on the left above and that is a spoon that the “artist” is holding…what for?  for slurping up the blood of course!There are also rich Clinton friends with popular private islands and jets that whisk the powerful to hedonistic pleasure palaces.


Bottom line: if it wasn’t for “fake news”, we would have no idea how completely infested Washington DC is with pedophiles, perverts, and Satanists.  And have no doubt, our government is full of evil creatures who cannot keep their hands (and other parts) off of (or out of) innocent children.  Take a moment and read this list if you still think I’m kidding.

Where do we go from here?

First, abandon all mainstream media.  Get rid of cable, cancel your newsmagazine subscriptions, and stop reading newspapers.  You should have done most or all of this years ago.

Next, question anyone who tells you a story is not valid because it is “fake news”NPR sympathetically interviewed the man at the center of PizzaGate and didn’t ask him one single question about the truthfulness of the allegations.  This is typical of how the mainstream media is handling the scandal: with kid gloves and a lot of condescension.  Ask yourself “Who are they trying to protect?” and “Who benefits?”  Assume that they are operating from a playbook and that, as part of the media establishment, they are bought, paid for, and totally owned.  They do not speak for us they speak to us with orders on what to think and what to believe.  They exist to perpetuate lies, misinform, distract, and misdirect.  The more you watch the “real news”, the more confused you will get.  This is by design.  Eventually, as your cognitive dissonance spawns a painful headache, you will give up and move on to something else like Dancing With The Stars or sportsball.  This is also by design.  An ignorant and uninformed populace is easier to manipulate and exploit than one exploding with righteous outrage over their leaders’ secret devotion to Moloch.

Stay tuned because there is much more to this than we are being allowed to see right now…

Our One-Sided Race War


If you are like most folks in this once-great country of ours, you probably think of one thing first when you hear the phrase “racially motivated violence”: the all-too-familiar image of a cop (usually white) shooting a black male (usually young).  This is by design.  “Whites kill blacks.  Evil whites kill blacks.  Evil whites kill innocent blacks.  Evil whites kill innocent blacks daily and nobody is doing anything about it.”  Again and again it is drummed into our consciousness until we almost believe it.  But is it reality?


If you peel back a few layers of The Matrix that the (((media establishment))) has created and maintains with tireless diligence, you can find some surprising – and shocking – examples of truly racially motivated violence.  And not just simple pistol shootings either.  I’m talking about dismemberments, gang rapes, kidnappings, stabbings, feeding to alligators, and gasoline-soaked immolations (but not necessarily in that order).  And the victims aren’t the same virile young men (who invariably were “good boys” who “didn’t do nuthin’“) described in the infotainment delivery hypnotic-electronic trance state machinery I described above – they are typically elderly, young women, and sometimes even children.  Sounds to me like the spirit of Nat Turner has returned and is stalking the land in search of the weakest and most defenseless whites upon which to prey.


Nat Motherfucking Turner.

That’s my rhyme and I’m sticking to it.  Nat Turner was a mass-murderer who is deified in a film that was released today.  I’ll let you research Nat’s murder spree on your own.  Suffice it to say he was a bad man.  And, in 2016, he is a hero to many.  Why?  Because he killed evil white slave-owning devils…and their wives…and children…in their beds…with an axe.

Today’s blacks aren’t nearly so righteously violent as ol’ Nat Turner.  Today’s blacks seem to prefer a bit of debasement with their bloodshed.  They want you to feel it, suffer for your privilege, and then go up in a cloud of smoke.  Here are just a few recent examples, please take the time to respect and remember each victim:

Dorothy Dow, 83, beaten and burned alive.

Gene Emory Dacus, an 85 year old Korean War vet. Beaten and burned alive.

Paul Monchnick, 91. Burned alive.

Martha Schell, 100, died after being brutally raped by a burglar.

Brittanee Drexel, 17, kidnapped, repeatedly raped, shot, and then fed to alligators.

Bottom line: the Black Lives Matter narrative has it backwards.  Blacks are simply not being slaughtered by whites in some kind of bizarre “race war”.  But it sure seems like there are a lot of white folks being killed by blacks, and in gruesome and cruel ways too.  So how can this be a “race war” when only one side is fighting?

Since there are more than five whites for every black in this country, Nat Turner’s followers have their work cut out for them.  I guess we are just being polite white folks by letting them have a head start.

Taco Trucks On Every Corner


I have to start with this confession: I love getting lunch from a food truck.  Everything about the experience appeals to me: it’s cheap, quick, convenient, and healthier than your average fast food chain.  Also, I am supporting small businesses this way.  And some of my all-time favorite food trucks have been Mexican.  As in “Taco Trucks”.


This cheerful fellow is a pro-Trump Hispanic.  Yesterday he threatened that there would be a “taco truck on every corner” if Hillary wins in November.  Much hilarity ensued when he was asked to explain how so many taco trucks would be a bad thing.  Although I’m not Hispanic, I feel qualified, through many years of taco truck experience as well as a recent “awakening” to my own Alt-Right* political viewpoint, to interpret for the guy.


Here goes…

Hillary is soft on immigration – or whatever the opposite of “hard” is (“weak”?  “flaccid”?  “cuck“?)  In fact, she thinks we need as many refugees, rapists, terrorists, and killers as we can possibly allow to swarm across our borders.  Because diversity and feels.  And because brown people, poor people, and low-intelligence people vote Democrat (this is by design).  So, the easiest mental image for a Hispanic to “scare” us white folks with is swarms of filthy taco trucks as far as the eye can see.  Of course, he could’ve said “Thousands of cheap day laborers waiting outside every Home Depot in the country”.  Or perhaps “Landscaping crews on every lawn in the nation”.  Or maybe “Round-the-clock housekeeping in every hotel, motel, and B&B in America.”  Whatever.  They are all the same thing.  More Mexicans means more of what Mexicans have to offer.

This begs two questions:

  1. Do we really need more cheap Mexican service-industry labor?  and…
  2. How do the millions of Mexicans that are already here feel about that?

Trump has doubled down on his anti-immigration stance and I think this is a brilliant move since it is, by far, the strongest card in his hand.  He has zero political or foreign policy experience, is a loud-mouthed hot head, and scares the bejeezus out of women, minorities, and effeminate men.  But he is right on target when it comes to securing our borders, refusing more refugees from the cradles of Islamic terrorism, and kicking out the 11 million who broke the law by sneaking into the country when nobody was watching.


Bottom line: Tacos from a truck are delicious but I’d get bored if I had to eat them every day.  I need some diversity – Greek, Italian, American, or Korean – when I hit the food trucks for my lunch.  Are you feeling me Pepe?













*Alt-Right is the hip new label for what used to be called “Paleo-Conservative”, “Reactionary/Traditionalist”, “Anti-Immigrationist”, “Nationalist/Anti-Globalist”, and “White/European Cultural Preservationist”.  If you are reading (and enjoying) this blog, there is a very high probability you are Alt-Right too.  Tell me about it in the comments below.  Gracias!