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A Christmas Message For The Slaves

A Christmas Message For The Slaves

It was nice of Ed to take a moment out of his busy schedule of demolishing the Surveillance State to give us slaves a heartfelt Christmas greeting. Please take a moment out of your busy day of celebrating our annual orgy of consumerism and gluttony to watch it.


Metadata = Spying


Behold the face of tyranny.

I just watched Stewart Baker defend metadata collection on The Independents. Well, he tried to defend it. Turns out it’s all a lie, and the young Libertarian hosts of the show called him out on it. In Stewart’s world, if we make the NSA stop collecting metadata, we face another 9/11. Dick Cheney woulda been proud of the booga-booga Stew was slinging.

“Metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life, if you have enough metadata you don’t really need content.” – Stewart Baker

Either you are for my privacy or you are the enemy of my Constitution, and by extension, my enemy as well.

Which is it?

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile

As we hurtle toward our collective Murkan doom, it is good to pause for a chuckle. O’Care’s totally misguided “Pajama Boy” meme will neither encourage me to sign up for “health care” any faster than I would otherwise (@ <0mph) nor will it shake my ironclad conviction that we are totally screwed.

Gerbil Boy

So why not enjoy the ride and have a laugh? Yuckfests like this don’t come around very often.


Oh, and while pajama boy was tearing it up, rednecks were getting fired for having uncool opinions. Since when did anybody expect rednecks to say hip PC things? Of course, the right glasses can fix everything!

Josie Talks Guns

The lovely Josie Outlaw explains guns in 13 minutes and nails it.


Speaking of arming yourself, what’s holding you back? Or would you rather all the “good men” remain defenseless? Remember, when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away (and they’re just gonna shoot the dog anyways).

Merry Crisis!

Merry Crisis!

Meet Ryan Lizza, American Hero

The 2008 New Yorker Festival - The Campaign Trail

I don’t normally go for journalists. Most are sycophants and hagiographers, or, at worst, cheerleaders for the progressivist status quo. Not Ryan Lizza. I read his newest piece in the New Yorker today and it educated me more than anything I’ve read – from any source up to this point – describing our out-of-control Surveillance State and how it came to be.


I know I’m asking a lot when I drop a 13-page article in your lap expecting you to dive in with gusto. Many of you will turn your noses up since you have been conditioned to be instantly skeptical of anything you read in the press. But that would be a tragic loss for you. I’ve followed national security issues very closely since 9/11 and few journalists have packed so much accuracy and revelation into one piece as Lizza has. I am telling you now, without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever, that the story, as it is told in this article, is more complete and more damning of the “Imperial Executive Branch” of our Federal system than anything you or I have ever been told or given to read for ourselves. This is also, for understandable reasons, a version of the truth that is kept from government employees. Ironically enough, I was given a copy of this article by one such government employee this very morning! And that, to me, is the brightest glimmer of hope I’ve glimpsed in a long, long time.

Please read it! You cannot go on pretending to understand the extent of this crisis until you have at least given Ryan Lizza’s piece of monumentally courageous journalism a chance.

Meet Master Bateman


Look at this guy’s face. See that smug look of superiority? His name is Bob Bateman and he’s a douchebag.

Bob thinks guns are scary and bad and that we shouldn’t have them. He even wrote Esquire magazine (Esquire??!! What aging frat boy still reads that rag?) to voice his “concerns” about gun violence. Disarming the citizens is great if you’re a DHS/FEMA/TSA/LEO jackbooted blackclad tactical Timmy ninja warrior who’s itching to kick in some more doors and just hates it whenever the occupant shoots back in self-defense. Apparently, it’s also great if you’re a mid-grade career Army officer with a career that needs a kick in the pants. “Hey Barry! You know all those Generals you’ve been firing? I’d LOVE one of their jobs!


Read this rib-tickling smackdown of Bob’s “superior” wisdom and be cheered. The guys on Bob’s side are not going to do too well against the guys on our side when it all goes down.

What, ME Worry?


Since it appears all but certain now that I am totally surrounded by empty-headed Murkans that can’t be bothered about all the creepy stuff that’s out there trying to maim, poison, imprison, terrorize, or kill us; I have decided to call it quits.

I have failed to convince even the less stupid people I know that we have a big, big problem on our hands. Like Alfred E. Neuman, you all just want to stick your heads back in the sand (or in the TV, or -more likely- in your damn “smart” phones) and proceed in blissful ignorance.


And you know what? That’s fine with me! I can do “fat, dumb, and happy” just as good as the next guy.


Everything’s going to be just fine. Prepping is for paranoid suckers with more money than brains. Those preppers are all just closet hippies anyways…probably dope smokers too. Why else would they need all that privacy?


Now pass me those pop tarts and give me that remote. I need to tweet me some peeps!

Josie Brings It Again

I think I’m in love…

There’s Nothing “Smart” About Your Cell Phone!

And people laugh at me when I tell them my battery is never in my cell phone unless I’m making a call (i.e. less than 0.1% of the time and never while I’m in motion or out of my normal AO).


My “dumb” phone is a “freebie” flip phone and I’ll smash that sucker to bits and toss it in the bushes in a heartbeat if I need to disappear.

“Now why would you need to “disappear” Kirk?” I can hear you asking. Well, the simple fact you’re asking me that is proof you’re not reading this blog closely enough.

It’s called OPSEC people. One day you’ll wish you had studied up on it a bit more.