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Collapsitarian Gear Geek Part I

Every discussion I have about prepping invariably results in lengthy monologues (by me) about one of two things: books and gear. If you want some reading recommendations, here’s the list

If you want to talk gear, you’ve come to the right place!

The first thing all prep-minded people need is a quality water filtration system. I don’t care how many closets of canned food you’ve got or how many rounds of ammo you’ve cached, without a reliable supply of clean water, you’re a goner within a week. I dropped about $200 on a Big Berkey a few years ago and never looked back. I’m sure you could spend less and maybe even rig up something for free using everyday components you found lying around the house. But it wouldn’t give you the peace of mind that this mother-of-all-water filters gives you. Want reliability? How about this: it’s made of stainless steel and the filters will last just about forever. Get one already and stop fooling around.

And what about those stacks of canned food? How do you plan to open them, one at a time, without ripping your fingers off? I know you’ve probably got a P-38 on your key chain and you’re thinking you’re good-to-go for the apocalypse. But have you ever opened, say, a dozen #2 cans at once (or about enough to feed a family) with that little gadget? I didn’t think so. Just get an Amco Swing-A-Way and be done with it.*

Bet you thought I was going to talk about guns or some sort of “tactical” equipment in this post, huh? Sorry, but that stuff’s already been covered. Let’s think sustainable now for a second. What is a great weapon to kill/injure at distance which fires reusable ammo and makes virtually no noise? The Saunders “wrist rocket” folding slingshot. Another great thing about a “wrist rocket” type slingshot is that you can “fire” just about any small, hard, semi-circular object with it. Practicing until you’re good enough to take down birds and other small prey is free and tons of fun. So get started!

Almost as quiet, fun, and sustainable is an inexpensive air rifle from Crosman or Daisy. No, it won’t take down a 6′ 200lb intruder with a single shot but it will let you practice basic marksmanship in your own back yard without pissing off the neighbors. Do yourself a favor and skip the air pistols. Only with an air rifle can you achieve the higher velocities necessary to make the .177cal lead pellet a deadly projectile. Oh, and you can skip the CO2 cartridge-based air guns too. Sooner or later, you’re going to run out of cartridges and I’ll still be shooting with my lever-pump air rifle. Any grown man who doesn’t have a few BB guns in the house is missing out on hours of quality “play”.

All the above stuff is cool, neat, and could possibly save your life. At the very least, it will make things a little less painful for you after the collapse. So how about something that is absolutely essential? Footwear is nearly as personal a topic among preppers as firearms or knives, but one thing’s sure: you can never have “too much boot.” In a grid-down, SHTF scenario, we will all be spending much, much more time on our feet and our conventional every day shoes will quickly disintegrate leaving us shoeless – a really crappy place to be. So think carefully and find some quality boots. You may already have a pair. If so, break them in. Waterproof them. And keep them handy. You will need them, and very soon too. Here’s my choice. They are light, durable, breathe well and didn’t cost me a small fortune. May you have as much luck finding your “Doomsday Boots”!

*full disclosure: I haven’t owned or used an electric can opener in almost a decade (which, I think, makes me somewhat of a subject-matter expert on the manual kind).