Monthly Archives: June 2014

Blending In And Spotting “Them”

It’s June (finally) and you know what that means: time to do some serious gardening! Compared to last year, we have more beds filled with a larger variety of plants. Also, since the winter was harder and Spring was slightly late, we have had an extra week or two to prepare for Summer here on the farm.

In addition, we’ve doubled our strawberry plots since last year, put in more blueberries, and added blackberries. Plus our fruit trees that we put in last year look like they will give fruit this year. Next up is a dedicated chicken run for our laying hens so we can stop chasing them around the yard.

So while I don my farmer’s hat and head out to till the earth, let me leave you to refresh a couple of essential OPSEC principles.

First and foremost is blend in. Don’t stand out and you won’t get noticed. When you prep, prep as if your entire neighborhood is watching you. Why? Because they probably are!

Second is be careful who you talk to. This is particularly important if you are a member of a patriot organization. Since the showdown at the Bundy Ranch, the regime’s goon squads are getting itchy for a rematch. It is safe to assume they have penetrated every militia, every prepper co-op, and every gun rights group in the country. Action – in the form of another Ruby Ridge or another Waco – will come soon after the mid-term elections, or by next Spring at the latest.

In the meantime, keep working on your preps and your garden. Oh, what’s that you say? You don’t have a garden? So sorry!


The ABCs of MREs

Few things satisfy like a “Meal Ready To Eat” or “MRE“. OK, let me rephrase: few things satisfy after a sweaty 20-mile hump under a loaded ruck like an MRE.

So maybe you’re like most adventurous outdoorsy prepper types and have eaten a few “Mister E’s” (get it?), but do you know everything there is to know about the shelf life, proper storage, and safe use of MRE’s?

Knowledge is here.