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Where’s The Outrage?

I certainly don’t expect any outrage from my fellow Murkans. They’re too busy getting ready for the Super Bowl to care about creeping tyranny.


But a few people I admire are plenty outraged. Some have even taken action.

The first step is admitting there’s a problem. Otherwise, just move along folks and get back to your shopping. There’s nothing to see here!


Surrounded By Idiots Part III

Sometimes you just gotta dig a hole. But keep one eye on your neighbors – they might not be as friendly as they appear!

Surrounded By Idiots Part II

Greg Gutfeld is a tool. Mark Manfield beat me to it so just go ahead and read his critique of Gutfeld’s shamelessly statist monologue.


The collapse has begun and last week may have been the tipping point.


If Murkans take to the streets like they have in the Ukraine, then suddenly it will all become clear to you why they want your guns and your metadatain advance.

Surrounded By Idiots Part I

Here they come, the brainless power-drunk gun-grabbers! This DeLeon fool has absolutely no idea what he’s doing (the cop behind him knows it too).


They want your “ghost guns” kids!

What I find very interesting about yesterday’s mall shooting in Columbia, Maryland is that it occurred less than 24 hours after that state’s legislators began debate on a new law that would enact a 50% tax on all ammunition and firearms (what few guns are left for legal purchase after last year’s ban went into effect).

Surely you don’t think any of this is a coincidence, do you?

His Honor Weighs In

If you still think the surveillance state is a good thing, congratulations! You’re in the minority (along with poor blind and misguided folks who think Congress is doing a great job and Dear Leader is the best President ever.) Enjoy that company!

Face it, either you’re for the 4th Amendment or you’re against it. And if you’re against my Constitution, you’re the enemy that I and millions like me have sworn an oath to defeat. Hope you’re ready for that…

The Quiet Sun


I’m embarrassed. Two years ago I hyped a coronal mass ejection as a major threat to civilization. Here we are at the peak of an 11-year solar activity cycle and nothing…is…happening.

So which is worse? Getting blasted by streams of charged plasma burping out from an angry sun? Or living on a planet that is slipping slowly into a new mini ice age?

This BBC news video explains it well. Worst case scenario is some unholy mash-up of Global Warming wreaking havoc on the climate and a new Maunder Minimum. Somehow, I doubt these phenomena will cancel each other out. So dress warm and take an umbrella. It’s going to get weird out there!

Where Are The Patriots?

Where Are The Patriots?

Samuel Whittmore is my personal hero. Read his epitaph for yourself. He took out three Redcoats on the very first day of the Revolution and then fell on the field of battle. An 80 year old patriot sacrificing himself for his country. Think about that for a minute.

The best part? He lived for another 18 years!

The Face Of A Regime Shill


Take a good look at this hideous mug. The she-witch before you is a so-called “journalist” known as Ruth Marcus and she really doesn’t like Ed Snowden’s attitude. In fact, she believes Ed is afflicted with a personality disorder. Sounds like an ad hominem to me. “Insufferable”? Really Ruth? Is that the best you can do?

Glenn Greenwald roasts Ruth on a spit in this nice little interview. The points raised are good ones. I particularly enjoyed the mention of Daniel Ellsberg because he’s who Snowden is rhyming with the best (in the grander historical sense).

I hereby add another prediction to my list: Snowden will return in 2014. Why he left the country in the first place is none of my business but it’s pretty easy to figure out. Let’s just add up some facts: a) the Whistleblower Protection Act doesn’t apply to contractors; b) Bradley (“Chelsea”) Manning was tortured and then sent to rot in a Murkan gulag for sticking around and “facing the music”; c) Dear Leader has shown a fondness for extra-judicially assassinating US citizens who step out of line. Does any of that move you a bit closer to sympathy? OK, maybe not. A few of you have told me you want to see Snowden dead (which makes you simpatico with Dear Leader and his heinous gang of regime thugs – congratulations!). I think Snowden will be treated like the hero he is once all the truth comes out and Murkans wake up to this regime’s tyranny. I think amnesty is the right call here, not assassination. And some fairly important folks agree with me.


Ellsberg is practically a saint and the poster boy of whistle blowers everywhere. Snowden will be too, in time.

Bateman Is At It Again

Bateman Is At It Again

Remember that jackass Bateman? Well, he’s doing it again. Braying long and loud about all those bad guns in Murka and why they need to be gathered up pronto…for our own good.


This guy is an idiot and should be formally reprimanded by his chain of command for using his rank and uniform in a political setting. Also, a swift kick in the ass might be called for too. Here’s a good shot at the man’s backside.


I can’t help but think that statist sycophants in uniform (and there are more than a few, trust me!) are itching for that “domestic operation” (under DHS control of course) that will simultaneously boost their careers while tidying up the country of all those pesky “patriot” types and other “domestic terrorists” like you and me.


Gee, ya think it’s safe to assume that Bateman is not an Oathkeeper? It’s also quite obvious from reading his latest piece in Esquire that Bateman has never heard of another country (yes Bob, there ARE more than two!) where there is an assault rifle in every home and it’s one of the safest places on Earth. Bateman can pack his bags for his beloved Uttar Pradesh (bon voyage Bob!) but I’ll take Murka (or Switzerland) any day.

Go here for your best defense against tyrannical do-gooders like Bateman and his ilk. Membership isn’t cheap but it sure feels good.

Resolutions, Declarations, and Predictions


Happy New Year! It is my sincere wish that you enjoy a happy, safe, and healthy 2014. You may have made some resolutions for the coming year, if not, here’s some inspiration.\


I’m not one for resolutions myself. Declarations are nice and set you up for failure much less than a bunch of high-minded resolutions. But, all things considered, I’d rather make predictions because they’re more fun. One year ago, I made some pretty big ones. The original point of this blog was pointing out “rhymes” in history and guessing when the next one would arrive, so get used to my first post of the new year being just like this one every year from now on (if we make it that far).

Looking back, I’d give myself a grade of “B-” on my guess of a return to a mid-90s Clinton-era regime of severe crack downs on Second Amendment rights in 2013. The nation-wide gun-grab never occurred, but many states severely restricted the citizens’ right to self defense in 2013.


What nobody could’ve predicted was the tsunami of collapse accelerants that slammed us one after the other in 2013: a bizarre “terrorist attack” in Boston that provided a handy opportunity for the local authorities to practice the lock-down skills that will be needed to implement the coming martial law; revelations of mass surveillance and the sloppy attempts at damage control by the powers that be; admissions that the entire Pacific is now contaminated with radiation from Fukushima; a federal government so mismanaged, divided, and ill-led that it had to shut down for weeks; an innocent woman gunned down by hyper-militarized cops in the nation’s capital for making a wrong turn; a mandatory national medical insurance plan that was launched in the most spectacular display of government ineptitude in history; and the ongoing purge of high ranking officers in the military in advance of a long-rumored domestic operation that will respond to a manufactured crisis.

When I look back at everything that went down in 2013, I am tempted to predict more of the same for 2014. So let’s go for it:

1. The Sochi Olympics are going to be a disaster. The recent bombings in Volgograd were just a warm-up for the least successfully hosted Olympics since 1980.

2. The White House will decline to implement any of the more meaningful recommendations made by the President’s blue ribbon panel on the NSA’s business practices. Standby for a whitewash even as more revelations emerge about the pervasiveness of the surveillance state.

3. China will continue to challenge US hegemony in the Pacific.

4. Countries will continue to drop the dollar as a reserve currency. This will set up a window of opportunity for international bankers and their stooges to engineer a false flag event (possibly cyber related) to encourage an invasion and a war on a foreign nation, perhaps in the Middle East or Central Asia (but not necessarily).

5. I will continue to prepare. More skills, more tools, more supplies, more ammo, more knowledge. I accomplished all of my goals in 2013 (fenced in the entire yard, got a generator, and bought a reliable truck) and made a few achievements I didn’t even know I needed to. For 2014 I only have one mission: personal emancipation. We don’t all have to be slaves for our whole lives. I want to rely on no one person, company, bank, technology, or gadget to live my life to its fullest. Therefore, I shall strive to avoid those things that enslave me (debts, habits, fears, gadgets) and embrace those things that will make me free (independence in all areas of life, total sustainability, and self-sufficiency).

Who’s with me?