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Escape? From What? To What?


Well folks, tomorrow is August.  That month of dog days that squats astride Summer like a big sweaty fat dude.  In fact, that’s exactly what August is: a big sweaty fat month.  It’s also vacation time.  The time when entire European countries shut down so that their overworked masses can escape the drudgery of living in a socialist worker’s paradise and achieve some kind of temporary sun-drenched bliss on an island in the Mediterranean.


For Americans, this time of the Summer used to mean one thing: the classic family vacation…in your Dad’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster…packed full of crap…with you in back trying to ignore your little sister who just wouldn’t stay on her side of the seat.  Kids: “Are we there yet?”  Dad: “Don’t make me stop this car!”  We’ve all been there and survived that.  Was it fun?  Not exactly, but it probably did – like all things that fail to kill us – make us tougher.  Where did we go on those brutally endless vacations?  To some overcrowded, overpriced and overrated theme park?  (yay!)  Grandma’s house?  (boo!)  The beach?  Who cares?  We were getting out of the house.  That was all that seemed to matter.

The essence of a vacation is the act of escape.  And, just as in a prison break, the destination is immaterial.  The entire point is to vacate your current location.

But why do we all need to escape/vacate?  Are our surroundings really that miserable and dull?  Did we suddenly discover that we are trapped in some gigantic Matrix of electronic overstimulation, intellectual starvation, and mass media-driven distraction?

I’ll let you answer that for yourself.


I lived in Hawaii for nine years as an adult after living literally right on the beach (east of A1A if you know your FLA) for nearly half of my childhood.  That was more than enough beach for one life thanks (I’m still digging the sand out of the crack of my ass).  When I recently lived in the Mid-Atlantic, folks were constantly asking/pestering me about my total disinterest in that jewel of the Delmarva coast Ocean City (the one East Coast destination I am proud to have avoided).  My response “You call that a beach??!!!”

I live on my own mountain now so I kind of get the whole need-to-escape thing.  But what I never really understood was the appeal of the annual Summer vacation.  You do know you’ve got to go back to that hell when this is over, right?  And are vacations ever really worth all the stress, expense, and hassle?  Newlyweds should take a royal one (aka a “honeymoon”) to some place truly exotic right after the wedding.  Make it so special that it gets vacations out of your system for the remainder of your life.  It worked for me.  Alternately, choose a career that requires frequent travel and relocation.  This is guaranteed to beat that love of travel and “adventure” right out of you for good.  How do I know?  Because all of my fellow retirees who completed a full career in the military are, to a man, 100% homebodies.

Bottom line: vacations are almost always a drag.  They over promise and underwhelm.  And if you really find yourself needing an escape, perhaps what you really need is to reconsider that prison you are living in.

So, yeah, I just outed myself as anti-vacation.  Add that to my recently-revealed anti-holiday stance and I’ve now grown into some kind of ornery old crank.


As preppers, we should ask ourselves “Can I do something prepperish and have it masquerade as a vacation?”  Maybe, take a week off to scout out good bug-out locations in a nearby mountain range or National Forest.  Drive back roads the whole way.  Behave the whole time as if you’ll never see (or need) civilization again.

Just a thought.

Better yet: don’t go anywhere at all.  If you love your location and your current situation, you certainly shouldn’t feel any need to escape from it.  So have a staycation instead.  (<That’s a good link there, you’d better take a few minutes to check it out before proceeding)

I’ve blogged before about the joy of doing nothing.  Why not do nothing for an extended period of time, say a week, a month, or even a year?  And then, if anyone asks, you can say you had the best vacation of your life.  Works for me!


“Sorry folks, the park’s closed.  The moose out front should’ve told you.”

The Lonely Prepper

Most of us, unfortunately, live in a society where instant gratification is king, where everything is bought on credit, and consequences-be-damned is the status quo.  We preppers fight these – and many other – prevailing tendencies on a daily basis as we move among and interact with Chad & Stacey Normie (who live packed like sardines in a hellishly conformist bedroom community very much like the one pictured above).

Honest question: do we really care what happens to Chad & Stacey after the SHTF?

Honest answer: that depends (but ultimately we probably should care very little, if at all).

There was a very thought-provoking piece on American Partisan recently about this Big Question. Click the link and take a minute to read the whole thing. Don’t skip the comments!

There, on one page, is a concise distillation of the hardest parts of being a prepper. Some preppers stress about quantity: “Do I have enough?” Others worry more about quality: “Did I go too cheap on my AR? My flashlight? My EDC folder?” But the scenario I fear more than anything isn’t running out (it will happen), or things breaking (it will happen), but people you know (and possibly care about) showing up at the door of your bug out location/doomsday retreat with empty bellies and empty hands.

What will you do?


I think the author of that AP post nailed what it means to be hardhearted. When survival is on the line, you absolutely positively have to be able to say “No!”  And saying “no” requires courage…and leadership.  And leadership can be a very lonely thing.

But before it ever comes to that let’s ponder what it means to be a leader in a post-collapse world.

A leader has influence.

Have you ever convinced someone to buy a certain caliber firearm, “strategically relocate” to a different state, begin prepping, or collect silver/gold just by talking to them? If so, you might be a leader.

A leader sets the example.

Are you the most prepared person you know?  The one with the broadest skill set, the deepest ammo pile, and the best-stocked pantry?  Then you could be a leader.

A leader constantly improves and trains.

Do you do more PT than any other civilian your age that you know?  Do you get more range time?  Do you read more?  If not, then you know what you need to do…


Bottom line: We will need leaders to help us survive what is coming.

Be one.

Start today.


(More) Shooting Practice

Alright sports fans, I promised you another shooting session and here it is. A few weeks ago, I shot a bunch of guns from 15 yards and posted the results. Sharing the crappy results with you was supposed to motivate me to shoot more and improve my skills. Let’s see if that worked.

Today the weather at the range was almost identical to last time: 78 degrees, 47% humidity, and a 3 mph breeze on my back. I shot all the same guns, the same ammo, and at the same targets. The only variable I tweaked was the distance. This time, I shot – offhand – from 7 yards. I shot clean guns without any warm up or fouling shots. I gave myself ten rounds (of regular ball ammo) for each gun and tried to make them all count.

The most striking difference in halving your range to a target is how your groups tighten up. I’m still not a great pistol shooter but at 7 yards I kept all my groups to under 3 inches and got everything on paper (most shots were in the black). At a shorter range I was able to focus more on my grip, my trigger squeeze, and my breathing. The results speak for themselves…

My Browning Buckmark .22LR autoloader shot well but not like a laser. This is a sloppy three inch group for 7 yards but it was the first gun I touched today so I was fairly shaky. Still, I scored 90 points (an all-time) high for me on these targets.  I “double-holed” two of the shots in case you were wondering where all ten went…

I was calmed down and a bit steadier by the time I picked up my Taurus Model 85 .38SPL snubbie. This gun should excel at ~20 feet. And today it did. I scored 83 points in this decent 3″ group (a major improvement over how this gun shot at 15 yards).

I was getting in the groove by the time I picked up my Taurus PT111 9mm. Last time I shot this pistol, I was all over the place. Did cutting the range in half help my grouping? Without a doubt it did. If you count that shot at 6 o’clock as a “flyer” (I don’t), this was my tightest pistol group of the day at 2.75″. If you don’t call it a flyer, my group stretches to an abysmal 4″. Still, I scored 86 points and felt very confident shooting my newest handgun.

My Glock 21 is always a smooth shooter and it shot like a dream at 7 yards. 88 points and a 3.5″ group. I know I can do better but keep in mind this was shooting offhand from a sort-of-Weaver stance at under one round a second. I don’t see any point in leisurely pistol shooting. When that day comes that you need to draw and fire your pistol, you won’t get more than a second or two to do the most damage you possibly can. Therefore, the best way to practice pistol shooting is quickly – singles, doubles, triples, it doesn’t matter – just dump your mag as quickly as possible while keeping a good sight picture and avoiding flinch and trigger slap. .45ACP is a large enough caliber that a group like this on center mass will put anything down…for good.

Done with the pistols, I loaded ten rounds in a 30 round mag, slapped it in my DPMS AR, and proceeded to rapid-fire the whole shebang…from 7 yards. A true pro would’ve only made one small hole. I’m no pro, so I’ll have to settle for this 2″ group. It’s interesting how an AR zeroed at 50 yards shoots this low at 7.  In fact, at this range, you can almost measure the offset of the optic used above the barrel axis.  In my AR’s case, the center of the optic is about 2″ above the the barrel.  The good news is that my group is almost perfectly centered, at 50 yards this group would blow the red right out of this target.

Also interesting is how the shot cups in 12 gauge 00 buck shells make bigger holes in a target at 7 yards than the pellets do. I’ve noticed this effect before and always marvel at how much damage a plastic “flower” can make at short ranges. Compare/contrast this pattern with the pattern I shot at 15 yards. It still looks like a pistol shot this but I only had to pull the trigger twice instead of ten times.

Any questions, potshots, or snarky jokes? Please leave a comment. Until then, happy shooting!

Shooting Practice


Proficiency with firearms isn’t just a necessary life skill but it’s also a fun hobby. Some play golf or go bowling. Me? I like to blast at stuff in my backyard.

One of the perks of my new location here on the mountain is an infinite back stop. Basically, I can shoot in any direction in any caliber at any time and not risk hitting things I don’t mean to shoot (like people, cars, houses, etc).

I finished my chores and projects early today and rewarded my self with a little bit of shooting. Usually when I shoot, I pick one gun or caliber and hone my skills in a focused manner because it’s easier to get better when you work at it one tool at a time. Today I switched it up and fired 10 shots each out of six different guns at six identical targets over the span of about a half hour. I wanted to see which I was best at right now.

It’s been many months since I’ve shot a gun seriously (at a fixed distance and using a standard target). Most of my recreational shooting is just casual plinking at cans.  But since today was my first attempt at serious “range time” in a long time, I bravely decided to document the results for all to see, mock, and laugh at.  Enjoy!

It was 77 degrees this afternoon with 46% humidity and a 3mph light breeze from “downhill” (almost ideal shooting weather).  I was standing shooting off-hand at 15 yards (unless otherwise specified) on the level (neither uphill nor downhill) at Birchwood-Casey “Eze-Scorer” targets (8″ x 8″) stapled to a sheet of plywood on a 4 foot tall post.

First up was my Browning Buckmark semi-auto pistol in .22LR (“Camper URX” model in stainless finish with the 5.5″ bull barrel).  I’ve owned this gun for almost a decade and have put many rounds through it.  It is accurate and I feel I can shoot it well.


I had one flyer (lower right) but I’m going to blame that on the fact that the gun was clean (all of my guns were today) plus I was shooting no-name bulk lead round-nose ammo (not known for its accuracy).  With 10 shots out of 10 on the paper and 9 scoring a total of 74 pts, this is about as good of shooting as I could’ve hoped for as rusty (and shaky) as I was today.  Not counting the lone flyer, my group measured 3.75″ and this gun shot the day’s best three bulleyes.


Next up was my Taurus model 85 revolver chambered in .38 Special.  I’ve owned this gun for less than one year and it is my first wheel gun.  It also has the shortest barrel of any gun I own (I call it my “snubbie”).  To offset these handicaps and to maximize my accuracy with this notoriously inaccurate gun, I fired all ten shots single-action (with the hammer cocked).  Ammo was PMC Bronze FMJ “ball” training ammo (regular load,  non-“+P”). Not surprisingly, I had three flyers.  But the 7 shots I did get on paper scored 51 pts.  This group measured 4.25″.  3 flyers out of 10 shots (30%) is a bit disturbing (this is a 5-shot pistol) so the tight group (for me) was reassuring.


I was slowly warming up as I moved up from smaller calibers to larger.  Time for everyone’s favorite: 9mm!  My Taurus PT-111 “Millennium” Generation 2 is my newest gun.  I’ve owned it for only a month or two and I’m still getting used to it.  I love its size, magazine capacity, and light weight so much that it has become my everyday carry gun.  I guess I better get good with it then huh?  Shooting American Eagle FMJ training ammo, I only had one flyer out of 10 shots and it’s literally touching the paper there at 4 o’clock so I hesitate to even call it a “flyer”.  A recently cleaned gun will do this until you’ve fired enough “fouling” rounds through it.  The trigger on this gun has a ridiculously long pull.  I’m positive that’s why I’m all over the place here.  But look at those two bullseyes!  I scored 51 pts with this rather large 7.25″ group.  More practice is definitely needed with this pistol.


We all have that one gun that we feel most comfortable with.  Usually it’s the one you’ve owned the longest and/or shot the most.  For me, it’s my Gen 3 Glock 21.  This pistol was a gift from my Dad and is the first “real” pistol I’ve ever owned (not counting that cheesy little Beretta Bobcat in .22Short I had when I was a kid).  I love everything about this Glock: the balance, the fit in my hand, the crisp trigger, and the way it “points” without even being consciously aimed.  It’s no surprise then that I shot my favorite pistol the best.  I shot 10 rounds of Federal FMJ “ball” training ammo and everything landed on the paper.  68 pts and a 5.5″ group out of a .45ACP duty pistol at 45 feet!  I’ll take it.  Love, love, love my Glock.


OK, that was enough pistol shooting for one day.  I wouldn’t say I “hate” shooting handguns but it’s a very difficult skill to master and maintain.  The older I get the harder it gets to hold a pistol steady, get a good sight picture, and squeeze off a good shot.  Give me a rifle any day.  Rifle shooting is a breeze by comparison, and few rifles are as fun or as accurate as the AR-15.  Mine is a lightly modified cheapy DPMS Panther Oracle.  It was my first AR and I’ve put thousands of rounds through it over the past decade so shooting it feels as comfortable as putting on an old pair of jeans.  This comfort shows up in the fact that, like the Glock 21, my AR shot no flyers today.  Pretty impressive for recently cleaned guns shooting mediocre bulk ammo.  For the AR, I moved back to 50 yards and shot from a rest (not a bag, just the railing on my deck).  Optic was a non-magnifying red-dot (which might need some re-zeroing).  Ammo was low-budget American Eagle 45-grain FMJ training stuff.  I got all 10 rounds on the paper and in a very nice 3.5″ group.  If you call that shot at 11 o’clock a flyer, my group tightens up to less than 3″.  Points scored totaled 74 (tying the Buckmark 22 for first place).  50 yards is pretty close for rifle shooting.  Maybe next time I’ll double that distance and see if I can maintain a 3″ group…


For giggles, I loaded up my Mossberg 500 12ga. shotgun.  Shotguns, while punishing to shoot often and train with, are perhaps the guns we should all strive to get the best with.  Here’s why: a shotgun is the gun you are mostly likely to use to put down a rabid dog, kill a varmint that’s been eating your chickens out behind the barn, or blast home invaders in the middle of the night.  If you are scared of shotguns, just shoot them more often!  If 12 gauge is too much kick, move down to a 20 gauge or even a .410.  Or just do what I do and use lighter/shorter 12 gauge loads.  As a prepper, homesteader, or self-defense enthusiast, the shotgun is your friend.  There is a huge variety of different size shells and load types from slugs to birdshot.  No other gun changes its character and usefulness so much just by using different ammo.  If I was forced to only own one gun it would be a shotgun.

That said, I’m not that great with my Mossberg.  Today I loaded two Herter’s 2.25″ “Mini-buck” shotshells.  Each one carries six double-aught pellets which roughly equals the firepower in a 12-round magazine of .380 or 9mm but unleashed in two shots versus a dozen.  In the photo above you can see what an open-choke shotgun does at 15 yards.  Only 8 of the 12 pellets landed on paper (four “flyers”).  If I was scoring this like a pistol, I’d give it 45 pts.  The grouping of the pellets that hit paper was a lousy 7.5″.  But if I hadn’t labelled the target, you’d have difficulty telling it apart from the 9mm or .45 targets.

So, how is your shooting?  Are you practicing as often as you should?  Can you beat this old man’s shooting?

Late Edit: turns out I’m shooting pistols from twice as far away as necessary.  Certified Gun Master Massad Ayoob says 7 yards (21 ft) is the optimum distance to practice self-defense pistol shooting.  This makes me feel even better about my four and five inch groups at over twice that range.  Maybe I’ll do all this over again tomorrow…at 7 yards.  Stay tuned.




Stronger. Smarter. Better.

I’m back!

It’s been 15 months since I last posted here. What happened to me? No, I didn’t come down with a horrible disease, get hospitalized, or go through a terrible divorce (ensuing suicide attempt optional).

I did, however, go through some major life changes – all of which I have discussed/meditated on/telegraphed right here in the pages of this blog.

After five and a half years on the farm, I finally decided to get serious – really serious – about the sustainability of my situation.  I took control of my life and dropped out of the rat race.  That’s right: I quit my job.  In fact, I quit everything that resembles a “modern” life.  I kissed a very lucrative career goodbye, sold the farm, sold the sports car, buried two dogs, and relocated to a mountainous “flyover” state where the people are good, life is simple, and each day is accepted as a gift.  Today, I am not just singing about “getting down on the mountain”, I am actually getting down on an actual by-God mountain.  And it feels good.

I’m not entirely off the grid but I’m close enough to it that, compared to everyone I know, I am practically a hillbilly hermit.  Location is everything, and I’m now content with mine.  I can’t see my neighbors (mainly because I have none).  In fact I can’t see much of anything except God’s own hills and woods in all directions.  At night, when you look up, you can see the Milky Way without even really having to try that hard.  If you wanted to visit me, you’d need detailed driving directions (and 4WD) because my address will not show up on your fancy GPS navigation gadget.  Yes, I have indoor plumbing and regular mail delivery but I don’t have cable tv, high-speed internet, or reliable utility power.  I have multiple flowing springs and thousands of trees to do with what I please but I no longer need to worry about Facebook, the NFL, or a 9-5 job.  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?


So where am I?  Here are a few more hints:

  • My new home state has less diversity (i.e. it’s “whiter”) than any place in North America has been since the late 1600’s.  A white boy can feel right at home.
  • My taxes are lower across the board than almost anywhere else I’ve ever lived.  After ditching my six-figure income, I am looking forward to paying zero taxes (other than property and sales tax of course) next year.
  • The locals are dying off and/or leaving this state faster than they can be replaced, leading to a minor population “crisis” that could, if unchecked, result in loss of Congressional representation.  Translation: the already-low population density hereabouts is steadily getting lower.
  • I can arm myself however I choose whenever I choose and step off my own property thus armed.  I can even get in my vehicle and drive around so armed without having to secure prior permission from a judge, sheriff, or other authority figure.  This is kind of a big thing, especially if you have never enjoyed the full exercise of your natural rights.
  • Crime is so rare here as to be practically non-existent.  If it weren’t for the (largely unseen) scourge of opioid addiction, this place would be perfect.

So what does all this have to do with the original intent of this blog?

Well, my life is rhyming with my family history.  I am still over a decade away from “retirement age”*, yet I have managed to leave it all behind to live simply – and frugally – immersed in nature.  My father did it and so did his father before him – and both did it at roughly the same age I am today.  I am a third generation “escape artist”.  I only use that phrase because I don’t know what else to call it when you quit a good paying job, sell everything, and run for the boonies as if your life depended on it.  What would you call it?

All I know is that I am stronger, smarter, and yes, better, than I was before I took the plunge, er…pulled the plug, um…ran for the hills…whatever you call it.





* I worked “in the industry” full-time for a total of 30 years so I consider my “early” retirement neither early nor unearned.  If you find it difficult or even impossible to quit working – even if you can afford to – I might suggest some serious self-reflection on your life’s priorities.  Working is massively overrated.  Life is short.  Make yours count for something more than a paycheck and a desk in cubicle land.


Thank You 2016!


You were the greatest.  No really.  2016 was one of the best years of my life.  If you didn’t enjoy it, I am deeply sorry for you (and I have a feeling you are really, really going to hate 2017).  Heck, it was only June and I already had a “thrill going up my leg” about 2016.  The longshots won, the experts were proven wrong, the media were exposed as liars, and people who think like me got things done.  I can’t remember the last time I was this much on the winning side of history!

Here we are on the last day of this glorious year and there is no more fitting a time than now to give 2016 the credit it is due.

A car sticker with a logo encouraging people to leave the EU is seen on a car, in Llandudno, Wales.

On an international level, Globalism took a punch on the nose.  Nationalism scored big victories in unexpected places like the Philippines, the UK, Netherlands, and France.  People started waking up and realizing that letting faraway Progressivist elites run their affairs was no way to live.  Takeaway: never, ever try to tell people that you know what is best for them because you don’t.


On a national level, three political dynasties were demolished by an outsider anti-politician with zero experience.  How did he win?  By putting his fellow Americans first and foremost in everything.  Takeaway: it ain’t over ’til the fat lady waves at the balloons stupidly, poops her pantsuit, and then spazzes out while trying to climb into her getaway van.


On a personal level, I came that much closer to achieving my masterplan of escaping the trap of modern civilization and achieving self-sufficiency in a sustainable environment at a safe location.  Not only do I now know where I want to live, but I know how I am going to get there.  I also know when it is going to happen.  Faithful readers of this blog have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about…  Takeaway: don’t be surprised when I disappear because I’ve been telling you about my desire to go off-grid for years now.


I finally added a .22 rifle to my gun collection this year.  This is the gun you’re supposed to start out on as a kid.  It is the best all-around platform for target practice, varmint control, and overall shooting fun.  And it only took me 51 years to get one.  I already have a .22 pistol (a beloved Browning Buckmark “Camper”) that I’ve shot a fair amount over the years but it’s not as good at bunny-control as a scoped rifle.  I did more shooting in 2016 than in any other year I’ve been alive and it was time well spent.  A man with guns he never shoots is a bigger fool than a man with no guns at all.  Takeaway: shooting is a “use-it-or-lose-it” skill.

From a cultural perspective, 2016 was a phenomenal year.  Sports? Best ever!  How about them Cowboys?  Movies?  Everything I saw was memorable, from “10 Cloverfield Lane” to “Transpecos” to “Hell Or High Water”.  Music?  Stupendous (just so long as you avoid the dreaded plague of “Hip Hop” that self-loathing Whites just can’t seem to get enough of).  I warned you about Black “culture” – it is a culture of death that has nothing to offer Whites.  Speaking of Black death…

Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers, Super Bowl 50

“Beyonce” Knowles-Carter, a massively overrated Cajun-African half breed, shoved a radical Black agenda in our faces during her “performance” at the Super Bowl halftime show back in February.  She strapped “cartridge belts” across her chest ala Pancho Villa and marched her army of angry beret-wearing dancers in formation in a loving tribute to domestic terrorist outfit The Black Panthers.  It was easily the Most Offensive Moment of 2016 – even more offensive than this – and gave me that last little shove I needed to spark my own awakening as a White Nationalist and member of the Alt-Right.  The message was clear: “we are coming for you Mr. White Man.  Expect no quarter.”


Normally I would toss out a couple of predictions for the New Year.  But I am a terrible prophet.  So let me just say that 2017 is nothing to be afraid of.  Quite the contrary, I get an overwhelming sense of relief and satisfaction whenever I meditate on the next 365 days.  But I think it would be prudent to expect more of the same antics from the Left that we suffered through in 2016: more pointless anti-gun handwringing, more anti-police/pro-terrorism marches/chimp-outs/ambushes by Blacks, SJWs, and the various other forces that Soros is aligning for the overthrow of our way of life.  We won and they lost…for now.  When they try again, they will use every trick in the book to disrupt the return of this country to a sane, rational, and pro-American course.  Stay vigilant…

Oh, and Happy New Year!

What’s Next?


The election is over and democracy did its job.  There was only one small hitch, the wrong guy won.

Oh, don’t get me wrong!  I voted for Trump too.  And I can’t help feeling that doing so was the same as dropping a guillotine blade on a French royal’s neck circa July 1789.  I have spent the week since the election searching for a historical rhyme and that’s the best I can do.  Trump did something no other person has done in the history of this country: he singlehandedly brought down two political family dynasties, the Bushes and the Clintons.  There is no precedent for that.  There is also no precedent for how totally unexpected his victory was.  I do a lot of reading, watching, and surfing and I only heard three places making predictions of a Trump victory: 1) the Trump campaign; 2) SJW meatbag Michael Moore; and 3) that hilarious White Nationalist/Alt Right website dailystormer.

So if Trump wasn’t “supposed” to win (just like the UK wasn’t supposed to Brexit), what does that mean for us?  Is everything about the loathsome political status quo suddenly in jeopardy now?  Or was it all just a magic trick?  Will the powers-that-be comply with the wishes of the peasants and quietly step down?

I was tempted to write a post about the threat of the next two months.  About the myriad ways a delegitimized administration can (in no particular order) invalidate the election, suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and kick off WWIII but I think you can go find all kinds of people on the internet who beat me to it.

So instead, let’s focus on our own safety and happiness in the immediate future.


If you feel surrounded and threatened by disgruntled rampaging Hillary supporters, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Move.  Look at the map above.  If you live in or near one of the blue spots, you also live in a high crime location (the red circles).  Why?  Because liberalism and racial tolerance go hand in hand.  And we all know what racial tolerance leads to.  Find the reddest, most Trump-supporting place in your part of the country and relocate to it.  By doing so, you will be guaranteed of being surrounded by friendly, like-minded people.  People who cherish liberty, being left alone, and their Second Amendment right to self-defense.  In other words, you will have found home.  I plan on doing this very thing soon (blog posts to follow!)
  2. Fight.  I will never advocate violence on this blog.  However, when faced with violence, we often have little choice but to respond in kind.  Choice of weapons is up to you but you really should have started training with them long ago.


I suppose just sitting tight and riding it out is also an option.  But you would be taking a big risk.  What if help never comes?  What if this country remains split right down the middle for the next four (or 40) years?  What if your blue state reacts to the Trump Revolution by banning your choice of weapon and declaring you a criminal?  If you live in California, you now have to submit to a background check just to buy ammo! 


While I am relieved that all went well (for the country as a whole) last Tuesday, I am dismayed that things are continuing to deteriorate in many places.  My best advice?  Find a way to get out of those places, and do it soon.  You may never get another chance.

The Coming Civil War


Our great nation is splitting in two just as surely as it did 154 years ago.  This time it’s not about men’s rights to own other men.  It’s about our rights to defend ourselves against violence in any manner that we find appropriate.

So here we are.  Another active shooter, another round of Progressive-Collectivist hand-wringing and cries for a radical Statist solution to an imaginary problem.  This is how Cultural Marxism works.  First, a gang of freedom-hating busybodies hype their pet “problem”, then they loudly push for an overreaching “solution” while insisting that we are “all in this together” and urging us to “think of the children”.  See the picture at the top of this post?  That is what they think of you in their 40th floor ivory tower penthouses in Manhattan. You are dangerous, stupid, violent, animals that need to be subjugated and punished.  The sooner the better.

It’s time we stopped playing games.  Our country, our culture, and our entire way of life is under siege.  The shooters in San Bernardino (and Chattanooga, and Boston, and Ft Hood, and a dozen other places you never heard about because it doesn’t fit the agenda) are the vanguard of an invading army.  An army of foreign religious zealots who view our Western culture as their eternal enemy. We are all under threat of extermination.  Google “Yazidi” some time if you think I’m joking.

To advocate disarming the American populace right as a hostile invasion force is landing on our shores is a cowardly act of treason.  I am confident this treason will be dealt with silently, swiftly, and efficiently by patriots – sorry, I mean “domestic terrorists” – in due course.


The truly infuriating thing about this virtual Civil War we are on the brink of is that the elites that run this country and shape how it thinks – via Congress, the Executive Branch, the media, and the entertainment industry – are all in on it.  In fact, they celebrate it.  They need widespread gun violence because that is the only way they are going to achieve the “fundamental transformation” that they have been planning for generations!  The top law enforcement official in the country called the horrific San Bernardino terrorist attack a “wonderful opportunity to make changes”.  Do you understand yet what they have planned for you?

You are the enemy of these treasonous tyrants.  I’ve been telling you this since I started this blog.  It is time you started living as if there is a giant bullseye on your back.  I predict that all of these “wonderful” transformative Marxist movements and trends will come together next year in the final year of Dear Leader’s administration.  Stayed tuned as I walk you through every historical rhyme in what is sure to be the most dynamic year of our lives.

I hope you’re prepared!



Gettin’ Down On The Mountain

A good friend of mine introduced me to Canadian alt country singer Corb Lund recently and my life was changed forever.  Why has it taken this long for someone to sing about prepping?  And Corb does it with a brilliant flair for black humor and a clear dedication to practical skills.  I like it.

This has not been a good week for the status quo.  Perhaps now would be a good time to can all that produce you grew this summer, split and stack that firewood, and buy a bit of silver.  If you were thinking about running to that cabin in the hills, it might be too late.  If you’ve already left, good luck to you!  I wish I could join you.


“Gettin’ Down On The Mountain” – Corb Lund, from “Cabin Fever” (2012, New West Records)

When the oil stops, everything stops, nothin’ left in the fountain
Nobody wants paper money, son, so you just as well stop countin’
Can you break the horse, can you light the fire?
What’s that, I beg your pardon?
You’d best start thinkin’ where your food comes from and I hope you tend a good garden

Gettin’ down on the mountain, gettin’ down on the mountain
Don’t wanna be around when the shit goes down
I’ll be gettin’ down on the mountain, goin’ to ground on the mountain

When the trucks don’t run, the bread won’t come, have a hard time findin’ petrol
Water ain’t runnin’ in the city no more, do you hold any precious metal?
Can you gut the fish, can you read the sky?
What’s that about overcrowdin’?
You ever seen a man who’s kids ain’t ate for seventeen days and countin’?

There ain’t no heat and the power’s gone out, it’s kerosene lamps and candles
The roads are blocked, it’s all gridlocked, you got a shortwave handle?
Can you track the deer, can you dig the well?
I couldn’t quite hear your answer
I think I see a rip in the social fabric, Brother can you pass the ammo?
I think I see a rip in the social fabric, Brother can you spare some ammo?


Brother can you spare some ammo?” indeed.

What? Me Panic?


So it’s officially Ebola season. Hurray! You know the Chosen Ones are serious when they appoint a “Czar” to (mis)manage the response to a crisis. And it’s always worked so well before…


What do we know about this virus? Well, we know that we can’t trust anybody in charge to make correct decisions. But don’t panic – if you’ve been prepping properly, you will survive this just fine.

First step: get educated. I highly recommend Richard Preston’s 1994 book “The Hot Zone”. I read it when it came out and it scared the crap out of me. It also made me instantly the smartest person in the room whenever the topic of Ebola came up in casual conversation (and doesn’t it always come up eventually?) Twenty years later, I made myself read it again and then passed my copy around to everybody I know who gives a damn. Be smart and get your own copy (used paperbacks are only a buck or two on amazon) and start reading it pronto.

Next step: keep an eye on current events. Notice I didn’t say “Watch/read the news”? That’s because it’s almost all lies and disinformation. There is quite obviously an agenda behind our government’s response to this disaster and I’m not convinced it’s totally righteous.

Right now “panicking” would be a much more prudent course of action than relaxing. If you “panic” you will be skeptical of the public health system’s “plan”; you will resist (violently if necessary) resettlement in quarantine camps; you will stay more than ten feet away from strangers, especially West Africans; you will abandon silly social customs like handshaking, kissing and hugging; you will know when to stay home from work and when to keep the kids out of school; you will buy a few extra masks, some bleach, plastic sheeting; you will think twice before getting on a crowded airliner to go see Grandma at Thanksgiving/Christmas; etc. I know you’re smarter than that. You know where to look this stuff up.

If you “panic” you might still be alive when the virus finally dies out a few years from now. Stop for a second a go to the link in the previous sentence. Read it all. That’s what we are in for. Advances in science and medicine are totally cancelled out by the speed and distances of jet travel combined with a human species that is more heavily urbanized and densely packed than ever before in history. Will Ebola kill 3-5% of the world’s population just like the Spanish Flu did in 1918? That seems totally plausible to me.


In the meantime, watch as the system strains to stay two steps behind good old Mother Nature. Stay well, stay smart, and stay alive!