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Dear Netflix…

Fuck you.

I’ve never really wanted, needed, or liked your service.  Years ago, when I still had cable tv, I saw you as some exclusive hipster enclave that used arcane protocols (enigmatic red envelopes and spooky wi-fi, which were virtually black magic to me at the time) to deliver crappy movies and shows to millennials with zero taste.  I would find myself raving to an under-35 person about some recent film that I had enjoyed (on DVD of course) and the response I would invariably get was “I wonder if Netflix has it.”

Gee, I have no idea snowflake – I get all my movies for free from the library!


And then, about 13 months ago, I took a chance and cut the cord.  I cancelled my cable service and began using a Roku to “stream” content to my (proudly) non-smart television.  The very first thing I watched on this new service was Netflix’s “Making A Murderer“.  Right off the bat, I could see why Netflix was so popular: you could binge watch almost anything…well, anything that Netflix wanted you to watch.  Their offering of movies and shows felt weirder and less mainstream than what I was used to with, say, HBO or AMC.  Sure there was a lot to watch, but I had difficulty finding something I wanted to watch.  What felt like freedom turned out to be just another kind of prison.  “Making A Murder” disturbed me deeply.  I couldn’t tell if it was just another craven attempt to make rural Whites look as idiotic (and bloodthirsty) as possible or if it was all just some colossal joke that I wasn’t in on.  I don’t remember watching anything else on the service.  When my free trial was over, I gladly bailed on Netflix.


This past summer, I tried Netflix again.  I watched the first season of “House Of Cards“, most of the first season of “Narcos“, and all of “Stranger Things“.  I had found what I thought was quality programming and my attitude towards Netflix began to thaw a bit.  Then I watched “The Get Down” and caught myself genuinely enjoying a show that joyously celebrated Black Culture.  Wow.  You know that little boost you get when you forget you’re a racist just long enough to see the good in non-White peoples and cultures?  Yeah.  I felt that.  And the music was especially enjoyable for this former DJ.

I am such a sucker.

Here’s what Netflix does to Whites like me who they have lured in with all their vibrant diversity: they turn around and kick us in the nuts.


In case you haven’t heard, Netflix has a new show called “Dear White People“.  It appears to be about the concerns of a group of light-colored blacks on a college campus (it’s not clear if they’re students or not) who rampage violently against Whites who have somehow disrespected them.

No thanks Reed Hastings.

Oh wait.  You don’t know who Reed Hastings is do you? 

Allow me to introduce the man behind the Netflix empire:


That’s what the guy looks like.  Let me give you a sample of the man’s devotion to The Cause:


Hastings is a cucked, self-hating, guilty white Cultural Marxist/Social Justice Warrior.  He’s such a disgrace to my race that I won’t even capitalize the “w” in the previous sentence.  He doesn’t deserve it.  Of course he hates our new President.  Of course Mark Zuckerberg liked his tweet.  Of course he is fearful for the future of 600,000 “dreamers“.  Of course he is race-baiting his White audience with offensive agit-prop like “Dear White People“.


Memo to Reed Hastings: MTV already tried this you ignorant toolAnd they failed.  White people are too smart to sit and be lectured by a minority that is instinctively violent, willfully ignorant, dependent on hand-outs, overwhelmingly homophobic, and neglectful of personal health.  Blacks have earned only two choices in modern American society: 1) work harder at self-improvement and productivity until they have something they can add to make our country better; or 2) slide back into old habits of lazy victimhood and nagging complaint.  It’s painfully clear which choice Reed Hastings’ Netflix wants them to make.


No more Netflix.  My time is too valuable to waste on hateful filth.  I cancelled it for good and so should you.




So Stupid It’s Smart!

It’s time for a break from all the doom & gloom in which I’ve been wallowing lately.  Join me as I poke holes in the newest golden calf that I am sure we all love to mock: the “smartening” of common everyday items.

Bottom line up front: any product or service with the word “smart” in the title is most assuredly something so idiotic that no one with an IQ above room temperature would go anywhere near it.

First up: Smart “Food”.


OK, so it’s neither smart nor is it food.  It’s just popcorn – one of the highest margin snacks on the planet.  Obviously, it’s not the people eating this stuff who are “smart” but rather the marketing geniuses who invented this product (which isn’t even GMO-free).

Next: Smart Water.


Bottled water is a scamSmart people know that.  So dumb people continue to drink the stuff (some of which can be very expensive) hoping that it makes them smarter.  Good luck with that!

Then there’s one of my all-time favorite absurdities: The Smart Car.


Listen – you should have to increase your life insurance rates just to get in one of these glorified golf carts let alone actually drive one on public roadways.  This thing is a deathtrap.  My Ram 1500 would roll right over the top of a Smart Car and I probably wouldn’t even spill any of my Smart Water while doing it.  But never fear – Darwin was right about everything, including Smart Car owners.  Say goodbye to the gene pool smarties!

Next.  Guns are tools.  It’s people who are smart (or dumb), right?


Right (duh).  But that fact didn’t stop some (no doubt) really smart guy from inventing a gun that only works when being held by someone wearing the matching watch-thingie that controls its operation like an electric “key”.  The “Smart Gun” is so uselessly dumb on so many levels I can’t even begin to mock it adequately.  One can only imagine how many clueless Progressives and Social Justice Warriors there are out there who think that all the needless killing would end tomorrow if all our guns worked like thisWon’t somebody think of the children? <sniff>

The last three stupidly smart things go together because they all depend on public digital networks (aka “The Matrix”).

Smart house flat illustration concept

“Smart House” – (n.) Needless complication and technological dependence in service of convenience.

Don’t you want a “smart house”?  No?  What are you?  Dumb??!!  Everybody knows it’ll be a better world when we can all remotely adjust our thermostats (and close our garage doors, and set our home alarm system, and turn off lights, and freak the shit out of our cats and dogs in the process) with our cell phones while we are at work.  Why?  Because it will relieve us of the stress of having to worry about whether we did these things with our ACTUAL HANDS while we were still IN our houses.

Of course, if you can control your home from afar then I guarantee you I can too!  Oh what fun it will be to screw with every “smart” appliance in your crib.  Welcome to the “Internet Of Things” suckers.


True story: when my local power utility recently adopted “Smart Meters”, I opted out.  They actually trespassed on my property to install this demonic device – which I swear pumped out so much radio frequency energy it made my fillings hum – so I sent them a nasty letter and demanded that they come back and remove it.  And they did.  Buy they sulked about how me exercising free will over my own property would prevent me from “realizing savings by having real-time usage data” at my fingertips.  I laughed because what they really wanted was the ability to remotely control my home’s electrical grid, including all major smart grid-compatible appliances I might have within.  I hate Statists, Collectivists, and Progressives with an equally white hot fiery passion and now you can add utility companies to that list.  No, you do not get to tell me what is good for me.  Now go away.

And last, but certainly not least, is the most beloved gadget in all of Murka: the Smart Phone.


I could, and still might, write several blog posts about how colossally dumb smart phones are.  But they are so pernicious in how they’ve wormed their way into our lives that now no one views them with anything other than total and unreserved adoration.  Fact time.  Smart phones kill thousands of people a year, ruin our sleep, destroy our ability to make and retain new memories, and have reduced most of the population to drooling shambling zombified idiots.  And worst of all, carrying a smart phone makes tracking your daily routine – including where you go, how much you spend and on what, who you talk to, and what you do on the Internet – easier than ever.  That’s right, it’s NOT just a phone!  It’s a super-accurate electronic leash and guess who is holding the other end.

As I am so famous for pointing out as I move among the herd: Smart Phones are (still) 100% optional.  Contrary to what “they” are telling you, you don’t need a smart phone to survive.  Heck, you don’t even need one to be a normal, healthy, happy, successful and fully-functioning member of society.  How do I know?  BECAUSE I DON’T OWN ONE!  And I am the most normal, most healthy, happiest, and least messed-up person I know.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so…


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying I’m “smarter” because I avoid things with “smart” in their name.  But I have read Orwell and I know what Newspeak is.  And it is all around us.  “Common Sense Gun Control” is Newspeak, so is “Affordable Care Act”.

Do whatever you want with all this smart stuff.  It is still a “free country” (more Newspeak?) for at least a few more months anyways.  But be aware that you are being lied to constantly.  Also you are being manipulated in multiple hidden ways.  Things are being promised to you that simply aren’t being delivered.  Take smart phone usage for instance.  There isn’t one single thing you can do on that thing that I can’t do better with an old landline telephone, an up-to-date road atlas, an actual camera, and a current desktop personal computer connected to fast fiber.  So stop lying to yourself and stop lying to me about how much that Hershey bar-shaped thing in your pocket has “improved” your life.

We know we’re smart.  We don’t need all these stupid things around us constantly reminding us!





Gettin’ Down On The Mountain

A good friend of mine introduced me to Canadian alt country singer Corb Lund recently and my life was changed forever.  Why has it taken this long for someone to sing about prepping?  And Corb does it with a brilliant flair for black humor and a clear dedication to practical skills.  I like it.

This has not been a good week for the status quo.  Perhaps now would be a good time to can all that produce you grew this summer, split and stack that firewood, and buy a bit of silver.  If you were thinking about running to that cabin in the hills, it might be too late.  If you’ve already left, good luck to you!  I wish I could join you.


“Gettin’ Down On The Mountain” – Corb Lund, from “Cabin Fever” (2012, New West Records)

When the oil stops, everything stops, nothin’ left in the fountain
Nobody wants paper money, son, so you just as well stop countin’
Can you break the horse, can you light the fire?
What’s that, I beg your pardon?
You’d best start thinkin’ where your food comes from and I hope you tend a good garden

Gettin’ down on the mountain, gettin’ down on the mountain
Don’t wanna be around when the shit goes down
I’ll be gettin’ down on the mountain, goin’ to ground on the mountain

When the trucks don’t run, the bread won’t come, have a hard time findin’ petrol
Water ain’t runnin’ in the city no more, do you hold any precious metal?
Can you gut the fish, can you read the sky?
What’s that about overcrowdin’?
You ever seen a man who’s kids ain’t ate for seventeen days and countin’?

There ain’t no heat and the power’s gone out, it’s kerosene lamps and candles
The roads are blocked, it’s all gridlocked, you got a shortwave handle?
Can you track the deer, can you dig the well?
I couldn’t quite hear your answer
I think I see a rip in the social fabric, Brother can you pass the ammo?
I think I see a rip in the social fabric, Brother can you spare some ammo?


Brother can you spare some ammo?” indeed.

Behold: Our Future


The coming collapse will make a rather large percentage of us homeless. This is the dirty secret of prepping. After all, what is “bugging in” after the bank has repossessed your house, your car, and every other thing of value you bought on credit? What will you do after your employer “downsizes” or “outsources” your job? How will you pay bills after a massive devaluation of both the stock market and the dollar wipes out your savings? This is the best reason for making the bulk of your preps camping gear. If you have a good tent, a few good sleeping bags, and a reliable cook stove, the rest of your gear is gravy. The best advice I can give you is to practice using it – starting now – and get comfortable with living outdoors.


Those currently homeless will hardly notice the collapse. I envy them that.

Resolutions, Declarations, and Predictions


Happy New Year! It is my sincere wish that you enjoy a happy, safe, and healthy 2014. You may have made some resolutions for the coming year, if not, here’s some inspiration.\


I’m not one for resolutions myself. Declarations are nice and set you up for failure much less than a bunch of high-minded resolutions. But, all things considered, I’d rather make predictions because they’re more fun. One year ago, I made some pretty big ones. The original point of this blog was pointing out “rhymes” in history and guessing when the next one would arrive, so get used to my first post of the new year being just like this one every year from now on (if we make it that far).

Looking back, I’d give myself a grade of “B-” on my guess of a return to a mid-90s Clinton-era regime of severe crack downs on Second Amendment rights in 2013. The nation-wide gun-grab never occurred, but many states severely restricted the citizens’ right to self defense in 2013.


What nobody could’ve predicted was the tsunami of collapse accelerants that slammed us one after the other in 2013: a bizarre “terrorist attack” in Boston that provided a handy opportunity for the local authorities to practice the lock-down skills that will be needed to implement the coming martial law; revelations of mass surveillance and the sloppy attempts at damage control by the powers that be; admissions that the entire Pacific is now contaminated with radiation from Fukushima; a federal government so mismanaged, divided, and ill-led that it had to shut down for weeks; an innocent woman gunned down by hyper-militarized cops in the nation’s capital for making a wrong turn; a mandatory national medical insurance plan that was launched in the most spectacular display of government ineptitude in history; and the ongoing purge of high ranking officers in the military in advance of a long-rumored domestic operation that will respond to a manufactured crisis.

When I look back at everything that went down in 2013, I am tempted to predict more of the same for 2014. So let’s go for it:

1. The Sochi Olympics are going to be a disaster. The recent bombings in Volgograd were just a warm-up for the least successfully hosted Olympics since 1980.

2. The White House will decline to implement any of the more meaningful recommendations made by the President’s blue ribbon panel on the NSA’s business practices. Standby for a whitewash even as more revelations emerge about the pervasiveness of the surveillance state.

3. China will continue to challenge US hegemony in the Pacific.

4. Countries will continue to drop the dollar as a reserve currency. This will set up a window of opportunity for international bankers and their stooges to engineer a false flag event (possibly cyber related) to encourage an invasion and a war on a foreign nation, perhaps in the Middle East or Central Asia (but not necessarily).

5. I will continue to prepare. More skills, more tools, more supplies, more ammo, more knowledge. I accomplished all of my goals in 2013 (fenced in the entire yard, got a generator, and bought a reliable truck) and made a few achievements I didn’t even know I needed to. For 2014 I only have one mission: personal emancipation. We don’t all have to be slaves for our whole lives. I want to rely on no one person, company, bank, technology, or gadget to live my life to its fullest. Therefore, I shall strive to avoid those things that enslave me (debts, habits, fears, gadgets) and embrace those things that will make me free (independence in all areas of life, total sustainability, and self-sufficiency).

Who’s with me?

What, ME Worry?


Since it appears all but certain now that I am totally surrounded by empty-headed Murkans that can’t be bothered about all the creepy stuff that’s out there trying to maim, poison, imprison, terrorize, or kill us; I have decided to call it quits.

I have failed to convince even the less stupid people I know that we have a big, big problem on our hands. Like Alfred E. Neuman, you all just want to stick your heads back in the sand (or in the TV, or -more likely- in your damn “smart” phones) and proceed in blissful ignorance.


And you know what? That’s fine with me! I can do “fat, dumb, and happy” just as good as the next guy.


Everything’s going to be just fine. Prepping is for paranoid suckers with more money than brains. Those preppers are all just closet hippies anyways…probably dope smokers too. Why else would they need all that privacy?


Now pass me those pop tarts and give me that remote. I need to tweet me some peeps!

There’s Nothing “Smart” About Your Cell Phone!

And people laugh at me when I tell them my battery is never in my cell phone unless I’m making a call (i.e. less than 0.1% of the time and never while I’m in motion or out of my normal AO).


My “dumb” phone is a “freebie” flip phone and I’ll smash that sucker to bits and toss it in the bushes in a heartbeat if I need to disappear.

“Now why would you need to “disappear” Kirk?” I can hear you asking. Well, the simple fact you’re asking me that is proof you’re not reading this blog closely enough.

It’s called OPSEC people. One day you’ll wish you had studied up on it a bit more.

I’m A Chicken Farmer!


Today is the one week anniversary of my first attempt at raising actual livestock. In this case, chickens. Laying hens (aka “yardbirds”) are the most numerous domesticated animals on the planet. I love eggs. Getting them for free every day from your own back yard is one of the truly sublime satisfactions in life.


Once upon a time, keeping chickens was considered a civic duty. Times have changed and now we go to a store to buy the things we eat. The sad part is that we have no idea where those things come from or what’s in them. Me? I’d prefer to see what my chickens are eating and it had better be 100% organic.


In fact, I’m so picky about my eggs that I refuse to eat store-bought eggs. They are less fresh, less healthy, and more expensive. They don’t taste nearly as good either!

three birds

So, if it’s legal where you live, and you have a quarter acre yard (or bigger); seriously consider getting a few chickens. And don’t be fool and think you can eat them! Each of my hens will lay upwards of 320 eggs per year. Compare that to one meager chicken dinner and you’ll quickly understand that keeping chickens alive is the smart move. Even if you can’t eat them all, your eggs will make great food for your dogs and cats and have a surprisingly high barter value.



Things are going swimmingly at the big government health care “marketplaces”. Millions of happy citizen-customers are signing up for overpriced and under-equipped insurance. Stop on by and join the fun!

Personally, I’ve never felt healthier. It’s been over five years since I’ve stepped foot in a pill-pusher–I mean doctor’s–office. And I don’t plan to start visiting one any time soon. What’s my secret? Good genes and clean living. Basically, I don’t treat my body like a rental car*. You shouldn’t either. You only get one you know…


But it thrills me to no end to know that our elected (and unelected) overlords are looking out for our less well countrymen…and sticking them with a big fat bill!


*OK, I’ll reveal one of my healthcare secrets: I don’t get vaccines or shots of any kind. Most quacks–I mean doctors–will be the first to tell you that a) not all of the population requires vaccination/immunization for it to be successful; and b) if you are not in a high-risk demographic, you’ll likely be fine without a shot.

The choice is clear: stay healthy and say “no thanks” to needles, or continue down the path of sickness-by-choice and letting other people make the big decisions for you.

I Have A Truck (Finally!)


Last week was my one year anniversary on the farm. Having declared at the outset three easily achievable goals for myself within that first year – a fence, a generator, and a truck – I found myself down to the wire and running out of time. At the last possible minute, I totally lucked into a beautifully kept low-miles 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4X4 that I spied last Wednesday while looking out the window of my office at work. By Friday (yesterday), the title was in my sweaty hands and my trifecta of first year farm-life goals had been fulfilled (whew!)

Things I like about my first-ever truck:

1) It’s surprisingly fun to drive. Must be that Hemi under the hood. Or the aftermarket stainless dual exhaust that rumbles your butt every time you tap the accelerator. Or the howl of that aftermarket intake/filter/throttle body set up under the hood. Maybe the herculean grip of the aftermarket cross-drilled and slotted four wheel disc brakes with oversized four-piston calipers. A hot rod truck? Nah, I just bought it off a pure motorhead retired mechanic who rebuilds late-60s Chevelles and El Caminos and drops Chevy small blocks into Jeeps for fun. My Japanese bullet train can still run circles around this behemoth but, I must admit, there is a certain satisfaction to being the biggest, loudest, most obnoxious thing on the road. Good God, somebody stop me –I think I’m turning into a Murkan!

2) It has four wheel drive. No, I can’t laugh at driving in a foot of snow quite yet (gonna need proper snow tires for that). But at least I now have options beyond the former pull-over-leave-it-and-walk-home whenever it gets a teeny bit mushy out.

3) It has room to haul tons of crap. Four tons to be precise. This baby’s storage compartments have storage compartments. The bed is only a smidgen over over six feet long but that’s not an issue since the truck has the factory tow kit and is rated to pull 8,000 pounds. The extra row of seats in the cab fold up to reveal all kinds of bins and tool boxes. Very macho…and utilitarian.

4) I paid cash for this truck. That is an extremely satisfying feeling.

Things I don’t like:

1) I’ve lived so long (nearly a half-century) without a truck, that I catch myself looking out the window at the thing in the driveway and wondering “What now?” I thought I’d start hauling and schlepping from Day One but that hasn’t happened. Anybody need help moving?*

*Just kidding.

2) This beast gets absolutely atrocious mileage. You can look it up but all I’ll say is that I’ll be lucky to get (and stay) in double digits as I haul and schlepp “stuff” from there to here. So why buy a gas-hog with WWIII right around the corner? Well, after a full year of searching, I simply couldn’t find a better truck for under $10k. There was zip-nada out there. Sure I could’ve found a dirt-cheap rusted-out retired fleet truck beater but there was still no guarantee it would get better mileage and it would’ve likely crapped out on me right when I needed it most (no thanks!) So, I’ll just resign myself to looking (and sounding) fabulous (not to mention gloriously Murkan) as I burn up the last remaining gallons of those precious liquefied dinosaurs that nature will never make any more of ever again.

Now, who wants to go for a ride??!!