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Destroy The Old World, Build The New World


“Destroy The Old World, Build The New World” That’s what it says on this poster from China’s Cultural Revolution. Compare and contrast with what the current resident of the White House claimed he would begin upon election in 2008: the fundamental transformation of this country.

“Where has Kirk been?” you might be wondering. My last post was in November of last year. I’ve had nothing constructive to say since then. I figured I’d break my silence with a few lessons from history since this is, after all, the blog about historical rhymes.


If you’ve been paying attention to current events, you are aware that our own Cultural Revolution has begun in this country. And you are on one side or the other even if you haven’t picked a side! This isn’t a revolution about thoughts, or ideas, or even philosophies. This is a revolution about identity. You see, if you typically identify with an underprivileged group (an ethnic, religious, or sexual minority for example) then there are powerful (revolutionary) forces working to raise your status in society. If you are gay, the highest (revolutionary) court in the land just made it mandatory that all 50 States allow you marry (and if I refuse to bake a cake for your wedding, I can get in a shitload of trouble!) If you are black, powerful (revolutionary) interests in politics, media, and culture have basically outlawed the most instantly recognizable symbol of your ancestors’ bondage. To a progressive, these are wonderful developments and only the first small steps in that “fundamental transformation” our Dear Leader promised.

cultural rev 3

Of course if you’re not gay and you’re not black, then you are almost certainly part of the problem. The Chinese revolutionary¬† mobs liked to take their “problem” people to some place public and made them wear signs and humiliating hats listing their “crimes” while waving Mao’s Little Red Book and screaming condemnations and epithets at them. And it was all encouraged by the Chinese government. In today’s America, MTV puts you on TV and makes you cry and confess that you’re a horrible white devil. Same basic idea.


I saw a toy “Hot Wheel” style car from the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard” at a garage sale yesterday. Somebody had carefully scratched the evil flag off the roof but otherwise it was in near-mint condition. I should’ve bought it to keep as a souvenir from 2015: Year One of The Great American Cultural Revolution. I can’t think of anything better by which to be reminded of my country’s general cluelessness and over-eagerness to get along with an angry mob. Personally, it’s not my flag so I don’t feel threatened by its removal. But I do feel threatened by statist-collectivist do-gooders and Cultural Marxists hell-bent on destroying the old world and replacing it with their new world.

Along with the removal of the Confederate battle flag from all public places comes the recitation of every lie we were taught in (government run) schools. Face it, most Murkans have no clue what the “Civil War” was fought over. When you try to correct any factual error, you are branded a reactionary/racist/supremacist and hauled off for public humiliation until you recant.


Revolutions can get messy. China’s Cultural Revolution lasted a decade and only ended with Mao’s death and the arrest of the Gang of Four in 1976. It set the country so far back that it has taken them forty years since just to get China caught back up to where it should be for a country of its size and resources. I fear our own Cultural Revolution will cause similar harm. Lives and reputations will be ruined. Futures will be stolen. Wealth and property will be confiscated and (mostly) redistributed as the mob sees fit. How do you prepare for this decade-long upheaval? First, acknowledge that words only have the power over us that we give them. The first word thrown down by the New American Revolutionary is invariably “Racist”. I consider it a badge of honor to be called one since the current meaning includes many new things of which I’m rather proud: I live in a homogenous, high-income neighborhood; I am a Southerner by birth; and I own a single family home. A close second in the arsenal of the label-slinging revolutionary is “Terrorist”. Well, guilty as charged. As a veteran, I’ve been called a “terrorist” by my own government for years. Now you want to call me one too? Get in line!

Once you’ve put on your anti-label body armor, there are plenty of other steps you can take to deal with the Revolution. Me?¬† I continue to prepare as if civil society will cease to exist tomorrow. Lower your level of dependency on the government (State and Federal); avoid crowded public places; train your body and mind; learn to grow your own food, heal your own body, fix your own machines; and finally: make up your own mind about what is happening around you.

In short, continue to prepare for the collapse as if nothing is happening. Because, when compared to a massive CME or EMP event, this American Cultural Revolution is just a simple playground game. You prepare for one and learn to tolerate the other.

Any questions?