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Sic Semper Imperium


Where have we seen this before?

War with Russia over a country we have zero treaty obligations to will end badly. Perhaps now would be a good time to brush up on your blast radii, fallout zones and evacuation routes.


Only Winners Get Called “Racist”

Just keep Cliven Bundy in mind the next time a progressive-statist teat-sucker calls you a “racist”. They only do that when you are beating them.


And please take a second to visit (and bookmark Chris Muir’s site):

He’s the best “political” cartoonist working today.

Happy (Belated) Patriots Day!

If you love freedom and what was sacrificed many, many generations ago to secure it for us, then April 19th is probably a pretty special day to you.

Apologies to my two (or is it three now?) readers for the lag between posts. Spring has sprung and I am, after all, a farmer. That means work outside caring for plants and animals. Not that there hasn’t been a veritable cornucopia of events to blog about. Oh no! Far from it – we’ve got World War IV brewing in the Ukraine, Ebola wiping out huges swaths of the population in a few African countries, and the opening moves in the Second American Revolution occurred just a few weeks ago in Nevada. Interesting times indeed (in the Chinese curse sense of the word).

If you missed the excitement in Nevada, here are a few links to catch you up.