The #YangGang & Me

It’s time to face reality folks. Donald Trump – the White knight we ALL voted for, right? – isn’t going to be a two-term President. Hell, he isn’t even going to be a one-term President.  Trump barely lasted two years before totally crapping out on his entire agenda.

Ever since his bizarre State Of The Holocaust speech last month it has been obvious that Trump is just a J-puppet who is being drugged and manipulated. It’s clear that his kids “Javanka” (Jared + Ivanka) are running the whole show now. Why else would the man repeatedly advocate importing “massive” amounts of workers “legally”? Doesn’t he realize that he was voted in by White Americans who are sick and tired of being replaced by ALL forms of immigration?

We were lied to and it’s time to move on.

Back in 2016 I briefly toyed with the idea of voting for Hillary to hasten the collapse and subsequent end of days. Accelerationism is very appealing to a middle-aged patriot who has been waiting for a massive system reset all of his adult life. Next year I will vote for Andrew Yang. Let me explain why…

Voting for Trump was a big “Fuck You” to the GOP establishment as well as a way of expressing hope that he’d “lock her up” and “build the wall“. Hardee-har-har. Voting for Yang will be a big “Fuck You” to the entire system. And I won’t be the only Alt-Right/WN doing it. Neon-nazis are jumping on the Yang train in droves and they don’t give a fuck.

Two things are happening right now that make Yang look like a genius choice: 1) the rise of the robots; and 2) the rise of China. Yang’s campaign slogan is “Humanity First” which is just another way of saying “Robots Last”. I like that. And who better to deal with the ChiComs than a Taiwanese-American? The Taiwanese have been looking down a barrel across the straits for over SEVENTY YEARS and they haven’t blinked yet. It takes a Chinese guy to understand the Chinese way and Yang is our Chinese guy.

For those unfamiliar with China, its language, and its culture, just the word “Yang” is loaded with positivity and potential. Yang is the masculine energy in the Universe. It is the light. It is positive.  It is winning.


There’s also the offer of Universal Basic Income (“UBI”) or, as Yang calls it, the “Freedom Dividend”. Boomercons and conservacucks immediately lash out and call UBI “socialism” and warn that it will spur hyperinflation. To which I can only say: look who was advocating UBI back when you were in diapers pal.  We will never get back all that we’ve paid into Social Security and UBI is something far superior to that old Ponzi scheme anyways.  And Yang has said the mooches currently on welfare won’t get UBI and their gibsmedats.  They’ll have to pick one or the other.

You’re probably wondering where the money to pay for UBI will come from.  Companies owned and run by rich douchebags like Tim Cook, (((Mark Zuckerberg))), and Jeff Bezos – who currently pay zip nada in corporate taxes – would all be forced to pay a 10% Value Added Tax.  No more skipping out on their obligations to this nation and its people, no sir.  This is shitlord-level brilliant right up there with Ted Cruz’s idea to make imprisoned druglords pay for the wall.


I am voluntarily unemployed having retired from a action-packed and fun-filled 30-year career doing stuff I mostly can’t talk about.  I don’t want another one. The last thing in the world I want to do is go begging for a part-time gig at Walmart. My remaining time on this planet is simply worth more than minimum wage. $1000 a month would come in very handy here on the mountain, yes it would.

So, before you laugh me off as a crank, give Yang a chance. Listen to what he has to say. He’s already told us how he feels about the tragedy of White Genocide.  And he is our only hope of preventing a full PRC (or SkyNet) takeover.

The man loves White people, hates robots, and wants to give each of us $1000 a month. What MORE do you want?

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