13 Days


2017 is one week old today and so far it feels like a tired re-run of 2016.


Let’s see…a pack of vibrantly diverse crackheads kidnapped, repeatedly tortured, and nearly killed a White Trump supporter in Chicago.


The fake news pushers at CNNMSNBCABCFOXCBS just laughed and refused to call it evil instead blaming it on “parents”.  Yeah, as if these vermin actually had any.


Then some Musloid nutbag shoots up an airport in Florida.


It’s worth noting that this self-radicalized lone wolf jihadi was known to the FBI and had a criminal record.


Also this week, Dear Leader gave himself a medal.  Yes, a fucking medal.  Doesn’t he look proud of himself?


Meanwhile, Dear Leader’s appointed gestapo goon squad leader and pathological liar James Clapper continued pointing the finger at Putin somehow “blaming” him for Hillary’s defeat in the election.  Clearly this is all a lead-up to some sort of shooting conflict with Russia.  I can’t think of a more perfect smoke-screen to deflect further investigation into Pizzagate.  Too bad it will cost blood and treasure (two things in short supply after our dismally endless debacle in the Mideast).


And what about Pizzagate?  My own research has taken down some pretty deep rabbit holes.  Bottom line: it’s far, far worse than we could have possibly imagined.


But the biggest smoking gun is still in the blood-soaked hands of international criminal mastermind George Soros.


If we go to war with Russia, it will happen prior to Trump’s inauguration in 13 days.  And it will be the end of everything.  And for what?  Just to prop up some Globalist cabal and crush the greatest Populist revolt in history?  Yes.  These are considered worthy goals by some.


13 days until Soros’ pet Kenyan leaves the White House.  13 days might be all we have left.  I will leave you with some questions: Do you have enough ammunition?  Do you have enough firewood?  Do you have enough non-perishable food?  Are there any last minute skills or tools you need to acquire?  Don’t waste what little time you have left!

January 20th can’t come soon enough.



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