Celebrating National Shame


Tomorrow is the 11th of September.  For a decade and a half now we’ve had to suffer through a collective fit of crocodile tears and hand-wringing every time this date rolls around on the calendar.  I’m sick of it.  I was sick of it after the first 9/11 “Remembrance Day” (later renamed “Patriot Day”).  I refuse to participate in this morbid and loathsome rehashing of one of my country’s most colossal failures.  But I am powerless in the face of this annual blast of “feels” and am just one man after all.  Good thing I have this blog otherwise I’d have to rant (inappropriately and publicly) to people who are just too “patriotic” get what I’m so pissed about.


Since this blog is primarily about spotting rhymes in history (and reacting to them correctly), allow me to be didactic for a moment.

9/11 was the biggest rhyme in the history of the United States. 

We were taken by “surprise” both times and the result was entanglement in wars in which the American people were stubbornly refusing to get involved.  I won’t waste your time with “truther” conspiracy theories about 9/11 (you know where to go get that stuff on your own).  But I will hammer home the essence of the rhyme here.  Neo-Cons and warmongers were actually hoping for a new Pearl Harbor in the years leading up to 9/11.  They felt the country had gone soft on the pursuit of the “enemies of democracy” overseas.  Some good ol’ Murkan ass-kicking was badly needed.  9/11 was the casus belli.  Just as Pearl Harbor was exactly what FDR needed to finally get the US into World War II.


Both 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attack were tragedies that could have been thwarted, avoided, defended against, and prevented.  There was plenty of intelligence about the threat yet nothing was done.  Why?  Because war is the health of the state.


So pin that ribbon pin to your lapel.  Slap that “Never Forget” bumper sticker on your car.  Post your personal “9/11 memories” to social media.  And have a good wallow in this annual celebration of disaster.  Just keep in mind that you are all suckers who get played by your government every time the war bell is rung by our overlords.  And every time we get suckered all you have to do is ask “who benefits” to reveal the true perpetrators.


If World War II had actually made the world a better place, perhaps I’d feel different about the cheap trick of the Pearl Harbor “sneak” attack.  If we had actually hunted down and killed all Islamic terrorists in their caves, perhaps I’d feel different about the blatant sucker punch of 9/11.  But this country never does war right. We defeated the Axis (sort of) and, in the process, lost half of Europe to the Soviet Union.  We lost China, Korea and Vietnam (and Hungary, and Cuba, and Nicaragua, et al) to International Communism.  And we have lost the “Global War on Terror” to Koran-thumping barbarians.  That, to me is the real shame: that we allow ourselves to be lied into needless wars which we won’t even fight to a satisfying conclusion.


So don’t talk to me about “remembrance”.  It is you who have forgotten.  You’ve forgotten the real reasons why America fights her wars (and fights them poorly).  Or perhaps you are just too ignorant to have ever known in the first place.



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