Score Three For The Good Guys

Brexit This

What a difference a week makes!

Last week we all felt under siege from the forces of darkness arrayed against us.

But just a few days ago, the clouds parted and wonderful things began happening.  What?  You didn’t notice?  You couldn’t feel that gust of fresh air?  Well, let’s run down the list of recent events that we, the People, should feel overjoyed about.

  1.  A Baltimore police officer was acquitted in the death of Freddie Gray.
  2.  The Supreme Court blocked Dear Leader’s Executive Order on Immigration.
  3.  The people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.

Why is #1 big?  It is a kick in the nuts to Black Lives Matter, The Revolutionary Communist Party, Social Justice Warriors everywhere, and all of the other anti-police activists who prefer anarchy and chaos to law and order in our inner cities.  Because anarchy and chaos is what you get when police are too afraid of lawyers and judges and prosecutors to do their jobs.

If you didn’t celebrate #2, you are reading the wrong blog.  SCOTUS got it right by taking power from the Executive Branch that it had un-Constitutionally appropriated.  At the same time, SCOTUS highlighted its own relevance in the run-up to the election this fall.   Bottom line: one candidate will unbalance this court and decisions like this will become a thing of the past as Progressivism takes total control of the levers of power and drives this country into the dirt.  The other candidate won’t.

#3 was the kicker and possibly the best news of the entire year.  People win, elites lose.  The “experts” all got it wrong.  Individualism, sovereignty, and self-determination whooped up on collectivism, globalism, and central planning.  The “Stay” side played the fear card…and lost.  The biggest reason Brexit won?  The massive groundswell of popular opposition to invasion by non-assimilating immigrants, refugees, and third-world migrants.  It’s happening in this country too (finally) and should play a big role in November.

So there are your Three Things To Cheer About for this past week.  More please!









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