Here They Come!



Time has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as their “Person Of The Year” for 2015.  Students of history will likely remember that (German Chancellor) Adolf Hitler won this honor in 1938 for the admirable way he brought Germany back from the abyss of post-war collapse.  Heckuva job Adolf!  We were so proud of you.


Merkel obviously hasn’t read Jean Raspail’s “The Camp Of The Saints” – a 1973 novel about a refugee invasion that first claims France and then marches on to occupy and obliterate all of Western Christendom.  It is eerily prophetic and was easily the most profound thing I read this year, perhaps this century.


Why is Merkel being honored in this way?  Because she has done the bidding of her masters: the elites.  Those same elites want nothing more than to dispossess you of your nation, your identity, and your means to resist.  Then they will redistribute everything you own to the “newcomers”.  But first, you must be disarmed.  The invasion has started and the war has begun.  The confiscation of your means to resist is right around the corner.


Merkel is not just a stooge of global Marxist elites, she is a “Social Justice Warrior”.  Just as she “saved” Europe for the central banks back when Greece was threatening to bail on the Euro, she is “saving” Europe’s honor by flinging open the gates to any and all who wish to find sanctuary within.  Merkel, like our own Dear Leader, sincerely believes that resettling many hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and other war-torn hellholes in the Middle East and Africa is good business.  I couldn’t disagree more.  In fact, I think Donald Trump is the only person with the right idea: an outright ban on all Muslim immigration until we can sort all of this out.  No, that doesn’t mean I’m voting for Trump.  But I do find it very interesting to note that all of the usual “Social Justice Warriors” (aka Cultural Marxists, aka Progressives) are lining up to denounce Trump’s “racism” and rude insensitivity to this “crisis”.  This highly choreographed “outrage” at one man’s outspoken common sense plan is very revealing of the forces that are aligned against us.

If I could wave my magic wand and make my readers do one thing – one thing at all – it would be to buy and read “The Camp Of The Saints“.  Preferably you’d read the newest edition as published by The Social Contract Press.  Then I’d make you sign this petition.

What is happening in Europe will happen to America.  Watch, read, and learn as you prepare for the interesting times ahead.


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