Yeah, About That NRA Sticker On Your Car…


Full disclosure: I am a dues-paying NRA member and have been one for many years. I believe in the organization’s mission and in its goals. I sincerely believe that the National Rifle Association is one of this country’s leading human rights defenders. Without the NRA we would be less free.


That said, I have never put an NRA sticker on my car, truck, or house. Take a minute to read this and maybe you’ll understand why.


Above is what most dumb Murkans see when they see an NRA sticker. They automatically judge the sticker and the owner and then the sticker owner will have to deal with the consequences. If this means more difficult traffic stops, being the target of more road rage, being the victim of vandalism or graffiti, or just finding rudely ignorant notes on your windshield when you come out of the store – I don’t want any of it. I have no interest in sharing my love of the Second Amendment with anyone outside my small circle of family, friends, and fellow NRA members. If you are a fellow NRA member, I salute you. If you have an NRA sticker on your vehicle or place of residence, I think you should prepare for some negative fallout.


Us gun owners are “the enemy” to the rest of the country. We don’t care about the children and we care way too much about our guns. The gun-grabbers are coming for us and we should be ready. OPSEC (OPerational SECurity) is something I am constantly preaching here on Rhymes With History. Perhaps it is time we all took it a bit more seriously.


A good first step might be scraping that NRA sticker off of your truck. Think about it.


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