Here We Go Again

Once again we find ourselves waiting huddled around our TVs for a court decision that could leave our inner cities burned-out looted urban battlefields.

Last time around, cooler heads prevailed and the protests were peaceful (for the most part). I’m not so sure that little bit of history will repeat this time.

And, while we peasants wait, we are treated to a(nother) glimpse of Executive/Royal Branch privilege. Dear Leader made a move the other night that clearly is impeachable (at best) and tyrannical in its defiance of Rule of Law (at worst). I can’t remember ever feeling this hopeless about the immediate future of my country.

If you’ve been reading this blog and you still don’t get it, let me lay it all out for you. You are doomed. Not only are you a slave to the banks, but your privacy has been stolen by snooping liars, your children are drugged and taught cultural communism, your “quality of life” is an illusion, you haven’t been free for over 100 years, and yet they still want you to drop everything to go die in a desert to spread “democracy”. Are you angry yet?

The bottom line is that there is a war being waged; a war between the individual and the State. And the State is winning.

Every time a police department is given an MRAP, 30 sets of body armor, and 10 gallons of pepper spray; the State wins.

Every time a new mandatory gun registration law is passed; the State wins.

Every time a twelve year old girl is forced to be vaccinated against an STD before she can attend school; the State wins.

Every time the FDA/USDA sends a SWAT team to force a farmer to stop selling raw milk; the State wins.

Every time your cell phone is remotely activated and tricked into connecting with an imaginary “cell tower” so that your location can be logged; the State wins.

Every time a citizen-sponsored law mandating GMO food labeling fails to pass due to corporate lobbying; the State wins.

Every time an innocent person is put to death for a crime they didn’t commit; the State wins.

Every time they take ten more rounds out of your rifle’s magazine; the State wins.

Every time “first responders” shoot beloved family members after illegally breaking into and entering a property; the State wins.

I’m tired of losing. When do we win?


3 responses to “Here We Go Again

  • Robert Lundy (@DirtyDupes)

    I hope you support the plight of the persecuted Protestants in N.Ireland and not the MARXIST REBELS (IRA) who have had a campaign of ethnic cleansing since 1966 until this very day.

  • Ayden Porter

    When do we win?
    Only when we balls up and start taking down some of these lying politicians. When we elect representatives and they do the exact opposite of what they said they would do, we need to hold them accountable and the system is not going to do it.
    Its time to start getting dirty and send a message to Washington that we are not sheep. We the people need to round up a few of these frauds and hold our own trials and prosecute them for their treason.
    “Where the government fears the people you will find liberty”

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