I Remember When…

Since the fashionable thing to do on “Patriot Day” is to remember and share memories, let me offer a few.


I can remember when we didn’t get gang-groped by uniformed bullies before getting on airplanes.

I can remember when your friendly neighborhood police officer wasn’t kitted out in black tactical gear, armed with state-of-the-art military-grade weaponry, and driving up on your lawn in the middle of the night in an MRAP to kick in the wrong front door and shoot your beloved dog.

I can remember when I wasn’t targeted as a “terrorist” just for being a) a veteran; b) a supporter of the Constitution; or c) a political independent who supports the right to personal self-defense.

I can remember when our troops didn’t urinate on dead bodies, when the CIA didn’t run its own illegal prison system, and when we didn’t torture people no matter what they were suspected of knowing.

I can remember when our chosen overlords – both elected and otherwise – paid more attention to sound foreign policy, prudent fiscal policy, and national defense than they did to their own reelection campaigns, running guns to Mexican gangs, or the tax records of “opposition groups”.

I can remember when electronic logs of my personal communications were not kept in massive databases to conveniently allow future users, when properly authorized of course, to run privacy-invading searches on my movements, financial activity, and social contacts.

I can remember when thousands of dead civilians weren’t used as a cheap prop in some evil creature’s sick agenda to kick off the most profitable war in U.S. history – a war which had nothing to do with those dead civilians and only resulted in the need for a few more wars to fix the mess created by the first one.

But I’m getting old. I’ll bet that there are fewer of us left to remember these things with each passing year.



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