Molon Labe in Connecticut Part II

Last week, I gave you a SITREP on the impending gun-grab in CT. This week, I will war-game some possible outcomes and lay out a plausible time line.


First, let’s study the enemy. A Branford, CT cop named Joseph Peterson recently volunteered a testiclein public – for the opportunity to “bang down” a citizen’s door and grab that citizen’s (unregistered) gun.


Another citizen, a veteran named John Cinque, wisely asked his friend Peterson for some consideration when the door banging time comes. Smart move!


Officer Peterson immediately realized that he’d shown a bit too much enthusiasm about enforcing unconstitutional laws and shut down his Facebook account. He was too late though, his boss found out and suspended him.

Keep in mind, these are the same “public servants” who have declared that they are our “masters”.

Last week, a patriot-prepper group in North Carolina swung into action and asked the Governor of Connecticut to give the state 72 hours notice before he orders the stormtroopers to begin the door kicking. The group’s spokesperson, Lewis Arthur, describes the action his group is taking in this interesting and rather ballsy youtube video.


Let’s add it all up: Constitutional crisis in a progressive Northeastern state? Check. Near-total lack of public compliance with mandatory gun and high capacity magazine laws? Check. Patriots from out of state pledging support for Connecticut gun owners? Check. Sounds just like 1775…

That’s the fuel. The spark? Federal government involvement. The state government of Connecticut is clearly in over its collective head and will likely ask for help in executing any confiscation operation.

That leaves us with three potential outcomes:

1) The Governor of Connecticut blinks and backs down. No confiscation occurs this year.

2) Dear Leader sends in troops and crushes the rebellious citizens of Connecticut. This conveniently sends a signal to patriots in the other 49 states that it’s game on. American Revolution II starts promptly thereafter.

3) Something in between action and inaction results. More “public servants” are caught and embarrassed for expressing their secret self-castration desires and collectivist-statist marching orders. More patriots voice their outrage. Demonstrations are held, speeches are made, three percent of the population has a near-aneurysm. The rest of Murka sleepily scratches itself, grunts “Meh” and wonders if it’s football season yet.

When does it start? Well, April is traditionally the month when crazy people do crazy things so let’s keep on eye on the next six weeks or so. I trust you bought enough ammo.


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