Molon Labe in Connecticut


I don’t know if you’ve been following what is happening in Connecticut lately but you need to. Start by reading this letter that certain citizens received in their mail. Basically, if you didn’t act in compliance with Connecticut’s 2013 gun-grab laws by the end of last year, you are now on a list. This letter is a clear warning that you are a target.

Of course, they left a few options off the list.

5. Leave the state and relocate somewhere where your Constitutional rights are protected.


6. Join the local patriot militia and begin training for the coming unpleasantness.


Keep an eye on Connecticut. I fear that the rest of this country will attempt to repeat Connecticut’s mistakes. If this happens in enough places, it could be the spark that sets off the Second American Revolution. Even if it isn’t, it will still suck. Are you ready?

*Late edit: here is a link to a phone call you need to hear. This “public servant” doesn’t seem the least bit interested in answering questions or serving any of peasants he will soon be ordered to raid, kill, round up, arrest, detain, interrogate, etc. His advice? Get a lawyer. Yeah, right. Like that ever fixed anything!


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