My Pal Droney

My Pal Droney

I just went out and checked. Yep, it’s still Winter. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for all this snow to skedaddle so I can get started on my Victory garden.

Cabin fever can be a real bitch. So let’s lighten things up with Droney The Friendly Surveillance Drone! Droney was so popular over in places most Murkans can’t even find on a map that Dear Leader has decided to bring Droney over here. That’s right! Droney is Dear Leader’s pal too!

Droney has lots of friends besides Dear Leader. Some are bigger, some are smaller. They all have the same job: to watch over us and keep us safe.

So remember kids: Droney doesn’t like it when you hide.


And whatever you do, make sure your cell phone – that you must carry everywhere with you – is fully charged and turned on at all times. Otherwise, how else is your pal Droney ever going to know how to find you?


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