The Face Of A Regime Shill


Take a good look at this hideous mug. The she-witch before you is a so-called “journalist” known as Ruth Marcus and she really doesn’t like Ed Snowden’s attitude. In fact, she believes Ed is afflicted with a personality disorder. Sounds like an ad hominem to me. “Insufferable”? Really Ruth? Is that the best you can do?

Glenn Greenwald roasts Ruth on a spit in this nice little interview. The points raised are good ones. I particularly enjoyed the mention of Daniel Ellsberg because he’s who Snowden is rhyming with the best (in the grander historical sense).

I hereby add another prediction to my list: Snowden will return in 2014. Why he left the country in the first place is none of my business but it’s pretty easy to figure out. Let’s just add up some facts: a) the Whistleblower Protection Act doesn’t apply to contractors; b) Bradley (“Chelsea”) Manning was tortured and then sent to rot in a Murkan gulag for sticking around and “facing the music”; c) Dear Leader has shown a fondness for extra-judicially assassinating US citizens who step out of line. Does any of that move you a bit closer to sympathy? OK, maybe not. A few of you have told me you want to see Snowden dead (which makes you simpatico with Dear Leader and his heinous gang of regime thugs – congratulations!). I think Snowden will be treated like the hero he is once all the truth comes out and Murkans wake up to this regime’s tyranny. I think amnesty is the right call here, not assassination. And some fairly important folks agree with me.


Ellsberg is practically a saint and the poster boy of whistle blowers everywhere. Snowden will be too, in time.


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