Bateman Is At It Again

Bateman Is At It Again

Remember that jackass Bateman? Well, he’s doing it again. Braying long and loud about all those bad guns in Murka and why they need to be gathered up pronto…for our own good.


This guy is an idiot and should be formally reprimanded by his chain of command for using his rank and uniform in a political setting. Also, a swift kick in the ass might be called for too. Here’s a good shot at the man’s backside.


I can’t help but think that statist sycophants in uniform (and there are more than a few, trust me!) are itching for that “domestic operation” (under DHS control of course) that will simultaneously boost their careers while tidying up the country of all those pesky “patriot” types and other “domestic terrorists” like you and me.


Gee, ya think it’s safe to assume that Bateman is not an Oathkeeper? It’s also quite obvious from reading his latest piece in Esquire that Bateman has never heard of another country (yes Bob, there ARE more than two!) where there is an assault rifle in every home and it’s one of the safest places on Earth. Bateman can pack his bags for his beloved Uttar Pradesh (bon voyage Bob!) but I’ll take Murka (or Switzerland) any day.

Go here for your best defense against tyrannical do-gooders like Bateman and his ilk. Membership isn’t cheap but it sure feels good.


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