Meet Ryan Lizza, American Hero

The 2008 New Yorker Festival - The Campaign Trail

I don’t normally go for journalists. Most are sycophants and hagiographers, or, at worst, cheerleaders for the progressivist status quo. Not Ryan Lizza. I read his newest piece in the New Yorker today and it educated me more than anything I’ve read – from any source up to this point – describing our out-of-control Surveillance State and how it came to be.


I know I’m asking a lot when I drop a 13-page article in your lap expecting you to dive in with gusto. Many of you will turn your noses up since you have been conditioned to be instantly skeptical of anything you read in the press. But that would be a tragic loss for you. I’ve followed national security issues very closely since 9/11 and few journalists have packed so much accuracy and revelation into one piece as Lizza has. I am telling you now, without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever, that the story, as it is told in this article, is more complete and more damning of the “Imperial Executive Branch” of our Federal system than anything you or I have ever been told or given to read for ourselves. This is also, for understandable reasons, a version of the truth that is kept from government employees. Ironically enough, I was given a copy of this article by one such government employee this very morning! And that, to me, is the brightest glimmer of hope I’ve glimpsed in a long, long time.

Please read it! You cannot go on pretending to understand the extent of this crisis until you have at least given Ryan Lizza’s piece of monumentally courageous journalism a chance.

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