Meet Master Bateman


Look at this guy’s face. See that smug look of superiority? His name is Bob Bateman and he’s a douchebag.

Bob thinks guns are scary and bad and that we shouldn’t have them. He even wrote Esquire magazine (Esquire??!! What aging frat boy still reads that rag?) to voice his “concerns” about gun violence. Disarming the citizens is great if you’re a DHS/FEMA/TSA/LEO jackbooted blackclad tactical Timmy ninja warrior who’s itching to kick in some more doors and just hates it whenever the occupant shoots back in self-defense. Apparently, it’s also great if you’re a mid-grade career Army officer with a career that needs a kick in the pants. “Hey Barry! You know all those Generals you’ve been firing? I’d LOVE one of their jobs!


Read this rib-tickling smackdown of Bob’s “superior” wisdom and be cheered. The guys on Bob’s side are not going to do too well against the guys on our side when it all goes down.


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