Honoring Dead Communists


Dear Leader has ordered all flags be flown at half mast in honor of his “friend” – a man who was an unrepentant Communist and terrorist.  Is this a great country or what??!!


Where is the outrage? Are we so terrified of being politically incorrect that we muzzle ourselves and go along with the program? Yeah, Mandela was a black man and a hero to millions. And, like all great men, he had a few great ideas mixed in with his own evil desires. But let’s not worship him in this way…please!

I think Murkans watch too much TV. That’s the only way this kind of outrageous racial hero worship can go unchallenged – through a massive and continuous program of disinformation and propaganda. Go ahead and turn the bullshit box on! I dare you to leave it tuned to the “Mandela Channel” 24/7. At some point, you will get nauseated enough to finally turn it off.

When that happens, feel free to go outside and make something with your hands or – at the very least – pick up a book and feed your mind. I highly recommend either as antidotes for the non-stop psyops and public displays of ignorance we are subjected to on an uninterrupted basis in today’s Murka.


But since we’re praising men who toppled “apartheid” systems, let us not overlook the men who continue to operate “apartheid” systems. When will the Palestinian Mandela rise up and strike a blow for his peoples’ freedom?


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