“Protect & Serve”? Yeah, RIGHT!!!

I’m posting this not just because I like “Josie Outlaw” and her message but because it is a message to far more “public servants” than just the law enforcement officers she’s speaking to. Her challenge should be rightfully delivered to every member of the armed forces (active duty, reserve, and guard); every employee of a federal government agency (especially those better known by their three-letter names); everyone – civilian and contractor – working in the surveillance state infrastructure; and anyone who collects a paycheck derived from tax dollars.


Of all the people we should live in fear of – home invaders, vaccine pushers, banksters, globalists, scam artists, “knockout game” players, etc. – cops belong at the very top of the list. Why? Because they have ALL the power and most of the guns. You are far more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. Just remember that the next time you are stopped, frisked, questioned, or just casually harassed by a cop. All it takes is for the right order to be given and we could all disappear into some grimy holding tank for who knows how long.

Watch Josie’s other videos and fall in love with her keen passion for freedom, liberty, and individual rights.

Her green eyes are pretty special too!


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