It was 50 years ago today that “they” killed Kennedy. Who “they” are we will never know. Suffice it to say that “they” made out like bandits: Israel got her nukes, Castro stayed in power, the Mob benefited (briefly) from the message sent to RFK, the Fed kept sole control of US currency (Kennedy’s debt-free “United States Notes” died with him), and LBJ got Viet Nam (the war “they” so badly wanted) along with a whole lot of other progressive agenda items that Kennedy may, or may not have, signed off on.

If you only watch one thing about the JFK assassination today, make it this amazing reconstruction of the Zapruder film (hidden until 1975 remember) that somebody converted to the frame rate of modern cinema. The screen format was converted too. What you now see is the Zapruder film as shot by a modern hi-def hand-held camera (sort of). I’m not sure what that square on the left side is, maybe an artifact of the conversion process or perhaps the remainder of some distortion inherent in Zapruder’s camera.

What I want you to focus on is the way the President’s limousine slows ever so slightly right before the head shot at about 17 seconds into the video. I’ve never noticed this before and it fits well with theories that the Secret Service detail were not just grossly negligent that day in Dallas – they were in on the plot!

OK, I lied. There is one more thing I want you to watch. It’s this brilliant commentary by the late great Bill Hicks. Perhaps the smartest “comedian” this country has ever produced, Bill got a lot of material out of the Kennedy assassination and all of it is (still) uncomfortable to watch. No one really likes facing the fact that our government was overthrown in what amounted to a coup on November 22nd, 1963.

That’s right, we’ve been living under an illegitimate authority for 50 years. So, from one slave to another: Happy Anniversary!


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