I can read about police abuses of power. I can tolerate hearing about people who are illegally harassed, bullied, injured, and even killed by poorly trained and poorly disciplined cops. I can handle it…until they start shooting the dogs.


Some brave filmmakers are making a documentary about the epidemic of pet shootings by cops. I urge you to watch the trailer and consider making a donation. This is an important cause and one that needs our full support.


Law enforcement in this country is out of control. They are finally more heavily armed than any likely perp they will encounter on our streets. Unfortunately, cops are far more likely to use that overwhelming force without thinking. The instinct is to shoot first. When dogs are present, they are going to die. And this happens every 98 minutes. A beloved pet, a family member, a best friend, a loyal companion; gunned down by a scared, poorly trained cop. A cop who we pay with our tax dollars to “protect” our families. Kind of ironic, huh?


What are you going to do about it?

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