GMOs Blasted In The Mainstream Media!


This story is a really big deal and it’s no surprise which network decided to swim against the current and attempt to wake the flock up.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep hammering it home until my fingers fall off: if you’re not eating organic food, you are killing yourself. Feeding GMO-containing food to your family, friends, and pets is unconscionable. If you are guilty, just stop. If you can’t find the GMO-containing food – which is understandable considering the govt has been paid to NOT support labeling – here’s a list. Don’t eat anything on that list unless you are ready to accept the consequences.


Between the GMOs, the vaccines, the fluoride, the mercury, the chlorine, the smart meters, and the cell phones, it’s no small wonder that any of us are still alive.

The program? Depopulation on a scale never before seen.

The target? You and me.


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