Dragon Day

If you’re old enough to remember “Red Dawn” (no, not the lame remake – the 1984 original), then you’ll quickly recognize the story told here.


Don’t know if you saw this in the WaTimes, but the PRC (“China”) just tipped their nuclear hand. The Chinese do nothing without a very good reason. I consider this fair warning. “Do not default on the debt!” “Stop printing dollars!” Or maybe just “Behave!” Who knows? Or are they really just saying “Time to move over and make room for a new superpower”?

red day

I think now would be a good time to stop worrying about impotent “terrorists”, booga-booga “jihadists”, cartoonish “islamofascists”, imaginary “Iranian nukes”, and all other fairy tales that have been concocted to make us send our children to die in somebody else’s wars. The real threat is right in front of our faces.


But the saddest part is that few in the military trust the National Command Authority to have the backbone to fight the right enemy. I mean, why start now? They’d much rather waste valuable time and energy forcing SEALs to remove Navy Jack patches from their uniforms…in between purging the the top ranks of those with “questionable loyalties”.


And don’t get me started on the colossally wasteful misuse of surveillance that is turned inwards on innocent civilians and outwards on our allies and obvious non-threats. It’s a shameful misuse of a very valuable tool and will come back to bite us in the ass before too long. If I was in charge of the NSA, I’d shift 80% of the agency’s resources to monitoring China tomorrow, RIF the other 20%, and make it OFFICIAL POLICY to stop dicking around with Angela Merkel’s cell phone, the Vatican’s email, and Brazil’s whatever – waitaminnit…BRAZIL??!! REALLY??!!

Yes, this is all a massive rhyme (comment below if you know the answer!)

And, just like the last nation that dithered and ignored its real enemy while focusing on self-destructive socialist programs and military purges, we’re doomed.

Are you ready?


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