I’m A Chicken Farmer!


Today is the one week anniversary of my first attempt at raising actual livestock. In this case, chickens. Laying hens (aka “yardbirds”) are the most numerous domesticated animals on the planet. I love eggs. Getting them for free every day from your own back yard is one of the truly sublime satisfactions in life.


Once upon a time, keeping chickens was considered a civic duty. Times have changed and now we go to a store to buy the things we eat. The sad part is that we have no idea where those things come from or what’s in them. Me? I’d prefer to see what my chickens are eating and it had better be 100% organic.


In fact, I’m so picky about my eggs that I refuse to eat store-bought eggs. They are less fresh, less healthy, and more expensive. They don’t taste nearly as good either!

three birds

So, if it’s legal where you live, and you have a quarter acre yard (or bigger); seriously consider getting a few chickens. And don’t be fool and think you can eat them! Each of my hens will lay upwards of 320 eggs per year. Compare that to one meager chicken dinner and you’ll quickly understand that keeping chickens alive is the smart move. Even if you can’t eat them all, your eggs will make great food for your dogs and cats and have a surprisingly high barter value.


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