A Massive Rhyme Is Coming

Please take a few minutes and watch this mini-documentary.

Here’s what’s coming: another wave of class-action lawsuits against cell phone manufacturers for failure to warn of hazards culminating in a multi-billion dollar settlement just like we saw with Big Tobacco 15 years ago.


I will never own a “smart” phone but I realize many (if not all of you) do own one. In fact, most of you can’t live your multitasked, internet-connected, overstimulated 21st Century schizoid lives without that gadget in your pocket. Just don’t expect me to join the herd on this. My eyes are open. I know what a sub-cranial glioma is and I’ve known people who’ve suffered and died from them. No thanks!


Next step: line up the CEOs of Motorola, Nokia, Apple, and Samsung and make them swear before a Congressional committee that their products are safe. Then sue the crap out of them for perjury.

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