The Regime Agenda Part III


One more post about last Thursday’s “Capitol Shooting” and then I’m done (promise!) Take a look at the smashed police cruiser. They want us to think that Miriam Carey did that with her Infiniti sports coupe.


Here’s a shot of the back end of Ms. Carey’s Infiniti after she was dragged out of it and shot multiple times. I see some damage to the right rear corner but it hardly looks like she rammed a much-sturdier police cruiser with it at all, huh?


So she must’ve used the front of her car to ram all that stuff – stanchions, officers on foot, barricades, cruisers, etc – right? Gee, from this angle the front of late Ms. Carey’s car looks practically the same as it did the day she brought it home from the dealership.

So what’s going on?

This is all a big set up. A spectacle. A Psy-Op (just like everything else that happens in DC). A hoax. All conveniently arranged by our benevolent masters to send us an unambiguous message of their dominance.

And they know we know it too.


Peel back the curtain, however, and it’s all stupidity, mayhem, and incompetence. Like this guy who clearly rear-ended a fellow officer. He must’ve been really excited about getting to the scene before all the shooting was over. Either that, or he was finishing his chili dog and lost track of where he was…

Bottom line: The cops and federal troops responding the the scene of the “crazy woman driver” totally screwed the pooch. They were the ones ramming the barriers and ramming each other. There was a lot of self-inflicted damage during the response to this “crisis”. Is anybody surprised? Damage is par for the course. Dead innocent civilians too.

“Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Now I don’t know what to be more scared of: jack-booted federal thugs (aka “Tactical Timmys“) funnin’ and gunnin’ with all their new toys in the streets of the nation’s capital. Or clueless Roscos and Cletuses swerving and screeching around in their big white patrol cars like they’re chasing Daisy Duke on Boss Hogg’s orders.

Truth is, these guys are a bit of both.


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