The Regime Agenda Part II

Here we see our “elected” overlords cheering and giving a standing ovation to the phalanxes of Tactical Timmys who successfully foiled the “terrorist attack” on DC last week. This is an absolutely shameful yet typically Murkan display of fascism.

Excuse me while I vomit for a minute and then we’ll move on…


OK, let’s examine the message here.

“You cannot and will not touch us! We rule and you will obey! We have the power and you would all be disarmed if we had our way. Now get back to your shopping and TV watching you serfs!”


Apparently, the regime couldn’t get enough of their Tactical Timmys on the scene fast enough so they dragged every lard ass they could find away from their lunchtime half smoke over at Ben’s Chili Bowl. I love this guy’s mishmash of gear. The balaclava is the perfect accessory for gunning down unarmed civilians in front of their children on a sunny afternoon, don’t you think?


The FBI wisely sent over their Hostage Rescue Team for, you know, just in case there was going to be a hostage situation. These guys don’t seem too amused. “WTF? Where are all the terrorists?” asks Tactical Tim.

Maybe we should hand Tim a mirror.


These two Timmys (apparently also FBI HRT members), just love to show off all their cool gear for the onlookers. “We just got these cool NVGs and they cost twelve grand a set. Thanks taxpayers!” Timmy doesn’t seem to mind waiting another six hours for enough darkness to actually turn his NVGs on and use them.

Enough clowning. Back to the message.


The collapse has begun. We know it and they know it. Timmy botched the Navy Yard shooting and won’t ever get embarrassed like that again. Oh look out Timmy! Here comes the Greatest Generation and they are pissed. How could you possibly stop them from storming and liberating their monuments? And if geriatric war heroes don’t scare Timmy, there are the truckers.

This is going to get good.


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