The Regime Agenda Part I


I was all set to fire off a righteous rant about how our over-militarized police forces are gunning down innocent civilians in the nation’s capital when I realized I was being played by the media (again). “What if there’s more to the story?” I wondered. As it turns out, there is always more to the story.


Readers of this blog should be familiar with this sudden sense of realization by now. In this case, a relatively minor crisis led to a massively paralyzing reaction all in the service of implementing a tyrannical solution. I’ll let those who aren’t familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic follow the links on their own. For now, let’s suspend our grieving over the murdered-in-cold-blood innocent named Miriam Carey just long enough to evaluate the message being transmitted by our masters.

How about we start with a quick wrap-up of just a few of the incongruities and anomalies (you knew there had to be some, didn’t you?) that present themselves with this “crisis” that they are still crudely calling the “Capitol Shooting”:


1. The show of force was impressive for a speeding driver who refused to stop…and “almost ran over” a couple of officers. Yeah, we need eight tactical response teams, a hostage rescue unit, Secret Service cadres, ATF agents, police from five separate jurisdictions, and about 100 vehicles (including aircraft) to get that crazy bitch and show her who’s boss. Right?

2. The amount of force applied was excessive. Perhaps this was an attempt to correct the public perception of incompetence in the face of real danger? I hear they shot her six times. But only after pulling her kid out of the car first.

3. The emotional response (in this case grief or maybe anger) of the interviewed family members was totally non-existent.

smashed cruiser

4. Nothing about the “official story” works for me and I’m going to keep harping on it (so bear with me). Am I supposed to believe that an unemployed dental hygienist drove all the way from Connecticut with her toddler in the back of her brand new $45k luxury car because she thought the President was “stalking” her? Yeah, right. And I’m supposed to believe she rammed barriers and police cruisers when her (expensive new) car looks fairly immaculate following the chase? Bullshit.
This appears to be the real cause of the totaled cruiser in the middle of the road that was set up to conveniently show the “damage” caused by Ms. Carey’s “crazy ride” around the Mall. Watch it and tell me what you think. Either Carey (immaculately) rammed that cruiser with the rear end of her Infiniti or that cop rammed the barricade on purpose. Heck, the cop might not have even seen the barricade as he raced to the scene to be a hero. And then they just left his wrecked patrol car in the middle of the street as a convenient prop. Who knows?

So that’s the set up.


Here’s the message: We – your elected/appointed “Special Ones” – are in control of the seat of government and no one – not even unarmed mommies off their meds – shall challenge our iron grip on the reins of the police-surveillance state. You can not hide from our steady gaze. If you even attempt to defend yourself, or ally yourself with those that do, you will be labeled a “terrorist” and will be sent away.

You see, us Murkans don’t just live in a full-blown police state, we live in an empire – atop which sits a regime with clear-cut imperial goals that have zero to do with our well-being. And Dear Leader’s excuse? We are “exceptional”! We do the Lord’s work because that’s what we do.

Again, I call bullshit.


“It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.” – President Vladimir Putin

Well said Vlad. I dream of the day when exceptionalism is seen as no less deadly a threat to liberty and human rights than supremacism. They are the same thing really. Convince yourself that you’re “special” somehow (either because of your skin color, your ethnic heritage, your religion, or your style of government) and there is literally nothing you cannot accomplish. Genocide, conquest, theft, rape, murder, slavery – it’s all good when you’re “special”.

So, from one insurgent/dissident/domestic terrorist to another: stay safe, question everything, and “si vis pacem para bellum”. I know I don’t need to translate that for you.

Oops, I almost forgot to point out the rhyme! Here you go. Only one difference between now and then: who was doing the shooting.


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