Things are going swimmingly at the big government health care “marketplaces”. Millions of happy citizen-customers are signing up for overpriced and under-equipped insurance. Stop on by and join the fun!

Personally, I’ve never felt healthier. It’s been over five years since I’ve stepped foot in a pill-pusher–I mean doctor’s–office. And I don’t plan to start visiting one any time soon. What’s my secret? Good genes and clean living. Basically, I don’t treat my body like a rental car*. You shouldn’t either. You only get one you know…


But it thrills me to no end to know that our elected (and unelected) overlords are looking out for our less well countrymen…and sticking them with a big fat bill!


*OK, I’ll reveal one of my healthcare secrets: I don’t get vaccines or shots of any kind. Most quacks–I mean doctors–will be the first to tell you that a) not all of the population requires vaccination/immunization for it to be successful; and b) if you are not in a high-risk demographic, you’ll likely be fine without a shot.

The choice is clear: stay healthy and say “no thanks” to needles, or continue down the path of sickness-by-choice and letting other people make the big decisions for you.


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