Lies That Kill


Well, Bennie Noddingyahoo came over here to tell Barry he’s not allowed to be friends with Iran. It all reminds me of schoolyard politics circa third grade. Personally, I think normalization of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only way out of the hole we’ve dug for ourselves, and I’m not alone in that thought. Once you ignore the fundamentalist assholes trying to run things in Iran, they are just regular people after all. Maybe even more regular than us Merkans!

You know what we should do about bullies like Bennie? Dump the ungrateful bastards and keep the money for ourselves. Sure, it would only be enough to run the government for a few days but giving our lunch money to the third grade bully makes no sense to me at all.


And while we’re on the subject of liars and bullies, have you been following deconstruction of the Kenya Mall “terrorist attack”? Lots of weirdness like the fake blood pattern above, the “White Widow”, and the eerily 9/11-esque insurance policy cash-in on the parking garage. Yes, Larry Silverstein makes an appearance.

Look hard enough in the background of any tragedy (aka “drill”) these days (Newtown, Nairobi, The Navy Yard, etc) and you’ll see “actors” smiling and laughing and having a good ol’ time when they think the camera isn’t on them. Why is that?


Sometimes evil isn’t threatening enough on its own and needs a little push to seem scarier. Ordinary, unenhanced evil just isn’t threatening enough to shred the Bill of Rights over and the liars know it.

Think about it.


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