The Perfect Storm Is Brewing


Hey there. What’s up Murka?

That was quite a week we just had, huh? I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that I predicted it all right here on this blog. And, like I’ve said before, putting more guns in the hands of qualified citizens is the only way to turn this trend around. Are you eligible to carry concealed in your state? If so, what’s holding you back? A future mass-shooting victim is counting on you to do more than run like a chicken shit when the inevitable kid hopped up on brain-scrambling anti-psychotics starts shooting up your restaurant, church, school, shopping center, or place of business.


Turns out last week’s horrors were just a warm-up for more fun to come. Hope you’re ready!

While we’re on the topic of guns in the streets and the looming shutdown of the federal government, it might be instructive to review what we’ve learned so far:

1) Your government is not your friend.

2) “Relax and stay calm – help is on the way!” is meaningless.

3) Some people are on your side and are working tirelessly to protect what is left of your freedom.

4) Those “cool” people you might admire, emulate, and think are your friends are a dangerous liability.

So Murka, enjoy football season and all those wonderful new TV shows as your country finally topples off the edge of that cliff it’s been teetering on for five years. Maybe during the commercials you might want to inventory your band aids, batteries, and bullets.

Just sayin’!


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