Back To Business As Usual (And Get That Gun Out Of My Face While You’re At It)

Looks like we might have avoided starting WWIII for now. But I’m sure the war pigs will whip up a new “crisis” to bleed us dry and piss off the rest of the nuclear weapon-equipped world before too much longer.

In the meantime, let’s get back to the business of anticipating collapse shall we?

A big part of prepping is OPSEC. OPerational SECurity is just a fancy military term that means “think before you act.” If your neighbors, friends, mother-in-law, dentist, and dog groomer don’t need to know about your preps, you’re better off not telling them.

Another thing you’re better off without is social media. Specifically, I’m talking about Facebook. I was kicked off of Facebook a while back for vociferously advocating Pro-Second Ammendment views. Serves me right, huh? But it could have gone worse…much worse.

Fact of the matter is we now live in a police state. Everything is in place for total martial law nationwide.


All that is needed is a crisis that poses a sufficiently grave “threat to national security” and the National Command Authority can invoke all the Executive powers within the NDAA.

Radley Balko is a smart guy. But he’s on Facebook. If he wasn’t a published author out to make a buck, I’d consider that an OPSEC fail.

I will develop this theme of OPSEC in future posts. In the meantime, think before you speak, before you type, before you act. Someone is probably listening. Some things can never be taken back.


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