Talk Like A Terrorist All The Time!

Here’s one of the better Funny Or Die videos I’ve seen, and it’s timely too. The current imperial regime is scrambling to beat the leaks by revealing – one detail at a time – their repeatedly-and-strenuously-denied program of total surveillance.

I wonder how all my statist teat-sucking friends, acquaintances, and – yes, “comrades” – will feel when the anti-constitutional stuff they’ve been telling me for months is “legal” turns out to be far worse (and far more illegal) than anybody imagined. Yes dear readers, they are sucking it ALL up and keeping it in gigantic “data centers” (you know, so they can find the “terrorists”). Every email, every phone call, every Google search, every online purchase, virtually everything you do that involves electrons. I’ve told you, the talking horse told you, the Judge told you, the whistle-blowers told you, and General James Freaking Clapper told you. Yet Murka prefers to live in denial.

All I can say to that is “Allahu Akhbar!”


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