Conspiracy Facts and Your Average Sheep


People don’t like uncomfortable questions. I know this from personal experience. I ask “Why?” and invariably my natural inquisitiveness is met with laughter, scorn, or, worse, derision. People just don’t like when the inevitable conversation about the way things are turns to the “tough questions”. And the only thing harder to swallow than a tough question is a tough answer.


Most of you know exactly what I’m talking about: conspiracy theories. So why am I wasting a perfectly good blog post (my second todayyou’re welcome!) on something as ridiculous as crackpot paranoid rantings about Nazi bases on the Moon and reptilians in the Royal Family*? Well, why not? It’s hot and muggy outside and I’m tired of picking green beans!

Most of what I believe to be fact is labelled by others as “conspiracy theory”. This is understandable. The truth is often too painful and must be compartmentalized so that we can continue to function as drones in a consumer-based, debt-based economy that depends 100% on our continued compliance and passivity.


In John Carpenter’s masterpiece “They Live”, the hero’s main objective for a big chunk of the film was getting people to put on the sunglasses that allowed humans to see things as they really are: a world full of orders to “sleep”, “obey”, “consume”, and “reproduce” handed down from disguised monsters that walk among us as equals but actually run everything via a mind-control signal beamed out of their secret underground base. Silly? Yeah. It’s a clunky allegory that presents a valuable lesson wrapped in thick layers of sci-fi cheese. And I love everything about it. Watch it again if it’s been a while. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well…you are the target audience of this blog post!

So why talk conspiracy theories and why now? Last month, a story broke that took my breath away. Sadly, most of you were distracted by the Zimmerman show trial. TWA 800 went down 17 years ago under very suspicious circumstances and I’ve suspected a cover-up ever since. Turns out I was right. New evidence has surfaced (thanks to some more of those ballsy whistle-blowers, yay!) that points to not just a cover up but a total FBI takeover of the crash investigation to the point of suppressing evidence and silencing witnesses. I don’t have any good idea why the government needed to control the investigation and ensure that it produced a verdict of “accident”. Perhaps the “crash” was a military accident – a shootdown akin to the Vincennes incident – that would have been too embarrassing to admit. Or maybe a(nother) enemy of the Clintons was on that flight that needed to be eliminated. We’ll never know. But we do now have one more proven conspiracy to add to the list.

One of my personal heroes is former Minnesota Governor, SEAL, and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura. He’s written some mind-blowing books and recently had a stunning TV show (that is now defunct). Have you ever watched the episode that was banned and never re-aired? Check it out here. Now tell me why “They” would not want Murkans to see it. I always thought Jesse’s show was a telejournalist documentary because it always went far beyond simple infotainment and genuinely attempted to wake viewers out of their slumber week after week. So it, of course, had to go…

And that’s where we are at here in 2013 Murka: we are surrounded by sleepwalkers (dare I call them zombies?) I do my best to wake up as many as I can with the little time I have left. I fully appreciate that I will never be able to wake everybody up. And that’s fine. Some folks should remain asleep. I have better things to do with my time anyways.

*Relax! I don’t even remotely believe in either Nazi Moon bases or lizards wearing crowns in Buckingham Palace. But I do believe that cell phones cause brain cancer, that fluoride makes you a pliant dumb serf with a lousy sense of direction, that public education is designed to produce docile human “resources”, that 9/11 was probably planned and carried out by a secret Zionist-Neocon cabal of Israeli security firms, embezzling Pentagon accountants, fascist-imperialist politicians, high-fiving Mossad agents posing as furniture movers, and filthy rich businessmen, that Oswald was a patsy and the real shooter(s) escaped Dallas, that FDR knew Pearl Harbor was a target and let it be attacked to get the country into WWII, that GMOs and vaccines are the key tools in a massive global depopulation program run by elites, and that we are all part of a social engineering mind control experiment.


3 responses to “Conspiracy Facts and Your Average Sheep

  • Bubba

    That sheep dog pic is one of favorites that I use when I’m called out as a conspiracy theorist (that’s often)

    Here’s a link to a story about a Marine Corps General who was forced to retire by obammy.

    If you won’t go along with their conspiracies, then you gotta’ go!

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