Here We Go Again Pt II

Allow me to rhyme with myself for a minute. I already told you what I think about the Zimmerman case. The jury is deliberating as I type this.
George Zimmerman Trial Continues In Florida
Did you watch the trial at all? Are you outraged at the unprofessional behavior of the judge? Do you agree that having Zimmerman take the stand would have been a dumb move for the defense?

Most of all, are you ready for the blowback?

I wholeheartedly believe in Zimmerman’s innocence. I also believe that this was nothing but a Stalinist show trial that was conducted with one purpose only: to warn whites that there is nothing they can do about the tsunami of black-on-white crime that has been terrorizing this nation for generations.
1967 Detroit Riot
If you live in a city or a majority African-American community, you might want to seriously consider taking a vacation. I don’t think it would be excessively paranoid for you to pack up and leave town today and stay gone until all this blows over.
Detroit in 1967 was a long time ago and most of us don’t remember it. Watch this short video instead of LA in 1992 and refresh your memory of what it looks like when all hell lets loose on our streets after a controversial trial ends with the “wrong verdict”.

Stay safe people.


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