Back To The Garden

“We got to get ourselves back to the garden.” – Joni Mitchell

Whenever things get too heavy around here (and you’d surely agree with me that they have), I like to get back to my garden. You see it’s not just a place to pick food. It’s not just a hobby. It’s not just the true “prepper’s pantry”. It’s all of those things of course, but it’s primarily a place to meditate on life and feel in tune with nature. The hippies had Woodstock, I have this garden. My Garden of Eatin’!

As you can see, life is fairly jumping up out of the ground here in early July. What a difference from just a month ago! It’s almost a full-time job keeping up with the weeding and the harvesting.

green beans
Green beans are one of the easiest things to grow. We’ve already started eating and preserving them. The faster you pick them, the faster they seem to grow.

Kale is a “superfood” for sure. I try (and mostly succeed) in eating a serving of kale every day. Usually I just throw it in the Vitamix every morning with the bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apples, yogurt, and cherry juice. If you wash and freeze your kale first, it will blend into fine particles that you can barely see and not even taste at all. A stealthy and stupidly easy way to get your daily greens! Growing kale is no different than growing grass. Well, except that you never have to mow it!

Onions are another superfood that is ridiculously easy to grow. I’ve heard it said that the man who eats an onion a day will never get cancer. We’ll see about that. I’ve been eating onions my entire adult life and have been cancer-free so far.

OK, so that’s a quick peek at the garden in July. We’ll check back in a month to see what is in season. I don’t mean to brag but I must point out that everything in the garden is grown organically (chemical- and GMO-free) from heirloom seeds. There simply is no other safe or sustainable way to do it.

“But Kirk, where’s the rhyme?”

Ah, that’s just it: the seasons are the rhyme this time. Every year, certain things have to be done at certain times for all this to be a success. After you’ve had a garden for a decade or so like I have, you are bombarded with rhymes: “These tomatoes were soooo good last year, let’s grow them again!” “I forgot how easy kale is to grow.” “July is Tomato month!” “Where did I put that Three Bean salad recipe that we liked?” And so on. Gardening is like playing music, timing is everything. Literally everything you do with seeds and soil will rhyme once you get into the flow.

If that wasn’t enough uplift for you dear readers after a series of depressing posts, then watch this clip of the ever-profound and always inspirational Gerald Celente. It will fire you up with the spirit of rebirth, revolution, and rebuilding!


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